BSNL 429 Plan Recharge Is Amazing Unlimited Plan, Do It Smart

BSNL’s most astonishing offer now introduced for PAN India named as BSNL 429 plan (Digital India). This new launch provides unlimited calling and data with 1GB per day FUP to BSNL mobile customers for almost three months.

The present trend in telecom is unlimited everything. All the Indian telecom operators are trying to satisfy their consumer’s every day in the Omnichannel with new strategies.

Today every common man is consuming a minimum of Rs. 150 for their monthly telephone bill. It is either on their landline, broadband or mobile.

BSNL 429 Plan recharge offer
The best reason for Porting to BSNL Mobile

For all of them now requires everything unlimited, but after the entry of Reliance Jio, it makes possible, but it is limited to only 4G VOLTE mobile users.

To make everything possible, and to fulfill the gap, BSNL is the only one operator in the telecom industry launches unique thing in every aspect. It is proved again with this new offer.

BSNL 429 Plan (Digital India) Details

To provide everything unlimited at a base price, the mobile operator starts BSNL 429 plan (Digital India) in the market offering a special discount on MRP price also.

As on date, BSNL introduces many combo plans(395), individual data plans like BSNL 333, 444. All these are different tariff vouchers only. Now this BSNL 429 recharge is a plan voucher to attract every customer needs.

So let’s take a look at the total data of this scheme and tariff.

Once you subscribe to new BSNL 429 recharge plan, you can have plenty of exclusive benefits as below.

  1. This new BSNL 429 plan (Digital India) offers unlimited local and STD calls to any network within India.
  2. The Truly affordable plan allows unlimited 3G mobile data with FUP limit of 1GB per day and after 80Kbps from 01.11.2017.
  3. BSNL 429 recharge plan gives 180 days validity, but the free unlimited tariff available for 81days (from 15.01.2018).
  4. After 81days, call charges for the own and other network is 50paise per minute.
  5. The SMS charges per each for own network is 25ps and for other is 35ps.
  6. All the other tariff is as per the existing BSNL Per Minute Plan.

Most Burning FAQs About BSNL 429 Plan (Digital India) Recharge That You Don’t

Who are eligible to activate this plan?

  • Any prepaid mobile customer including MNP customers can subscribe to this BSNL 429 plan recharge.

Can existing customer use this prepaid plan?

  • Yes, this new BSNL 429 prepaid recharge plan applicable to existing customer on migration with recharge voucher.

Will the benefits can add to the old client also?

  • Yes, all the advantages in BSNL 429 offer are the same for all new and old customers.

BSNL 429 plan (Digital India) will work in Roaming

  • This new scheme will works from Home circle only. If a customer requires unlimited calling even from roaming can activate BSNL 666 plan or any unlimited special tariff vouchers.
  • The best option to get unlimited everything even in Roaming is a subscription of BSNL Sixer plan or can use STV like BSNL 395.

What is the difference between BSNL 429 plan (Digital India) and 666 recharge?

  • Both offers Unlimited calling. 666 allows from home and roaming areas of BSNL in India except for Mumbai and Delhi.
  • Two plans provide unlimited data. BSNL 429 offers unlimited data at 1GB FUP, but 666 plan recharge allows unlimited data at 2GB per day cap limit enabling free voice calls even in roaming.

How Can We Do BSNL 429 Plan (Digital India) Recharge Instantly?

There are many modes to activate this BSNL prepaid recharge offer, but only a few allow some discount.

  • BSNL Online Recharge Portal
  • My BSNL App
  • BSNL Wallet.
  • Direct Recharge(CTOPUP) from any retailer.
  • BSNL Mobile Selfcare Recharge Activation (Through login into the portal or through Selfcare SMS).

Is there any particular discount offer to recharge for this prepaid plan?

  • BSNL wallet powered by Mobikwik allows some discount offers as per their payback. All these not linked with BSNL.
  • BSNL directly offers a special discount of Rs. 65.5 by reducing voucher cost. It is at 18% on Rs.429.
  • To avail this, you can send an SMS to 123 as follows. It means you are migrating to this BSNL 429 offer from existing one. The new customer will not be allowed for this discount.
    • PLAN BSNL429 to 123
  • With this particular direct cut, you have to pay only Rs. 363.5 to enjoy local and STD unlimited calls and unlimited data having 1GB 3G data cap limit.

How to recharge BSNL 429 plan at just Rs. 338?

  • BSNL is offering extra talk time offer on specific Top-Ups.
  • If you recharge your mobile number with Rs.550 Topup, then you will get Rs.575 in your primary account balance instead of Rs.451(Actual value).
  • After getting the Rs.575 balance, Activate BSNL 429 plan (Digital India) with the above SMS method or by dialing *444*429#. Immediately 429 plan will activate, and you will get unlimited data 1GB data per day FUP and unlimited calls to any network daily for 81days (from 15.01.2018).

