Add Aadhar For BSNL Mobile Number Verification With EKYC

Why BSNL mobile number verification required now and made it as mandatory? The question raised by many customers and also with many doubts. Here you may clear about all the queries to link Aadhar to Mobile number BSNL.

Towards national security and to find the genuineness of an individual customer, TSP (Telecom Service Provider) is re-verifying the Identity and BSNL mobile number address through EKYC with the Aadhar number.

E-KYC full form is Electronic Know Your Customer, and it is an authentication process to verify the identity and address electronically. A person will continue to have their unique mobile number wherever he moves within India throughout his life with this BSNL Mobile Number Reverification.

BSNL Mobile Number Verification

Why should BSNL Mobile Number Verification be done with EKYC even after submitting Aadhar card when getting a new connection?

  • Submitting Aadhar card physically means, there is an availability of documents, but the signatures of customer made even by any other third party also.
  • But with this new BSNL mobile number address verification with EKYC, the original customer can be verified electronically with biometric fingerprints by uploading Aadhar data connecting with UIDAI. So there is also no chance for third-party access.

Why BSNL send the messages to link Aadhar Number?

  • As per the orders of Honourable Supreme Court of India, every mobile number of all Telecom service providers (TSPs) should re-verify before 31.03.2018.
  • It is also electronically by fetching the data from UIDAI. So mobile operator will send SMS to their existing customers to link Aadhar number by BSNL Mobile number verification.

Can we link to the only Aadhar with biometric or any other proof also?

  • Aadhar becomes mandatory because all TSP’s will fetch the data from UIDAI (Unique Identification Authority of India) only.
  • Identity and Address are both available on one card, so there is no need for other proof verification for BSNL SIM card details.
  • In some cases Father Name is not available in UIDAI data, that time customer has to submit other evidence in this BSNL mobile number verification to enter Father name in the database.

How to link Aadhaar with BSNL mobile number

  • Approach any BSNL authorized retailer, franchisee or customer support center. Ask them to re-verify your existing BSNL mobile number by linking Aadhar.
  • Immediately the retailer or the staff of BSNL will ask your mobile number and entered in their BSNL Swift App through their login in desktop or mobile.
  • Immediately you will receive a four-digit PIN (personal identification number) to your working mobile number.
  • Submit that PIN along with your Aadhar number to them.
  • BSNL CSC staff or support employees will ask to put your thumb on their biometric device. Within seconds, your Aadhar data will fetch you on the screen of BSNL e-KYC App for re-verification.
  • Support team will ask you to confirm the displayed address or BSNL SIM card details.
  • After your final confirmation, they will ask again to put the biometric thumb impression on BSNL e-KYC App. It is for successful validation with UIDAI.

With that, the total Aadhar mobile verification process will complete and issues a UIDAI Receipt number or application ID also calls as BSNL Aadhar link number. All the Verification details will reach through a message instantly.

How to cancel the BSNL mobile number address verification which I have submitted?

  • If any customer wants to cancel the BSNL mobile number verification, then have to follow this. Confirmation SMS for BSNL Aadhar link verification will send to the client after 24 hours.
  • The customer needs to respond within three days to complete the registration with a response ‘REV YES’ or ‘REV NO’ to 53734.

BSNL Number Re verification Message E-KYC

If no reply within time, it will be treated as YES, and Aadhaar registration is complete. If the response received is ‘NO’ then re-verification is canceled, and the customer can do Aadhar mobile verification afresh. The said BSNL mobile number address verification also allowed only two times in cases of dispute/discrepancy.

How to know my Aadhar linked with the mobile number or not?

  • If a customer wants to know the BSNL Aadhar verification (registration) details, can send SMS ‘REV NAME’ to 53734. Therefore you will receive the details on reply SMS.

What happened If I have not re-verified or submitted Aadhar number with EKYC?

  • It might be liable for disconnection of mobile services if the government announces the last date for BSNL mobile number verification.

Can the landline customers also link with Aadhar number?

  • This Aadhar mobile verification hasn’t applied for landline services, so only mobile connections have to link Aadhar number with EKYC.

I need to pay any charges for this Aadhar link to BSNL Mobile number

  • This Electronic KYC verification process is free for all customers. The operator will pay the several costs to their retailers to encourage EKYC BSNL Aadhar link.

Can a BSNL EVDO customer want to link with Aadhaar?

  • If it connects to a ten digit mobile number, it is mandatory. Otherwise, it is not necessary.

Will a new customer requires to re-verify the mobile number again

  • At present all the new connections are processing with BSNL E-KYC App only. So, there is no need to Reverify the mobile number second time. The customers who miss Aadhar mobile verification with EKYC will have to present for BSNL Mobile Number verification.

Can both Prepaid and Postpaid customers required verifying with Aadhar?

How to link Aadhaar with BSNL mobile number online

  1. BSNL Aadhaar link online started, but available only for senior citizens, physically challenged and NRI customers.
  2. Indian’s can have a chance to link BSNL mobile number with Aadhar through IVRS. In this process, those who require doing verification can dial BSNL Aadhar link number 14546.

Every customer must approach the operator’s authorized retailer/franchise or customer support center with Aadhar number. It is for BSNL mobile number address verification to link that with biometric fingerprints or with above online steps.

A client belongs to once circle can Reverify with EKYC in another LSA/circle also?

  • Yes, every BSNL mobile number have to Reverify in any other circle also. But you have to submit local reference particulars of that state and the permanent address for BSNL Aadhar verification.

Whether the broadband customers also have to link with Aadhaar?

  • At present BSNL broadband customers need not require BSNL Aadhar link. Only mobile customers of prepaid and postpaid are allowed for Reverification.

Is there any chance to change the ownership through BSNL Aadaar Verification Link?

  • Many customers are using their mobile number which is in their friends and relatives name. Until the launch of BSNL mobile number verification, if anyone requires changing the different name means, it’s a significant process.
  • But now if somebody who uses the phone number can do BSNL mobile number verification by linking their Aadhar number with EKYC. Within a short time, the ownership will change and regularizes with the present live customer and also completes the Aadhar BSNL mobile number verification.

Can this BSNL mobile number verification confirm two times in different locations?

  • Once a customer completes BSNL Aadhar verification by biometric fingerprints, BSNL EKYC App didn’t allow the client to Reverify the mobile number again in any station.

Any BSNL toll free number for Aadhar link status is available?

  • The authorized BSNL customer care toll free number for Aadhar link information is 18001801503. You can dial from any network at free of cost.

If you have more queries on this BSNL mobile number verification with Aadhar EKYC, please post us. If anything you can know beyond this, please share with all our readers.


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