The fabulous truly unlimited data plan in the market is BSNL 333 Plan. It is the best data plan in India 2017 available as special tariff voucher under data category labeled as BSNL Triple Ace Plan.

In the present data war, the brand launches this BSNL 333 Plan recharge as a mega-saver. And we all know, this is the excellent reply for Reliance Jio’s Dhan Dhana Dhan Offer.

It becomes a significant hit from BSNL 333 plan launch date itself only. The internet speed is incredible and also any user can subscribe to this without addressing online or any retailers to recharge.BSNL 333 Plan Triple Ace

Everyone loves unlimited data in their mobiles. Now all operators offer the same, but BSNL allows 3GB per day without speed restriction. It means the only BSNL allows 270GB data per month at high speed.

Let’s take a look at all the pros about the cheapest 3G plan 2017.

BSNL 333 Plan Recharge

  • BSNL Triple ACE Plan (333 Offer) is an unlimited data plan for GSM mobile and data card or dongle users.
  • The 3G net pack provides a validity of 60 days from the time of activation.
  • You can download large content or stream anything as much as you require. But there is restriction per day up to 3GB which may consider for a single user.
  • After crossing of 3GB limit in this BSNL 333 data plan, the user also allows unlimited internet but restricts to 80 Kbps speed.

How To Activate BSNL 333 Plan

Any user can activate this Triple ACE Plan in three ways.

  1. Online Recharge (Through BSNL Portal Recharge or Pay TM, MobiKwik, etc..)
  3. Easy Recharge / C.TopUp

The only drawback is, if you do BSNL Triple ACE plan recharge online or with Android or iOS App, you didn’t get any discount on MRP cost.

BSNL 333 Plan Speed

  • BSNL allows a maximum of 21.6Mbps data speed in this cheapest 3G plan 2017. But the download and upload speed vary according to the area BTS (Base Terminal Station).
  • BSNL already migrates almost of all the 2G towers to 3G. So a user can get high speed which is approximately equal to others 4G speed.

How To Get Discount On BSNL STV 333 Recharge

There are three ways to get instant activation and discount up to 15% on MRP cost of this BSNL 333 plan recharge. They are

1. Activate Recharge with BSNL Selfcare Website on login.

BSNL 333 Plan Recharge at Selfcare

2. Dial USSD code and Activate Triple ACE plan recharge.

BSNL allows USSD activation for Unlimited Data plan 333 by dialing USSD code *444*MRP#.

3. Activation through SMS

Send the SMS as STV DATA333 (The customers must have to maintain sufficient prepaid balance, not below Rs.295 in their mobile number. Then only it activates. Otherwise, it leads to rejection).

How To Know Bundle Subscription Details

Dial *124*2# to know all the subscribed STV pack details

This BSNL Triple ACE plan recharge may continue for the coming launch of BSNL 4G data plans segment also.

Many of the users using Rs.1099 data plan till now, because to get unlimited data for 30days without speed restriction. With this only, you may know how data consumers will get trust on the brand.

Considering all the above BSNL 333 plan details, now you may be very clear about the BSNL Triple ACE plan recharge and how it becomes like the best. So utilize this opportunity, enjoy unlimited data wherever you go and try to make BSNL 333 plan review or post your comments.


  1. The slowest network I have ever seen. I have BSNL 333 plan recharge, I am not getting the correct connection speed of the network and it is disconnecting every 45 seconds, even a 1 MB data requires 13 minutes to download. please fix this asap at Belgaum City, Karnataka.

  2. I have R/C 333, and I am not accessing any data. I m in Mumbai under MTNL area. Mob: no 9422543579. C/no:09987113575.

  3. i received a message on the mobile that now the 333 plan is only for 60days and not 90 days, I had subscribed to this plan because it was well affordable at 90days validity but now after reducing the validity I have to think


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