BSNL Launches 99 Landline Plan Providing Unlimited Free Calls For Local & STD Usage

The brand introduces standalone BSNL 99 landline plan with unlimited call facility. This new plan is going to create a further boost in landline segment in the industry because it provides Unlimited calls for BSNL and other networks. The new BSNL 99 landline plan has an array of impressive features like installation free, unlimited free calls to other networks and more. Recently BSNL introduces Virtual landline ASEEM providing landline number at just Rs.99 per year. But the Aseem didn’t offer any outgoing call facility or telephone at customer premises. The tariff also treats as BSNL landline incoming calls only plan on a diverted number.

Since, last year landline growth goes on decreasing, after the launch of ASEEM, thousands of old disconnected customers have registered again. Now, this new BSNL 99 landline plan launches with more accessible features like the unlimited calling. This new tariff is an additional plan for already available BSNL landline plans like 49 which provide unlimited calls.BSNL 99 Landline plan

BSNL provides latest caller ID landline telephones for each new connection. You can know who is calling with caller ID/call waiting option and also can save the contacts like in a mobile phone. We provide all the other information in the form of frequently asked questions and answers, have a look at them and know all the process involved in a subscription.

Does the existing landline subscribers allow for migration to this new launch?

  • All the existing landline plan customers are not allowed for migration to this BSNL 99 landline plan. At present only new customers were offered to subscribe to this tariff.

Whether a broadband customer have to opt for this?

Yes, Non-Combo BSNL broadband plan customer has a chance to subscribe for this to avail unlimited free calls at just Rs.99 per month. These charges are in addition to broadband fees.

BSNL 99 Landline plan tariff

This new landline rental plan will cost Rs. 99 per month providing unlimited voice calls in BSNL network during 24hours and free call to other operators at prescribed timings. Have a look at tariff.

Particular LL Plan 99
Monthly Charge Rs.99
Free Calls Unlimited voice calls in BSNL  Network (Local + STD) ONNET
Call  Rate (in MCU/Month) Other Network: Re.1/MCU OFFNET
Applicability Individual residential customers
Validity Period One Year
Additional Facility Free night calling to all networks between 10.30 PM to 6 AM & All Sunday Free calling on all network within India

What will be the monthly landline bill when subscribes to this BSNL 99 landline?

  • After subscription, the monthly charges are Rs.99+GST at 18% + other network charges (when occurred for Day usage).

What is the date of calculation for one-year validity?

  • One year validity starts from the date of installation of landline connection under 99 plan. After one year the method will automatically migrate to General Plan if there any modification/ extension/ revision not happens.

Will all classes apply to subscribe to this BSNL 99 landline plan?

  • No, only residential customers are eligible to subscribe to this plan. At present commercial customers are not allow for this new subscription.

BSNL 99 Landline plan deposits

  • An amount of Rs.500 should pay a security deposit for the provision of a new landline connection. The collected deposit amount kept as a refundable deposit.

Is there any installation charges for this subscription?

  • At present, the Installation free offer is available on PAN India basis up to 18.07.2017, so there is no need to pay the fees.

Whether BSNL provide landline instrument at of free of cost?

  • No, BSNL provides landline CLIP telephone instrument for each new customer, but they will charge Rs.600 towards the cost of a telephone. It includes the first bill. If a customer provides their instrument, BSNL didn’t collect any charges from the customer.

When we have to inform and where we tell about our instrument?

  • At the time of new application, you should apply for customer-owned or BSNL provision for telephone instrument.

BSNL Landline plan is a permanent plan or promotional plan?

  • At present, it is a promotional plan available from  21.03.2018 for a period of 90days up to 18.06.2018. The customers who subscribe in this period will continue to enjoy the benefits up to One year from date of installation.

If you have any queries, please post in comments or dial BSNL customer care 1800 345 1500. Apply Online or send “LL*Area STD code” to 54141 for landline (From BSNL Mobile ) send “LL*Area STD code” to 9400054141 for landline (Other Mobile Users) to avail new connection and get more additional discounts available before 31.03.2018.

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