BSNL Mobile Number Portability To Switch On 2018 Offers

BSNL MNP (Mobile Number Portability) is a facility for mobile users of any other network across India to join BSNL with best offers.

It is the best facility without changing the current mobile number through a simple process at the residing location to enjoy BSNL mobile services.

Mobile Number Portability (MNP) launched in India on 20th January 2011 and implemented by all the telecom network operators. This MNP facility gives more and more convenience to GSM and CDMA customers to retain their mobile number across any operator.

At first, MNP allows only in a single licensed service area. After that, MNP extended to all India and named as National MNP. With this NMNP, any customer of any state in India can easily retain their mobile number into another network.

Indian’s best telecom brand welcomes the mobile users from another network with BSNL Mobile Number Portability (MNP) by enabling them to retain their existing mobile number to Government’s owned company BSNL.

It is also without additional charges and does not worry about a change of the mobile number of any state with BSNL Porting Offers.

At present BSNL mobile number portability online facility is not available, so anyone must continue with the manual process only. MNP customers also can enjoy BSNL prepaid recharge offers or postpaid services at best rates with free roaming across India.

PSU the only operator offers the lowest tariff for voice and unlimited data in the present telecom market. Let’s have a look at mobile number portability procedure.

How Can I Port My Number To BSNL

  1. At first, obtain Unique Porting Code (UPC) by sending an SMS to 1900 in the format ‘Port Space 10 digit mobile number”. Any customer of any state can follow the same (even BSNL customer also from one state to other).
    • Ex: – PORT XXXXXXXXXX by sending an SMS to 1900. In the case of Jammu Kashmir pre-paid mobile subscriber to get UPC – call 1900 instead of sending SMS.
  2. After sending SMS, immediately your operator will send a UPC to your mobile number with an expiry date. The MNP code allotted to a subscriber shall be valid for fifteen days from the time of the request. After that, it expires automatically.
  3. Immediately after getting the MNP code, you have to visit the BSNL CSC (Customer Service Center) or authorized franchisee/ retailer for porting of your mobile number.
  4. Submit BSNL mobile number portability application available as regular CAF (Customer Application Form) at every point of sale.
  5. After submission of the BSNL MNP application form along with Proof of Address(POA) and Proof of identity(POI).
  6. The customer has to pay separate porting fees for processing (Presently BSNL didn’t charge any fees for porting into BSNL. Port-in charges completely waived off, only actual SIM price levied).
  7. A new empty BSNL SIM card will issue to the customer for activation of the MNP number.
  8. Then BSNL entered all your profile into their database and made a Tele-verification call on your contact number to confirm BSNL Mobile Number Portability (MNP).
  9. After that, upon approval of a porting request, the whole porting process will take a minimum of 3 days and a maximum of seven days for activation.
  10. Then, you are required to change your SIM card on your handset when the old operator got disconnected the number.

From Step 5 to Step 6, it is an old process, where there is no EKYC facility.

At present BSNL follows the EKYC process, following digitalization. After getting the porting code, just approach any retailer or BSNL CSC and submit that to EKYC. So there is no requirement of BSNL MNP application form.

How To Track BSNL MNP Status

In the case of any problem, you will need to contact BSNL Portability Toll Free Number. Also if you want to check BSNL MNP status before activation, just approach any CSC or dial call center.


What can I do after activation of Porting connection in BSNL?

If you are a prepaid user, Recharge with any plan voucher of below-mentioned intends. It is to start BSNL voice and data services at lowest tariff. If you are the postpaid user, then it will be automatically activated with a new plan.

After Port-In to BSNL network, the client can use the sim card on any mobile handsets or net setters or any iPads, smartphones.

Also, can use any of the latest BSNL prepaid/ postpaid plans and STVs. It should be for voice, data or SMS. You can avail all available BSNL recharge offers today.

With the above BSNL Mobile Number Portability (MNP) process, now you can know how to port mobile number from Idea to BSNL or Airtel to BSNL 3G or Jio to BSNL etc. So enjoy all BSNL MNP Offers 2018 only through BSNL Mobile Number Portability (MNP).


  1. what is the process to do the first recharge on my Jio mobile number after porting into BSNL? Since two days after a change into BSNL, I am trying to recharge online, but shows failed. How can I activate my ported number in BSNL?

    • After the completion of Tele verification, it completes at a maximum of 7days. If it exceeds, please approach nearest BSNL and enquire about the status, whether it is rejected by the donor or not?

  2. I ported my Rcom(reliance) sim to BSNL on 16 Nov. 2017 and got a new BSNL sim to replace it with old reliance sim after deactivation of the old sim. My Tele verification has been completed but old sim has not been deactivated even after ten days of booking. The UPC code has been verified by BSNL authorities, but no satisfactory reply is received from the customer care number. I do not know what I am supposed to do now?

  3. Today my father had been to port his old reliance connection to BSNL. They charged rupees 30 for the sim card. But as per the norms of BSNL, it should very less. It’s not about 30*1 it’s about 30*n number of customers. It happened at BSNL Office, Mobile connection division, Bhadrak town, Odisha.

  4. It has been ten days I have Ported my sim from Idea to BSNL. Idea sim card has deactivated. But now when I keep my new BSNL SIM, there is still no signal from 1 week of deactivation of Idea. How can I get the signal in BSNL SIM card? Is there any BSNL portability toll free number to know the status of activation.

  5. I ported my number from Airtel to BSNL. Airtel sim card is deactivated. I put the new BSNL sim card in mobile and tower also obtained, but activation message not came and also call could not be connected to 1507 for Tele-verification. what to do now?

  6. Approx 15 day over to take BSNL new sim ( portability from reliance to BSNL) no Tele-verification comes to me and my sim not activated. Anybody, please do some help for porting.
    Ajit Singh


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