BSNL Data Sharing Plans available to share 3G prepaid data

As we all know, BSNL launched 3G Prepaid Data Sharing facility. Now for this, separate BSNL data sharing plans introduced to share the high-speed mobile internet data. Sharing facility is available only for BSNL data sharing plans to avail between a group of mobile users to avoid extra data recharges for all.

BSNL Friends and Family plans meant for Voice only as of now, but now the same concept is extended to 3G Data also. Yes, One member can share his 3G Net pack with a group of a five family members, which is the best option for mobile users with new BSNL data sharing plans of 3G Prepaid.

In this New BSNL Data Sharing concept, there will be One Master account / Parent account. Which we will do all the recharge activity, and from there we have to share to respective accounts like for our graduate students or friends and family members. This BSNL data sharing facility might be more, and other family members will be sharing according to the need. Finally, bill payment for 3G data recharges is going to come down.

BSNL Data Sharing Plans

This new best idea of BSNL data sharing for mobile internet offers very satisfying benefits for all prepaid customers, which was unexpected. So, it’s the time to check about BSNL data sharing plans to find one of the best data plan to share 3G net packs, which fits your budget at any time.

As of now, we all of us using All India BSNL Net Packs for 3G usage individually. But after the launch of simple idea by our telecom with unique BSNL data sharing plans to share of 3G internet. Friends and family members can use one net pack by creating a group offering dual benefits. It is by using 3G data on subscription to any of the best BSNL data sharing plans with the following tariff information which gives more relief from data billing.

BSNL Data Sharing Plans (STVs) and Tariff

Special Data sharing plans price in Rs. Total Bundled Free 3G Usage Validity of Pack in Days Data Charges after Free Data Data Charges in Rs./MB (For APN ‘BSNLstream’)
173 1.2 GB 18 3 Ps/10KB 0.25
233 1.2 GB 28
323 2.4 GB 28
493 3.2 GB 60
663 5.2 GB 30
923 7 GB 60
1223 10 GB 60
2013 21 GB 90

Some customers can also think about like this, Can this mobile data sharing plan and special BSNL data sharing plans is a good deal or not? For this, anyone who uses this facility with BSNL data sharing plans once can strongly suggest to all BSNL prepaid mobile customers as, this is the best deal from BSNL for any mobile customer to share their 3G data allowance between friends and family smartphone with simple steps as below.

How to Share BSNL 3G Data Plan

So a mobile customer who requires utilizing BSNL mobile data sharing facility should not have to download any BSNL Sharing App, just log in to BSNL Mobile Selfcare portal and recharge your required BSNL data sharing plans, transfer(share) the data to your required mobile customer at any time.

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