Add Aadhar For BSNL Mobile Number Verification With EKYC

Why BSNL mobile number verification required now and made it as mandatory? The question raised by many customers and also with many doubts. Here you may clear about all the queries.

Towards national security and to find the genuineness of an individual customer, TSP (Telecom Service Provider) is re-verifying the Identity and BSNL mobile number address through EKYC with the Aadhar number.

E-KYC full form is Electronic Know Your Customer, and it is an authentication process to verify the identity and address electronically. A person will continue to have their unique mobile number wherever he moves within India throughout his life with this BSNL Mobile Number Reverification.

BSNL Mobile Number Verification

Why should BSNL Mobile Number Verification be done with EKYC even after submitting Aadhar card when getting a new connection?

  • Submitting Aadhar card physically means, there is an availability of documents, but the signatures of customer made even by any other third party also.
  • But with this new BSNL mobile number address verification with EKYC, the original customer can be verified electronically with biometric fingerprints by uploading Aadhar data connecting with UIDAI. So there is also no chance for third-party access.

Why BSNL send the messages to link Aadhar Number?

  • As per the orders of Honourable Supreme Court of India, every mobile number of all Telecom service providers (TSPs) should re-verify before 31.03.2018.
  • It is also electronically by fetching the data from UIDAI. So mobile operator will send SMS to their existing customers to link Aadhar number by BSNL Mobile number verification.

Can we link to the only Aadhar with biometric or any other proof also?

  • Aadhar becomes mandatory because all TSP’s will fetch the data from UIDAI (Unique Identification Authority of India) only.
  • Identity and Address are both available on one card, so there is no need for other proof verification for BSNL SIM card details.
  • In some cases Father Name is not available in UIDAI data, that time customer has to submit other evidence in this BSNL mobile number verification to enter Father name in the database.

How To Link Aadhar Card & Process For BSNL Mobile Number Verification?

  • Approach any BSNL authorized retailer, franchisee or customer support center. Ask them to re-verify your existing BSNL mobile number by linking Aadhar.
  • Immediately the retailer or the staff of BSNL will ask your mobile number and entered in their BSNL Swift App through their login in desktop or mobile.
  • Immediately you will receive a four-digit PIN (personal identification number) to your working mobile number.
  • Submit that PIN along with your Aadhar number to them.
  • BSNL CSC staff or support employees will ask to put your thumb on their biometric device. Within seconds, your Aadhar data will fetch you on the screen of BSNL e-KYC App for re-verification.
  • Support team will ask you to confirm the displayed address or BSNL SIM card details.
  • After your final confirmation, they will ask again to put the biometric thumb impression on BSNL e-KYC App. It is for successful validation with UIDAI.

With that, the total Aadhar mobile verification process will complete and issues a UIDAI Receipt number or application ID. All the Verification details will reach through a message instantly.

How to cancel the BSNL mobile number address verification which I have submitted?

  • If any customer wants to cancel the BSNL mobile number verification, then have to follow this.
  • Confirmation SMS for verification will send to the client after 24 hours.
  • The customer needs to respond within three days to complete the registration with a response ‘REV YES’ or ‘REV NO’ to 53734.

BSNL Number Re verification Message E-KYC

If no reply within time, it will be treated as YES, and Aadhaar registration is complete. If the response received is ‘NO’ then re-verification is canceled, and the customer can do Aadhar mobile verification afresh. BSNL mobile number address verification is allowed only two times in cases of dispute/discrepancy.

How to know my Aadhar linked with the mobile number or not?

  • If a customer wants to know the Aadhaar registration details, can send SMS ‘REV NAME’ to 53734. Therefore you will receive the details on reply SMS.

What happened If I have not re-verified or submitted Aadhar number with EKYC?

  • It might be liable for disconnection of mobile services if the government didn’t extend the time for BSNL mobile number verification.

Can the landline and broadband customers also link with Aadhar number?

  • No, this Aadhar mobile verification hasn’t applied for landline or broadband services, so only mobile connections have to link Aadhar number with EKYC.

I need to pay any charges for this Aadhar link to BSNL Mobile number

  • This Electronic KYC verification process is free for all customers. The operator will pay the several costs to their retailers to encourage EKYC Aadhar link.

Can a BSNL EVDO customer want to link with Aadhaar?

  • If it connects to a ten digit mobile number, it is mandatory. Otherwise, it is not necessary.

Will a new customer requires to re-verify the mobile number again

  • At present all the new connections are processing with BSNL E-KYC App only. So, there is no need to Reverify the mobile number second time. The customers who miss Aadhar mobile verification with EKYC will have to present for BSNL Mobile Number verification.

