9 BSNL Data Plans Actually Make Cheapest 3G Recharge 2017

BSNL Data Plans launched in the name of 3G net packs or data tariff vouchers (STV’s). All these launched as best high-speed mobile broadband internet plans.

All these BSNL 3G plans are available for all India prepaid mobile customers under 2G 3G prepaid data recharge services.

PSU is presenting a range of cheapest internet packs as BSNL data plans which are affordable by a common man. The recent introductions like BSNL 333 plan and 444 data recharge vouchers are the massive hits in the market.

The new BSNL 429 plan is an astonishing offer for Indians. All BSNL 3G unlimited plans and old Annual 3G plans allow the user to roam free for connecting the world continuously.

With this BSNL 3G Internet plans, a user can do all mobile internet activities. It is just like Facebook, WhatsApp and much more freely from anywhere in India

BSNL Data Plans

PAN India mobile operator introduced uniform 2G/3G net recharge packs as BSNL 3G plans (Prepaid data STV’s or boosters).

The available BSNL 2G data plans or same 3G data recharge vouchers provide fastest speeds to every mobile customer. It is by converting the default profile as 3.5G by BSNL without any speed restriction for mobile internet data.

Can BSNL data balance carry forward facility is available

All BSNL data plans can use at any place of the mobile coverage in India without any speed restriction. The usage charges beyond free usage in all BSNL 3G Internet plans are same for Home LSA and Roaming.

These BSNL data plans (3G net packs) will treat as mobile broadband plan vouchers for prepaid segment. PSU allows all these BSNL 3G net pack recharge online or with Mobile App / Easy recharge (CTopUp).

How to get BSNL data recharge discount

  • Prepaid customers can activate all these BSNL data plans from their mobile itself. It is just by sending an SMS activation code to 123.
  • Corresponding charges for BSNL net pack activation will debit from main account balance instantly. Immediately enable the user’s mobile with extensive data.
  • With this simple process, the user will get 18% flat discount on MRP on any BSNL prepaid data recharge plans by adjusting GST amount.

BSNL Data Plans India For September 2017

Net Pack price with GST in Rs. Total bundled usage available in BSNL 3G Plans Validity (in calendar days)
4(+Rs. 3) 20 MB 1
17 110 MB 1
29 150 MB 3
39 200 MB 5
56 250 MB 21
78* 2GB 3
98* 1300MB 10
109 $ (Only for East Zone)* 650 MB 28
139 500MB + Unlimited Local/STD calls to BSNL network 28
155* 1.5 GB 17
198* 2.2 GB 25 and 21 (for South Zone)
239(Only for South zone) 2.7GB 30
241 2.2GB 30
291* 4GB

3.5GB (only for south)

27 (30 days for south zone)
561* 8 GB 90
821* 12GB 120
1498* 36GB 365
1949* 40 GB 270
2798* 72GB 365
3998* 110GB 365
4498* 160GB 365

*Double data available on BSNL data plans as a promotional offer from 15.08.2017 and up to 20.08.2017.

$ BSNL 3G plans were available only in East Zone (Kolkata, Orissa, Bihar, West Bengal, Adman Nicobar, Assam, Jharkhand, North East).

BSNL 3G Unlimited Plans

BSNL Triple Ace
Unlimited Data (3 GB per day at High speed and after 80Kbps)

For South Zone, the FUP limit is 1GB per day

339 Unlimited Data (3GB per day at High speed and after 80Kbps) + Free Calls to own network and 30minutes per day (after 25Ps per minute) to others 26
BSNL Dil Khol Ke Bol #
Unlimited data (High speed up to 2.5GB and after 80kbps) + Unlimited calls to any network 26
Nehle Per Dehla #
2GB 3G data per day and after 80Kbps + 3000 Mins for BSNL and 1800 Mins to Other Networks. 71
429 1GB per day + Unlimited calls to any network 90
Unlimited data plan (4GB per day at 3G speed and after 80 kbps)

For South Zone, the FUP limit is 2GB/day (STV not available in Kerala)

BSNL Sixer Plan
(BSNL 666 Plan Voucher)
Unlimited calls + Unlimited data (2GB per data at high speed after 80 Kbps) 60
1099 Unlimited without speed restriction 30
3099 1 GB per day at 3G speed after 80kbps + Unlimited calling to any network even in national roaming 90

How to check the only applicable BSNL data plans to my mobile number

  • BSNL data plans recharge price may vary in each circle. It is due to local market condition and technical feasibility.
  • Before BSNL net pack activation, every customer can check the updated and applicable price of BSNL 3G plans. It is available in three ways.
    1. By entering the mobile number and circle in BSNL online recharge portal shows the only relevant programs and also offers reward points.
    2. My BSNL App also shows the only appropriate BSNL data plans.
    3. Mobile Selfcare Portal allows BSNL 3G plans with discounted price.

