14 BSNL Data Plans Offers You Unlimited 3G/4G Internet

Time to reconsider BSNL data plans mobile to use on any wireless devices (Tab, data card). You can have any laptop or tab to take notes or browsing for online lectures, now BSNL data plans 4G increasing evidence at every point to serve you with high-speed data. The best deals for every season has launched. BSNL is one of the fastest growing mobile operators in India after launching 4G service in some circles. BSNL has a pretty reliable national network at every nook and corner of rural areas with full 3G data.

If you are traveling through a part of rural India, you’ve never been experiencing connectivity issues. Since the start of 2018 2019 financial year, the operator comes up with BSNL unlimited 3G data plans which helps in expanding its sprawling network. The operator is leading the Pride of Nation project National Optical Fiber Network (NOFN). The only public sector in the entire gamut of telecom industry of India is BSNL, who is going strategically with new BSNL data plans. So that, it is pushing remote areas also to come under the 3G and 4G span.

It had the best download speeds and was India’s best network in coverage at every territory on drive time. BSNL has done a lot to improve its network capacity this year. Also, continually trying to expand its network with latest mobile data technology installations like 4G and next coming 5G.

BSNL data plans mobile

BSNL Data Plans 2018

BSNL Data plans mobile launched in the name of 3G net packs or data special tariff vouchers (STV’s). These started as best high-speed mobile broadband internet plans. All these 3G plans are available for all India prepaid mobile customers under 2G 3G prepaid data recharge services. PSU is presenting a range of cheapest mobile internet packs as BSNL data plans which are affordable by an ordinary man. BSNL new data plans like 444 recharge and BSNL 429 plan are the massive hits in the market.

All BSNL 3G unlimited data plans and old Annual 3G plans allow the user to roam free across India by connecting the world continuously. With this BSNL 3G Internet plans, a user can do all mobile internet activities. It is just like Facebook, WhatsApp and much more freely from anywhere in India.

PAN India mobile operator introduced uniform BSNL data plans for all types of 2G, 3G and 4G net recharge in the form of data special tariff vouchers or rate cutters. The available BSNL data plans or BSNL data recharge plan provide fastest speeds for every mobile customer. It is by converting the default profile as 3.5G without any speed restriction for mobile internet data.

Will these BSNL data plans work with prepaid recharge plans?

  • Yes, you can subscribe to any required BSNL prepaid recharge plans of your circle or Corporate plans.
  • You can migrate from one to another also at any time using the online or direct recharge.
  • The existing data STV subscription of BSNL data plans will also be carried to another method of migration also.

Can BSNL data balance carry forward facility is available

  • Yes, the BSNL data transfer service is available to every prepaid customer. It will work like this.
    • If any balance data remains at the end of validity in subscribed BSNL 3G data recharge plans will carry the balance for next time.
    • It’s all can do only with same data STV subscription.

All BSNL data plans can use at any place of the mobile coverage in India without any speed restriction. The usage charges beyond free usage in all BSNL 3G Internet plans are same for Home LSA and Roaming. These BSNL data plans 4G or 3G will treat as mobile broadband plan vouchers for prepaid segment. PSU allows all these BSNL 3G net pack recharge online or with Mobile App / Easy recharge (C TopUp).

How to activate BSNL mobile data plans instantly?

  • Prepaid customers can activate all these BSNL data plans from their mobile itself. It is just by sending an SMS activation code to 123 or by dialing *124#.
  • Corresponding charges for BSNL unlimited data plans or any prepaid data plans will debit from the mobile account balance instantly. Immediately enable the user’s mobile with extensive data.

How to get rid of connecting issues of BSNL mobile data network.

  • After BSNL prepaid SIM card number selection and activation, If you’re having trouble staying connected to the BSNL mobile data network, here we present about what to do to overcome the issue and to communicate at high-speed internet 3G in your area?
  • There are two kinds of problems, which a user is facing today for not connecting their BSNL Data plans. They are
  • Upon perfect setting of these above two, you can use your limited BSNL Data plans subscription or 3G unlimited data plans from anywhere at high-speed.

Whether our old 2G SIM can access the high-speed 3G Internet?

  • All the old BSNL 2G SIM cards are accessible for high-speed 3G BSNL data plans due to conversion of default profile to 3G in BSNL HLR(Human Location Register) services.

How to activate BSNL 4G data?

  • Existing 2G/3G SIM card users are not allowed to activate 4G. You have to replace with latest BSNL 4G SIM cards available at CSC’s named as USIM’s available at Rs.20. In USIM only, BSNL 4G data will activate and allows to get 4G speed.

Without wasting time, just have a look at the latest and trending BSNL data plans or recharges named as data special tariff vouchers with or without the combo tariff.

BSNL Data Plans List

Learn about the latest BSNL data plans 4G available in the market before your subscription, then decide about the limited or unlimited subscriptions. So just take a look at the following BSNL data plans before subscription in 2018.

Net Pack price with GST in Rs. Total bundled usage available in BSNL 3G Plans Validity (in calendar days)
7 1GB 1
16 2GB 1
56 250 MB 21
109 $ 1536 MB + Free PRBT 25
155 2GB per day 17
198 1.5GB/day +Free caller tune 28
549 2 GB/day + Free PRBT 60
561 1 GB/day + Free PRBT 80
821 1GB per day 120
1498 91GB 365

$ BSNL data plans are available only in East Zone (Kolkata, Orissa, Bihar, West Bengal, Adman Nicobar, Assam, Jharkhand, North East).