Can both Prepaid and Postpaid customers required verifying with Aadhar?

Is there any facility for BSNL Aadhar link online

  • BSNL Aadhaar link online is yet to start at an early as per the instructions.
  • At present, there is no service to link Aadhar number for BSNL mobile number in online.
  • Every customer must approach the operator’s authorized retailer/franchise or customer support center with Aadhar number. It is for BSNL mobile number address verification to link that with biometric fingerprints.

A client belongs to once circle can Reverify with EKYC in another LSA/circle also?

  • Yes, every BSNL mobile number will have to Reverify in any other circle also. But you have to submit local reference particulars of that state and the permanent address.

Whether the broadband customers also have to link with Aadhaar?

Is there any chance to change the ownership through Aadar Link?

  • Many customers are using their mobile number which is in their friends and relatives name. Until the launch of BSNL mobile number verification, if anyone requires changing the different name means, it’s a significant process.
  • But now if somebody who uses the phone number can do BSNL mobile number verification by linking their Aadhar number with EKYC. Within a short time, the ownership will change and regularizes with the present live customer and also completes the Aadhar mobile verification.

Can this BSNL mobile number verification confirm two times in different locations?

  • Once a customer verified by biometric fingerprints, BSNL EKYC App didn’t allow the client to Reverify the mobile number again in any station.

If you have more queries on this BSNL mobile number verification with Aadhar EKYC, please post us. If anything you can know beyond this, please share with all our readers.


  1. मैं एक केंद्रीय करमचारी हूँ अतः प्रायः अनेकों प्रदेशों मेँ स्थानांतरित होता रहता हूँ अतः मैं Telecom-Circle अनुसार Mobile-SIM प्रयोग करने के लिए विवश हूँ जबकि मेरा आधार अपने पैतृक निवासानुसार बना हुआ है। ऐसी स्तिथी मैं किस प्रकार अपना BSNL Mobile-Number अपने आधार से Link कराऊँ?

  2. In the IVRS system provided by BSNL, OTP is not coming on time. OTP is happening after 5 or 10 minutes by the time the call gets disconnected.

  3. What about disability person who cannot move out from Home and he has BSNL line under his name, How can link his number?

  4. Tried to link Calcutta BSNL SIM with my Tamil Nadu Aadhaar. Went to Chennai BSNL office but they are saying it can not do from Chennai. What to do?

  5. At present my son went to the United States of America for his higher studies, and he will come back from the USA in September 2018. How his mobile number can link to Aadhaar number (his mobile already given in Aadhaar). Presently his mobile is at home in Gujarat and linked to his bank account. Please advise me.

  6. While changing the SIM users, they are asking for proof that the phone is used by us like phone no, printed in bank passbook, etc. Is it necessary?

  7. BSNL should consider verifying EKYC from any circle as people are moving from one circle to another. They are not in a position to change numbers since it is used for various services and circulated among friends and relatives. Every time they cannot change the address in the Aadhaar.

  8. My mobile no is mistakenly linked by BSNL persons with some another person’s Aadhar Number who belong to another state. What to do now. how to do KYC again.

  9. How can I link my BSNL number to Aadhaar if I am staying in Maldives? I have the sim with me and the process can’t be done online. Can I mail the scanned copy of Aadhaar card to BSNL customer service center?

  10. Good informative website. Keep up the excellent work.
    Whether a person who didn’t have a mobile at the time of Aadhaar enrollment, can use the above process? In other words, will the OTP (required for verification) be delivered only to the registered mobile number?

  11. I went to BSNL customer service center two times for linking of my Aadhaar number with my mobile numbers which are using in our house. But my fingerprints are not matching with previous after that again I updated the prints with IRIS in Aadhaar Kendra.

    I have received a message also for downloading the eAadhaar card from the UIDAI. Even though I have successfully matched my fingerprints with Aadhaar, it does not get matching in BSNL centers. Now I’m in a dilemma for how to link my Aadhaar to my BSNL SIM’s.

  12. Where is the web link for linking mobile number to Aadhaar online? It’s supposed to start from 1 Dec 2017. But I am not able to found the option on bsnl portal. I also wrote a mail to customer care, but they didn’t reply. If anyone has the link? Kindly share.

  13. I live outside of India, how to register it as I am no possible way spending so much on a biometric process. Is there any way to record online?

  14. We are now in USA. We will be back in India by end of Feb’18 only. We have two BSNL Chennai mobile connection. Will BSNL permit us and if so who is to be approached? Kindly help me.