The incredible thing is that only Rs.363.5 will deduct from principal balance by leaving Rs.212 approximately in your account. So, you recharged with Rs.550, but you activate 429 pack and also got Rs.211.5 in your balance.

With the extra talk time offer and a nice trick, the total approximate monthly expense for your unlimited plan is Rs.73 and per day at Rs.2.5.

Comparision of BSNL 429 Plan (Digital India) with other operators

Here is the chart showing the price and tariff related to AP and Telangana circle for unlimited calls and data with conditions as per the data.

OperatorBSNLReliance JioVodafoneIdeaAirtel
Plan Name Plan429Dhan Dhana Dhan 181 199448
MRP of voucher in Rs.429399181199448 (Old customers) 449 (new customers)
CallsUnlimited Local and STD Call to any networkLocal/STD UnlimitedLocal and STD unlimited calls to any network
Data1GB per day1 GBOnly 2G Data1GB per day1GB daily
Compatible withFeature phone/3G/4G/LTE phonesOnly VOLTE Mobiles**Feature phone/3G/4G/LTE phones
Validity in days8170282870
Conditions** Reliance Jio

  • Will work in VOLTE supported phones only to use the calls and data directly.
  • If a customer wants to use in 4G phones, have to install Jio voice App which consumes additional data.
  • The existing and new feature phones and 3G phones are not allowed to use Jio network.

Now it is very clear about this BSNL 429 plan and the only operator who gives a validity of 81days(from 15.01.2018) for unlimited calling and Data with 1GB per day FUP when compared to others. Also, BSNL network is compatible with any handset and available without any restriction for free usage.

Is this BSNL 429 Offer is a promotional plan?

  • It is a regular plan tariff available on PAN India basis except for Kerala Telcom circle with effect from 04.09.2017 and revised on 01.11.2017 with unlimited data instead of 1GB per day.

How can we get unlimited after 81days?

  • Just recharge with the same BSNL 429 plan (Digital India) voucher, you will get same benefits again from the recharge date. The freebies will be given still for another 81days. It is on migration, or new subscription or extension.

This BSNL 429 plan (Digital India) recharge is the best super prepaid plan provided to a mobile customer in the entire telecom industry.

So, if you are a new customer including MNP, subscribe to BSNL 429 plan (Digital India) which is available in the market from said date. Other than new, migrate to this BSNL 429 offer at just Rs.363.56 by sending an SMS or using the Selfcare portal.


  1. I am using BSNL 429 PLAN of Karnataka circle. Now I am in Rajasthan and requires to port the same number to Rajasthan circle. Will my 429 plan will work after I port the number.

  2. I am from Karnataka and recharging through online STV (special tariff vouchers ) DATA OR ANY package is not recharging .message will showing in this package not valid is showing what is the problem

    • If your account recharged with 429 plan before the expiry of GP1, all your existing balances regarding voice, SMS, and data will add to this tariff automatically.

  3. हमारे यहां 3 जी का नेटवर्क एक दि‍न मे 2 घन्‍टे नही होता कई बार नेट चलाने के दौराण 3 जी नेटवर्क नही आता है शि‍कायत करने पर कोई समाधान नही होता है क्‍यो की सरकारी है प्राइवेट कम्‍पनीयों इसी कारण कामयाब हो रही है आप भुलकर भी न करवाये यदि‍ बात करनी है तो कोई समस्‍या नही है आप नैट नही चला पाओगे

  4. In Uttarakhand 429 is not showing over BSNL website or nor over on Moreover, BSNL wallet is a part of Mobikwik not holds any responsibility for recharge done through it as from past also.

    I had done many online recharge, but BSNL usually due to configuration error only be able to give Talktime. I have checked no such SMS or USSD code is valid up till now for this 429 recharge in Uttarakhand. My number is 9410178221.

    • For Uttarakhand only – maintain your balance above Rs 364, then send this message.

      STVSUB PTPUL429 to 123

      Rs.363.6 from the main account balance will be deducted and worked for me in Uttarakhand circle of BSNL.

  5. At present, I am using Apoorva plan. Its validity expires on 26th this month. But Rs. 200 is talk value balance. If I migrate to BSNL 429, what about my balance amount. Will be adjusted in 429 payment amount.

  6. BSNL 429 plan looks perfect. But unlimited free calling is not applicable on roaming. Please guide me if I go out of the existing circle, whether calling is possible or not. If calling is possible, what would be the tariff for SMS, BSNL to BSNL call and BSNL to any other network? whether on roaming, net usage of 1 GB free data is applicable?

    my mob no is 9422944137 subscribed with BSNL 395 plan.

  7. In News papers, it is mentioned as applicable on PAN India basis except for Kerala. Now you say an only home circle and not available on roaming. Please clarify.

  8. none of the popular plan is applicable to Kerala circle most income generating circle.i know this is the play of bsnl officers to help private operators thus to destroy bsnl Kerala.private operators are really being wondered by seeing the customer base of kerala circle.


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