How to Share BSNL Mobile Data in Prepaid Mobile?

How can I activate BSNL Data Sharing facility in my mobile? And How to transfer my BSNL 3G Internet data from my mobile sim to another mobile of my friends and relatives. It is the most frequently asked question raised by many of the BSNL 3G users. To answer this, our Telecom has introduced BSNL Data Sharing facility for 3G mobile users to share their Unused data at any time.

If I have excessive data in my number and there is no planned usage for me and if my sister wants to use it. Straight away I am having a question that how to share my available BSNL data to my sister. Being a BSNL customer, you can do this with BSNL 3G data sharing, which is possible now. It is highly useful for me as I can consume my data from my dad’s office mobile, where every month there will be surplus data.

Indian Telecom giant introduced this BSNL data sharing facility with a straightforward process. BSNL 3G data user can easily transfer their unused 3G mobile data to another friends and family members at any time with BSNL Data Sharing.

BSNL Data Sharing

If you consider a family, we find four to five members, and if all of the members requires having a 3G data plan independently. It’s a costly affair, and furthermore, some numbers might not even consume the data for that program. Finally, we will end paying more and different consumption of data and several payments.

This new BSNL data sharing facility will give a better control on the data usage and sharing of his 3G data to other friends and family members like as distribution. Suppose a family member who is in his graduation might be expecting more data consumption, and younger one might be low, and parents are much less than both, but when we are going to a data plan, we go expecting high data consumption.

We love BSNL because of many things, but mainly for four reasons, which is the most impressive thing for all of us to consider at any time.
1. We can find BSNL signal in any pocket of the country even in remote areas.
2. BSNL plans designed very simple and straight forward covering every need for PAN India.
3. BSNL Data plans are the best and cheapest among all the service providers.
4. Being a PSU, BSNL is driving the market according to present competitive market and as per the user requirement with many special offers.

At the moment this BSNL data sharing facility will be available only on the web. It is with the below mentioned simple process on login to the respective BSNL Mobile Selfcare Portal. The web address available for each zone as indicated for BSNL Data Sharing.

  • South Zone (Andhra Pradesh, Chennai, Karnataka, Kerala, Tamilnadu, Telangana) customers.
  • North Zone (Haryana, Punjab, UP(West), UP(East), Himachal Pradesh, Rajasthan, Jammu Kashmir, Uttaranchal) customers.
  • West Zone(Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Gujarat) customers.
  • East Zone(Kolkata, Orissa, Bihar, West Bengal, Adman Nicobar, Assam, Jharkhand, North East.

BSNL Data Sharing from One SIM to Other in Prepaid Mobile

Login to BSNL Mobile Selfcare Portal
Enter Mobile Number. You will receive a password to said mobile number immediately.
Enter the password. Then you will redirect to your mobile number portal account.
Under Friends & Family Tab, you will get the Group Account option.
Click on Group Account. You will get the below options for BSNL Data Sharing.
1. Create New Group
2. Existing Group
3. Recharge Group

  • Create New Group – Allows to create a maximum of five friends and family numbers.
  • Existing group – Allows authorizing, modify and delete the current members of that group.
  • Recharge Group – Haves an option to recharge with new required special recharge data sharing plan between the members.

BSNL Data Sharing Process
Mobile users can check Frequently Asked Questions on BSNL Data Sharing Facility to remove their doubts. As on date, only WiFi (wireless) hotspots are available through broadband routers or smartphones to allow the data sharing service. Now our brand directly allows the BSNL Data Sharing facility between a group of 3G members to avoid multiple data recharges through online from anywhere.

This BSNL Data Sharing service is one of the best facility available for prepaid mobile users. With this new BSNL data sharing service, prepaid mobile customers can get 3G speeds for the entire family. It is also for all the group members with one recharge available with BSNL Data Sharing Plans.

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