    • Sign in to BSNL website and complete your EKYC online, even now you are in the USA. If didn’t have a chance to do that, Approach any BSNL customer service center or retailers after reaching India to finish Aadhaar link for your BSNL mobile number before 31st March 2018.

  15. I have BSNL sim from Chhattisgarh, but currently, I am residing in Telangana, can I link my Aadhaar with BSNL sim in Telangana or I will have to go Chhattisgarh for Aadhar link?

    • You can link Aadhaar either at Telangana or at Chhattisgarh. If you want to do Aadhaar linking in Telangana, you have to submit a local reference. Upon verification over a telephone call to the local reference, BSNL completes the process of verification process through EKYC.

  16. I have BSNL no from Odisha, but currently, I am residing in Bangalore, can I link my Aadhaar with BSNL number in Karnataka or I have to go Odisha for connecting?

  17. If I am not in India how can I link my mobile number with my Aadhaar number, My mom is using it currently, and I have kept it on for bank transactions

  18. I am using Andhra Pradesh BSNL network. Now I am in another country, I will come back again on March-2018. I don’t want my sim to expire. Please suggest a method to link Aadhaar online.

  19. Can I know how many mobile numbers from the different network can link with one Aadhaar card number? If there is any limit for a person can mobile number for the eKYC process?

  20. When I got Aadhar, I had given BSNL number and registered. So already Aadhar is linked to my BSNL number. Then why I do this registration of BSNL number and Aadhar, when Aadhar and BSNL number are linked

  21. Where is to get the retail stores or customer care for Aadhar linkage with my BSNL mobile number?
    Please give me the address near to my location in Howrah Botanical garden area.

  22. Please give me the details of stores or places to do the job of linking the Aadhaar card with BSNL mobile in B.GARDEN HOWRAH 711109

  23. I am using postpaid connection registered in my father’s name. I went to bsnl customer service center to change ownership to my name by linking my Aadhaar no. However, they are saying only prepaid mobile customers can change the name of mobile but not postpaid. Please help and let me know the procedure. My father is willing to come to the service center to confirm my needs.

    • Approach BSNL CSC along with your father, submit a closure request of postpaid connection by your father and to convert the same postpaid number as a prepaid mobile connection in your name. It is the best process

  24. My sim circle is Karnataka state, and now I am living in Maharastra, I went to bsnl office there they told me to go Karnataka state and link with Aadhar. For now, I am not able to go there, so any other way?

  25. में दिल्ली में रहता हूँ जबकि मेरा BSNL नंबर मध्य प्रदेश से लिया हुआ है कृपया मुझे बताएं की में अपना आधार लिंक केसे कराऊँ, मेरा मध्य प्रदेश जाने का अभी कोई प्रोग्राम नहीं है|

  26. I went to the BSNL retailer for Aadhar link to my BSNL mobile and did everything as required for two times, but I have not received any SMS till now. Please let me know what to do?

  27. My AIRTEL sim (Rajasthan) ported into BSNL (UP). Currently, I am working in Orissa, now please let me know, where I have to go for verification, in Rajasthan, BSNL officer did not verifying sim as it belongs to UP circle.

  28. Query with regards to Aadhar linking

    I have 2 BSNL SIM from Chennai, Tamil Nadu. At the time of buying it from BSNL Office a few years back, I had given the passport, and it has the outstation address as my permanent address from Kerala which is reflecting in the BSNL database.

    Where would I need to get my Aadhar linked to my BSNL mobile number? Kerala or Tamil Nadu? BSNL folks in Chennai, Tamilnadu say that KYC linking of Aadhar needs doing at the LSA circle from where the Aadhar originated whereas BSNL folks in Kerala says it needs doing from the LSA circle from where the SIM bought?

    One BSNL Chennai official even went on to say that how is it possible that I get a local SIM with an outstation address? I had to argue with them as to why BSNL SIM issued in the 1st place if proper documentation wasn’t in place! Can someone (BSNL employee/customer) throw more light on this, please? ~ Dhanesh / 9444967425

    • Do it anywhere once, Aadhar details provided then address aspects automatically changed. I am also faced the same, my Address Resemble Kolhapur Maharashtra but I change ownership plus Aadhar verified my Kolhapur address filled in that everything that easy. if ur in Kerala go to bsnl office provide them detail give them biometric and tell them to copy your Aadhar card address

  29. The stringent procedure laid down to acquire Aadhaar number linking with BSNL mobile number is cumbersome. I feel, if not regularised in a simple form such as ‘online linking,’ (paperless transactions and easy way without much cost effective to both BSNL and the customers).

