New BSNL Landline Plans Offer You Unlimited Calls Without Monthly Landline Rent

The carrier hasn’t advertised more, but the options in the form of BSNL landline plans are very much attractive. The balance of power in BSNL landline plans are increasing with new launches like unlimited calling and App based calling with a smartphone using landline free usage.

Apart from usage, a Virtual landline ASEEM is a significant hit in the recent days. Thousands of old disconnected customers also booked for this New BSNL landline plan. As per the trend, one of the hardest things is using BSNL landline in a fixed place.

It is also going to change with new App based calling and more. For all the services, attractive BSNL landline plans are available now to change the scenario. Underground copper cable with old switches is the old technology. To enhance more services on the same copper line, BSNL is updating to NGN (Next Generation Network) switches in all states.

BSNL operates the landline with a handful of markets, offering the access to a wide range of copper or upcoming FTTH technologies. For using that, these BSNL landline plans are the base tariffs.

BSNL New Landline Plans

The operator designs particular BSNL landline plans with unlimited calling to any network in Landline segment. This suits specially for all rural and urban customers in India to avail cheapest monthly rental for their Unlimited communication at just Rs.49 per month with BSNL 49 landline plan (Experience 49).

BSNL Unlimited Landline Plans

The operator has also offer Friends and Family tariff for users applicable for all BSNL Landline plans. Many think that mobile technology puts an end to Landline services, but our BSNL made it reverse. It is by designing landline broadband services and Fiber to the Home over landline services with particular BSNL unlimited landline plans.

PSU has also offered separate landline plans for every PoS (Point of Sale) as swiping plans. It is all to provide the lowest charges to encourage digital payments. All the BSNL landline plans allowed many free calls according to with the rental costs.

Nowadays Wired and Wireless Internet is crucial to all. For that, BSNL offers Zero Rental (Free) landline services by allowing unlimited calling to any network in prescribed timings. This Zero rental tariff is applicable for BSNL landline broadband plans which are subscribing for combo category.

What is the best BSNL landline plans available?

  • At the time of applying to a new connection, the subscriber can have a chance to opt for BSNL landline plans only incoming or with outgoing facilities.
  • For only incoming SULABH Plan is available.
  • For the new customers, Experience 49 is there for a period of 12months. After that, it automatically migrates to General Plan.
  • Requires yearly tariff, Plan 1200 /1500 is available with unlimited night and Sunday free calling facility.

BSNL landline plans change online?

  • Every subscriber can have a chance to change BSNL landline plans through Selfcare Portal. Just log in to BSNL portal with your registered user id and place your request to change landline plan.

Is BSNL Landline is mandatory to avail broadband service?

  • To avail broadband, BSNL landline is mandatory, where internet service is an additional facility on a landline. Today all the plans allow day and night free unlimited calling to any network with/without Addon’s and treated as BSNL landline unlimited plans.

How to get unlimited free calling in the daytime?

  • If you are a broadband subscriber, some circles allow BSNL landline unlimited plans as Add-Ons for the provision of 24 hours free calling to any network.

Any service to get BSNL landline new connection from my home without going to the office?

  • The new customers can apply BSNL landline connection online to enjoy with any of the above landline plans. BSNL offers much affordable, reliable and trustable services in India.  So all India Rural and Urban area customers, be a member of BSNL family with this lowest tariff as below.

BSNL Landline Plans New Tariff

The following are the new landline plans introduced on PAN India basis, with or without monthly rental charges as per the subscription. Check the latest and subscribe to the best to avoid your monthly landline bill payment.

BSNL Landline Plan ParticularsSulabhExperience Landline 49 *Annual Plan 1200 / 1500GeneralASEEM
Security DepositsRs.500 for Local+STD and Rs.2000 for Local+STD+ISDNo SD
Installation ChargesRs. 600 in the first bill (At present it is FREE)Nil
Monthly fixed charges in Rs for BSNL Telephone Exchange system capacity
Rural AreaUrban Area
Up to 999 lines120491200 per year160200Call diversion charges per year

Rs.117  for own network and
Rs.235 for another operator.

1000 to 29999 lines120180200
30000 to 99999 lines1501500 per year220240
From 100000 lines150220240
Free Calls * (in MCU per month) for BSNL Telephone Exchange system capacity
Less than 1000 linesNot Applicable160200Not available
1000 to 29999 lines180200
30000 to 99999 lines220240
Above 100000 lines220240

* Promotional plan open up to 31.12.2017. On-Net is Own Network, Off-Net is Another Network. MCU stands for Meter Called Unit.

BSNL landline call charges after 9 PM

Many of you were doubting this free calling. Don’t worry, all the above BSNL landline plans except Sulabh (Only Incoming) allows Unlimited Free to any network from 9 PM to 7 AM on any landline and mobile service within INDIA.

Also removed the clause of Free BSNL landline call charges after 9 PM for Sundays in all BSNL landline plans. Means, you can enjoy complete unlimited free calls on Day and Night on every Sunday. So, all the above tariffs treated as BSNL landline unlimited plans.

What is BSNL call charges after free usage?

BSNL decided the following tariff call charges applicable to all BSNL landline plans. The rates are

  • Rs.1 per MCU for Own Network (On-Net) and Rs.1.2 per MCU for Off-Net (Other Network).
  • The pulse rate is 120 seconds to any landline in India. It means if you dial any landline network, you have to payRs.1 for 2minutes.
  • Pulse rate is 60 seconds to the mobile network (other than landline network) of any operator. It means if you dial BSNL Mobile (ten-digit number), it charges at Rs.1 per minute and for another operator, it will cost at Rs.1.2/Minute.

Essential notes on BSNL Landline plans

  • Free Calls will allow only in Own Network(Local / STD calls to BSNL).
  • All BSNL Landline plans and WLL phone plans have the option of annual payment. Fixed monthly charges of a General Plan for ten months will represent a cost for 12 months. It will activate when the amount made at a time in advance.
  • The annual fees shall collect from existing customers through the immediate next bill after a request for change of payment option has been received.
  • Internet facility on FWT can be avail at Rs.250/- per month with unlimited download/upload limit.

How to know my existing BSNL landline plan?

If you know your plan, you can migrate to other to reduce monthly landline bill. There are three options to identify your subscribed landline plan.

  1. Check BSNL telephone bill second page.
  2. Dial to customer care of BSNL.
  3. Approach nearest BSNL customer service center.

The operator also allows BSNL Safe custody plan to keep their landline live by disconnecting the incoming and outgoing facility when not in use. It is most helpful when there is a move by the customer to other countries or places. With this, the client can be kept their number in reserve condition in their name until his reach.

Just dig the above info where ever you have a shadow of a doubt. Millions of landline users are now a part of new BSNL landline plans subscription to enjoy unlimited free calls. Old is Gold, and BSNL is bouncing back with new landline services where enthusiasts dreamed about for many years avoiding radiation.

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