Submit Your GSTIN To BSNL And Claim Telephone Bill For Tax

Your telephone bill might be somewhat high from this July 2017 due to BSNL GST. It is as per the directives of Central government new tax regime applicable on BSNL postpaid bill value.

Any taxes as such collected through BSNL Bills or any other telecom services from the people is to build revenue for the center. It is, in turn, to offer better services to its citizens

Recently all the telephone bills of BSNL broadband, landline, and Postpaid mobile are enclosed with BSNL GST Application for submission. It is through email or by post. With this, many of the individuals confused and hurry to nearest customer service center. Somebody feels tension about the New GST application, whether they have to submit or not?

BSNL GST Application

The significant tax as we all know is income tax, whatever we are earning it will pay directly taxable under applicable slabs. But this income tax is only appropriate for higher revenue earning segment.

GST, such an essential element in our country economics, can play a crucial role to balance an economy and even to control inflation also.

If you see the statistics of collected revenue from service tax, it is growing year on year. Now the GST revenue may use for the education, health and the necessities of our citizens.

After the introduction of new tax system Goods and Service Tax (GST), there is no significant change in telecom customer billing. Only 3% will charge as extra by renaming the old service tax 15% as GST on BSNL landline or broadband telephone bills at 18%.

Here, we clarify all your worries and suggest you the necessary steps to be taken for submission of BSNL GST. We provide you the total clarifications in the form of GST FAQ. Let’s check about that to get your solution?

BSNL GST Details

Why one GST named into two?

  • CGST is Central Goods Service Tax, and SGST is State Goods Service Tax. If a person or company is doing their business in one state and collects GST at 18% on their product MRP, they have to pay that GST to that particular State and Indian Government. It is by splitting the collected GST of 18% at 9% to that state as SGST and 9% to Central Government as CGST.

Who can require BSNL GSTIN Updation?

  • Any Business customers, Entrepreneurs who would register under GST requires submitting their GST details to BSNL. It is mandatory for them to claim in their Income tax submission.

Whether individuals have to submit the BSNL GST application?

  • No, it is not mandatory to submit the BSNL GST application by an individual. The sent format is standard for all, and it should present only when required.

Can a shopkeeper or a person without GST registration collect the tax?

  • A person without registration into GST can’t have the right to collect GST from his customers.

To whom we have to submit the BSNL GST application form?

  • The duly filled BSNL GSTIN number form will have to submit to Account Officer Telecom Revenue of your Secondary Switching Area (SSA).

Who requires BSNL GST Number?

  • The organizations like Bankers required BSNL GST number to pay their landline or broadband bills. It is mandatory for them to generate the demand draft’s or payment through their online system for telephone bills.

How can a rural customer submit GST details to SSA Accounts Officer?

  • If you are far away from your district headquarters and register under GST can send the duly filled BSNL GST application form to AO TRA through post or courier.
  • If it is not possible, submit the same to your nearest BSNL Commercial officer. They will send to concerned AO TR on behalf of you.

How can I know, If my GST details updates for my telephone or not?

  • After receipt of your duly filled BSNL GST application form by AO, he/she will enter your details into the database on your particular number. On completion of the same, your GSTIN details will display in your next coming BSNL telephone bills.

Can have different BSNL GST number in all India?

  • Yes, generation of business in each state requires separate BSNL GSTIN number. It is a unique 15 digit alphanumeric code identifying telecom business registered under Goods and Services Tax (GST).

How can I obtain BSNL GSTIN details?

  • You can search the online link for the same. Note down your particular state BSNL GST number and enter into your database to process your telephone bill payments.

Let us know if you have any queries on this GST of BSNL through the comments section below.

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