Fast Follower of 5G is India – BSNL or Jio, who will be the winner

The telecom industry of India is currently on fire with BSNL and Jio! With the launch of 4G networks in the year of 2016, India is pacing towards the wireless network, i.e., the 5G network. In 2016, Reliance JIO hits every other telecom industries with the fantastic 4G internet connection, and that is for free. And for the next big leap, some is expecting JIO to take another big step and will be far behind in the race with JIO.

But if you believe that to be the truth, you are not following the current scenarios correctly. It might look like JIO is far ahead in the race with other telecom industries, but that is not true. According to the current news report and another fact-check, BSNL is just on the par with JIO in the race of 5G.BSNL 5G

But if we want to answer the question as to who is currently winning the race of 5G technology, we need to scrutinize many aspects under the current scenario first. Now, shall we?


Fifth generation networks or 5G technology is the latest version of the cellular technology. Data can transmit from one device to another at the rate of 20Gbps. It will be exceeding the limits of wireline network speeds. Thus, 5G technology can roughly be called the new wireless technology. With a vast range of bandwidth and advanced technology, 5G will give shape to the future of India that was shown by 4G very clearly.


As per the Qualcomm reports that the epic launch of 5G in India will happen in the year of 2020. Now the question is who will launch this technology first? Not all telecom industries can launch the network at the same time, can they? Well, let us have a look.

BSNL 5G – Possibilities To Launch

I guess a lot of people have missed it already, but there has been a massive growth of other telecom industries in India. And BSNL is one of them. The black horse of the 5G technology in India, BSNL is all set to play the game with JIO now, and it might overtake JIO as well. The 4G upgrade of BSNL has been unexpectedly good nowadays, and it will not be surprised if they can conquer the field of 5G soon.

Why can BSNL 5G technology take over the first in India?

  • The agreement between BSNL and NTT AT– It was reported recently that BSNL had signed a deal with Japan’s NTT AT for future collaboration in the field of technology. Thus, they are building the bed of 5G test together which is quite hard to beat by any other industry.
  • Agreement between BSNL and Nokia– To gear up the 5G race a little bit more, BSNL has also signed a memorandum (MoU) with Nokia and ZTE reports said. Thus, it looks like BSNL has teamed up with all the more significant powers that can help them launching the 5G network first in India.
  • The 5G test in India– Also, BSNL officially announced the launching of 5G technology test in the year of 2018 itself and if it gains a successful review, BSNL might launch 5G technology in India before 2020.
  • Upgraded equipments– With the recent amazing 4G offers of BSNL, it is evident that the hardware and upgrades of BSNL are ready as well.

JIO Possibilities to Launch

Anyone in India can say that Reliance JIO will launch the technology of 5G first in India. It is quite an obvious answer and JIO’s CEO has reportedly told that their all types of equipment of 5G are quite ready and it will be easy to update them and launch them. So, why is it a possibility that Jio will launch 5G first? Well, let us have a look.

  • Equipments– Reliance JIO just launched their epic 4G networks in India that are used by more than 90% of people in India. Thus, it is quite evident that the types of equipment of JIO are latest and they can quickly acquire 5G once they start updating.
  • JIO Deployed massive 5G MIMO at IPL Stadium– Recently, Reliance JIO has deployed massive 5G MIMO at the stadium of Wankhede, and it offered high-speed internet connection to users during the entire IPL season. This is another step towards their big 5G plan.
  • Reliance JIO has a bigger picture– The way JIO’s 4G connection set a revolution in the telecom industry; it is quite evident that JIO will not quickly leave their field. And if Reliance JIO cannot provide the users with the ultimate 5G networks at first, JIO will not survive in the field of telecom industry anymore. It is the only game plan they have, and they will not let it down at any cost.


Now the question comes, who will ultimately win this race? Well, that is a big gamble to say positively that one party will win but it is quite a tight race between Reliance JIO and BSNL. And with all the positive points of BSNL, it seems BSNL is quite ahead in the race of 5G. The firm agreements and the 5G test of BSNL proves to be a great start, and if they all work correctly, nothing will stop BSNL from ruling the kingdom of 5G.

Although it may seem that BSNL will win this race of big gamble, it is quite early to make such comments. Both BSNL and JIO are fighting hard to take over the telecom industry of India, and the win of one party will be the demise of other. However, BSNL has played all the great moves in this race. But Reliance JIO is a big company with the sole purpose of introducing 5G technology in India. So, it is quite a 50-50 chance for both of them. But it is quite sure that the big revolution of India’s telecom industry is just a few blocks away, only!

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