My BSNL App Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

BSNL launched new mobile application (My BSNL App) for Android / Windows Smart Mobile Phone and Tablet users on October 2013 and iPhone / iPad users from January 2014 to capably render the subscribers to defray Postpaid Invoices and recharging the Prepaid Plan Vouchers, TOP-UPs and DATA STV’s online via Mobiles or Tablets from any place and at any instance which is the most convenient for the subscribers of BSNL.


The most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on BSNL Mobile App for any kind of SmartPhones and Tablets is presented here with as follows

What is BSNL app?

The BSNL App is a native application that can be downloaded for Mobile / Tablets. This application can currently be downloaded on the compatible devices. This application enables you to pay Postpaid bills (Landline, Broadband, & Mobile services) and loading Prepaid TOP Ups up through Mobile/Tablet.

How to download the BSNL App?

The BSNL App can be down loaded from the Android App Store (Google Store) / Windows App Store / or from iTunes Store according with the users mobile.

Is there any cost for downloading the BSNL App?

There is no cost for downloading the “BSNL App” from any of the sources.

Can I use this BSNL App in my non BSNL mobile?

Yes, this application works across all operators mobile, however in case you are using the application on a non BSNL mobile, that mobile number must be a registered at the time of installation and can be modified later.

What type of services I can avail through this BSNL APP?

Presently, the App supports

  • Postpaid (Landline / GSM/CDMA/WiMAX)

To Check your outstanding bill amount

To Pay Bills

To Get a copy of Payment receipt to your contact details mentioned in profile.

  • Prepaid(GSM)

To Check your balance

To Top up / STV  DATA ,Voice, ISD, SMS / Plan Voucher to your BSNL Mobile number or any other BSNL Mobile Number.

To Get a copy of Payment receipt to your contact details mentioned in profile.

How can I recharge with TOP-UP and Special Tariff Vouchers(STVs) to my prepaid mobile?Follow the procedure for loading the TOP-UP and STVs from BSNL App, where you will receive the SMS/email accordingly for successful recharging.

How do I avail the special offers for my prepaid mobile?

You can avail special offers as and when BSNL announces.

How can I know all about various 3G/2G data packs for my prepaid mobile?

All 2G/3G data packs will be available in STVs under Prepaid – Special Tariff Voucher DATA.

How can I view the outstanding bill amount for my post paid mobile?

Click on “BSNL’ logo -> Select Mobile -> Select option Mobile -> Enter the Postpaid BSNL mobile Number and Account Number -> Click on ‘Submit’ -> Bill Details will be displayed.

How can I view my outstanding Landline bill amount?

Click on “BSNL’ logo -> Select Landline -> Enter BSNL Landline Number and Account Number -> click on ‘Submit’ -> Bill Details will be displayed.

How can I pay Postpaid bills of Landline / Broadband / CDMA / WiMAX services using this app?Follow the procedure for payment of Postpaid bills from BSNL App, and after successful payment customers will be issued a receipt through SMS and E-mail to the registered one.

What Mobile devices in which the BSNL App will work?

BSNL App will function on all Android / Windows Mobiles and Tablets.

How to edit my profile?

Click on “Profile Icon “in the menu bar -> Profile page will be displayed -> Click on ‘Edit’ -> Enter your contact details -> Click on Save.

How do I uninstall the BSNL App?

Go to Menu Settings  -> Applications  -> Manage Applications  -> BSNL App -> Uninstall.

How can I register a complaint regarding BSNL App Payments / Recharges made from SmartPhones Tablets?

Yes, you can register the complaints of BSNL App by contacting the respective Customer Service Center Numbers. For Land Line-1500, Broadband-1504, Mobile-1503.


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