BSNL 3G Unlimited Data Plans

The fabulous truly 3G Internet plans in the market is BSNL data plans 4G at the same price. These are the present BSNL unlimited 3G data plans and 4G tariffs at cheapest price in the market.  Every 3G/4G Unlimited Plan has its significance and connects at high-speed even in national roaming in India. BSNL strongly desires that its line of business will be more of Data and its allied services only. So PSU wants to participate in a big way when it comes to Data Revolution in India. For the same participation in Digital India, it’s like a catalyst for the project.

With this, even remote area people are going to get high speed on activation of 3G/4G data services and with cheapest BSNL unlimited data plans. Makes distant people also to avail all their requirements online at high speed. To make people on its 3G/4G band feel splendid. PSU is going to offer the best, even with BSNL unlimited data plans. It is Combo STV333, 339, 349, 395, 429, and 666 having FUP limit in each unlimited 3G/4G data tariff plan.

BSNL Unlimited data plans list

BSNL data plans Price/Name Particulars Validity in days
187 Voice calls any network unlimited + 100SMS and 1GB data per day 28
333 On-Net Voice calls unlimited within India + Unlimited Data (1 GB per day at High speed and after 80Kbps) + Free Caller tune 45
339 Every day 3GB at High speed and after 80Kbps + Free Calls to own network and 30minutes per day (after 25Ps per minute) to others 26
349 Unlimited calls + 100 SMS every day and 1GB per day 54
Nehle Per Dehla #
2GB 3G data per day and after 80Kbps + 3000 Mins for BSNL and 1800 Mins to Other Networks. 71
BSNL Data-centric plan 429 1GB per day + Unlimited calls to any network + 100 SMS per day 81
Unlimited On-Net Voice calls in India + 4GB per day at maximum speed and after 80 kbps + Free caller tune 60
448 1GB per day(after 40kbps) + Unlimited calls to any network + 100 SMS per day 84
666 Voice calls + 100 SMS + 1.5GB per day 129
1099 Unlimited without speed restriction + Unlimited calls in Home / National Roaming + Free 100 SMS/day + Free PRBT 84
1949 Speed reduced to 40Kbps after 1GB/day 300
2798 365
3998 Internet speed reduced to 40Kbps after 1.5GB per day 365
4498 Mobile data speed reduced to 40Kbps after 2GB / day 365

So avail these BSNL 3G unlimited data plans through online as per your data usage. Enjoy high-speed wireless internet on your smartphone, iPhone or through USB dongles with these BSNL unlimited data plans from anywhere you are on the move.

How to check the applicable BSNL data plans to my mobile number?

  • BSNL data plans 3G/4G recharge price may vary in each circle. It is due to local market condition and technical feasibility.
  • Before activation of BSNL data plans 3G/4G, every customer can check the updated and applicable price. It is available in three ways to review all the latest BSNL data plans (mobile internet).
    • Entering the mobile number and circle in BSNL online recharge portal. It shows the only appropriate BSNL data plans and also offers reward points.
    • My BSNL App also shows only appropriate BSNL data plans.
    • Mobile Selfcare Portal allows BSNL data plans and BSNL 3G unlimited data plans with discounted price.
    • Dialing USSD code *444*Price of STV# for activation of STV.

If you are a postpaid user, these BSNL data plans are not applicable to you. Just check latest BSNL 3G postpaid plans available in market up to 60% discount on additional data usage charges.

BSNL Data Balance

A common query which raised from many users is how to get BSNL data balance on our mobile? There are two simple ways to get the result of BSNL data balance in mobile screen instantly.

  1. Switch Off the mobile data after completion of usage. Within 2-3 seconds you BSNL data balance available in recharged STV with incurred charges and plan name will display on the screen. If you have not recharged the BSNL data plans, it will show the incurred charges of main balance for data usage.BSNL data balance
  2. If the first step is not worked or you want to check the BSNL data balance without the usage of mobile data, then follow this.
    • Dial the USSD code *124*2# on your mobile keypad. In 2-3 seconds, your screen appears with subscribed BSNL data plans having plan name, expiry date, and available BSNL data balance.

BSNL Data Validity Extension

Is there any chance to extend BSNL data validity if not exhausted in the subscription?

  • If anyone subscribes to BSNL data plans and having Unused data which requires extending the validity can proceed only with a chance is recharging with the same package to continue the data validity.

BSNL data expiry date

Can we check the expiry date of BSNL data in mobile or anywhere?

  • The subscriber can check BSNL data expiry date at any time by dialing USSD code *124*2# or by login into the BSNL Mobile Selfcare portal.

All the above data recharges may be the same BSNL data plans 4G which are yet to launch in the market. If this BSNL data plans 4G are offered below these above prices on any revision, no one can enter the market to compete with the telecom brand in future.

So Go On.. Get the thrill of BSNL unlimited data plans (All India) at the cheapest budget in a market. Get the best recharge offers today to your mobile from BSNL. Activate these above BSNL data plans from recharge balance or through secured self-care portal to avail more discount.

Considering all the above 3G and 4G Internet plans and details, now you may be very clear about the BSNL data plans and how it becomes like the best. So utilize this opportunity, enjoy unlimited data wherever you go and try to make your review or post your comments on BSNL data plans.

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