So Go On.. Get the thrill of BSNL 3G unlimited plans (All India) at the cheapest budget in a market.

Get the best recharge offers today to your mobile from BSNL and activate these above BSNL data plans from recharge balance or through secured self-care portal to avail more discount.


    • No, it not applicable for Karnataka, It is a circle based BSNL prepaid offers launched for AP and Telangana mobile customers only. In Karnataka, the new plan voucher 77 named “Ullasa” is launched, try to activate this.

  1. In my mobile, BSNL network shows H+ signal hardly without any break, but the 3G speed is deficient. Don’t even open any websites or Facebook login also. How to increase 3g speed.

  2. Indeed I’m a using BSNL Sim card since five years. Recently my son has gifted me a new smartphone. Now I want to use BSNL 3G on it. Is it mandatory to upgrade my old SIM to latest to use BSNL mobile data services?

  3. @ Viswanathan,
    Sir, BSNL Prepaid mobile number will not work outside INDIA, because the operator didn’t provide BSNL prepaid international roaming services. You have to get POSTPAID connection. BSNL was offering International Wi-Fi service across 44million locations across the world. This facility can use with out international roaming. For more details install MY BSNL APP.

  4. Most of the BSNL mobile users use a max of 512MB data per day. Giving 4GB or 3GB per day is not much use to the customers. Is it possible to introduce any plan which provides 512MB high-speed free data and minimum of 100min free calls per day with more validity?

    If that kind of BSNL unlimited data and calls offers introduces with budget range like on an average 100 rupees per month, then it would be a big hit in Indian telecom space. Request BSNL to look into the real usage of customers and bring up the most aggressive BSNL data plans. Also look into the coverage issues and BSNL 3G network availability.

  5. Now BSNL was at affordable rates, Before the entry of Reliance Jio all the operators are increasing the price of data plans and a monthly budget for net packs is inflating.

    In that period, it is very uncomfortable for the Low budget people to use the mobile internet even for BSNL data plans. Now after the entry of Jio all operators including BSNL offers unlimited 3G or 4G plans in the best budget.

    In 2002 or something BSNL puts an end for incoming call rates with an announcement. Now in 2017 Reliance Jio makes the data cheapest in India. Competition makes the common man happy in India.

  6. Can a prepaid mobile consumer use data in other countries? Is the regular plans are applicable during the journey to other countries or anything specific BSNL data plans we have to recharge. What are the BSNL data international roaming charges to mobile?

  7. What is the speed of BSNL 3G mobile internet offers to a consumer? Will it differ to each customer? My friend and I subscribe with BSNL unlimited data and call offers tariff and sit in one place for browsing. I find that the 3G speed getting on my phone is very slow. Immediately when we perform the 3G speed test, the results are different in both the mobiles at the same place.
    My friend got good speed, and my mobile is getting lowest speed even with E signal at some times instead of H. Anyone please clarify the reason and how to increase BSNL 3G speed in Android phone, where I have a huge amount of data balance with unlimited 3G plan subscription.

    • Just perform a preliminary check whether your BSNL mobile data network settings are in auto mode or only WCDMA/3G. If it is in auto mode, select WCDMA network only, then your mobile will catch only BSNL 3G signal, it is other than auto mode.

  8. Is there any facility to check the BSNL data balance in our prepaid mobile through message or with a USSD code. My mobile didn’t show the balance data after the connection lost also. Anybody share the info about this.

    • Please dial the USSD code *124*2# from any prepaid mobile number to check data balance in BSNL or any Special tariff voucher balance with the validity.

  9. I don’t know what to do in postpaid data connection if I need extra data.
    Can these prepaid vouchers be used?


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