Exclusive BSNL Landline Plans for ‘Swiping Machine’

The provided technological instrument by Merchant Establishment (ME) to their customers for accepting payments is Swiping Machine. It is for any kind of payments regarding the sales towards goods or services. With this, the customer has to do the payment with a swipe over his Debit, Credit or Prepaid cards.

At PoS, this machine can accept any type of Visa, Master Card and much more. For this, a media is required to accept the payment. It is also by connecting to the bank server and to credit the amount to merchants account. As of now, for that media, Merchants are using BSNL Landline Plans as per their subscribed tariff.

BSNL Swiping Machine Plans

In today’s digital world, POS payments increased hugely. In the practical situation, there is problem raised, which in the result for over usage bills due to the usage of Swiping Machine at the merchant location. Every time when a Merchant swipes their customer debit or credit card, he can pay the telephone charges as per BSNL landline subscribed plan tariff, even the bank server not responds for payment.

To avoid this, PSU introduced exclusively BSNL Landline Plans for Swiping Machine with many Free Meter Called Units(MCUs) available. The tariff plans are “Swiping Machine Economy Plan” and “Swiping Machine Super Plan”. The first tariff available at just Rs.299 with 600Free MCus and second is with Rs.499 by offering 1300 free MCUs. The major advantage of these plans is offering 30seconds pulse rate and also 35 paise per pulse after free usage. Have a look at the following special tariff.

Special BSNL Landline Plans for ‘Swiping Machine’

BSNL Landline Plan NameSwiping Machine Economy PlanSwiping Machine Super Plan
Fixed Monthly Rental Charges in Rs.299499
Free Calls(MCU) offered per month 6001300
Pulse Rate30 Seconds
Call charges after free usage (above mentioned)35 Paise per 30 seconds to any Local or STD usage of any network.
Installation Charges(billable)Rs.600
Security Deposit for new BSNL connectionAs per the prescribed tariff of BSNL Landline Plan(General)

DaybyDay POS payments are increasing hugely, for that Swiping Machine Super Plan is the best option to carry out all debit or credit card transactions. So if you are a POS and allowing electronic merchant payments, then apply these BSNL Landline Plans and avoid the excess bill. These above BSNL Swiping Plans are available as a regular tariff on PAN India basis.

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