    I am sure BSNL customers will erode. Utilising this, private service mobile providers may flourish. Arise ! Awake ! Please revisit the procedure and make it simple.

    • Hi Lakshmanan,
      Aadhar linking with biometric of a customer is the only one process ordered by Hon’ble Supreme Court of India. It should be followed by all telecom operators in India and should complete by 06.02.2018. Even a single telecom operator is also not having the alternative process like online verification/linking. It’s all to verify the original alive customer.

  30. My father who is 87 years old holds a BSNL prepaid number, and he lives with me in Delhi. How can I access a BSNL customer care center? Please let me know.

    • There is an option you have by requesting nearest customer center to do eKYC for your father by visiting your home or else merely you can change the ownership of the number from your father to your name.

  31. I have a Tamilnadu BSNL mobile Number, the BSNL SIM is issued in my brother name, but he expires in November 2016, I am using the same BSNL SIM since 2010 to be using, now how can link Aadhaar card.

    • Just approach any CSC or retailer of BSNL and ask them to link your Aadhar number to the same number. After linking the same, immediately the ownership will change to your name.

  32. I bought my prepaid mobile number so many years ago. At that time they entered my name wrong. So my Aadhar number cannot be linked. what shall I do for their official mistake?

  33. I have bsnl postpaid sim in Jammu on my residential address, i.e., voter card and driving license. Now Aadhar card no is required, but I have Aadhar card on the address from Haryana. When I approach BSNL care, they reply it is not linked because Aadhar card is of out of state what is the solution I have other residential proofs of Jammu

    • If there is a requirement of a change in address of Aadhar, just approach UIDAI center and change to your present address and then link to the mobile number. If you don’t require to do so, then contact BSNL CSC and ask the staff to reverify your mobile number as an outstation customer by entering the local reference details and without a change in the billing address.

  34. I have a Jammu BSNL number, but I work 8N Delhi NCR. Also, my Aadhaar card issued from Noida. So can I update Aadhar to BSNL from Noida or do I have to go to Jammu (J and K) for the same?

  35. I am a senior citizen aged 80. There are no fingerprints in my ten fingers. and not shown in Aadhar. When approaching BSNL, they verified phone number with the OTP, and it is correct. All other things are OK. But they insisted fingerprints. What can I do since there are no fingerprints in my fingers?

    • The simple solution is to register your mobile in any one of your family members (“If he trusts you”), and you can use the phone as it is without a problem. In BSNL records owner of your number will be different, no one else will know that.

  36. I have the problem like Sri IS Balakrishnan. I have no fingerprints. I have experienced the problem while verifying for EPF at AKSHAYA center. Finally, I had to go to EPF office and they used IRIS scanner and the work has done. So BSNL should have Iris scanner also in few centers.

  37. BSNL should provide facility to Link Aadhar with Mobile Number ONLINE as a service provided by INCOME TAX DEPARTMENT to Link Aadhar with PAN Card. It is a case of harassment from BSNL that they have not provided proper facilities to Consumer to Link Aadhar with BSNL Mobile No.

    Vodafone and IDEA provided this service through their Franchises. This message should forward to Telecom Minister and PMO for providing this type of simple facility to Customers. I do not know where I should go to get Link my Aadhar with BSNL Mobile No.

    BSNL should provide the facilities as being provided by Private Players in this Sector or shut their Window forever.

    Satvir Singh Shanwal

  38. I have a peculiar problem – the biometric devices do not recognize my thumb impressions. It may be due to my age (75 years) or any other reason which I am unable to find out. I had the problem when I had to link my Aaadhar to my PF account. Finally, they took my IRIS scan, and it accepted. Unfortunately, iris scanners are not available every where.

    What am I supposed to do to link my Aadhar to BSNL mobile number? Can I lose my BSNL mobile number?

  39. I have Aadhar card, and that is a plastic card, now I want to link it online with my postpaid mobile, how can do it through online/ internet.Kindly guide me through e-mail.Presently I am receiving my postpaid bill receipt to my real e-mail.

  40. BSNL shall coordinate with UIDAI for linking mobile and Aadhar to make it online similar to PAN and Aadhar link. What about cases where UIDAI already registered their mobile nos, linked and validated.

    In fact for all PAN Aadhar link mobile no registered was made redundant. It appears that BSNL is doing an unnecessary activity. BSNL officials to be in touch with UIDAI officials

  41. I purchased new BSNL SIM card in May 2017, when I go to BSNL office to link my Addhar number to mobile no. It says “CAF is not allowed.” What is mean by this? Is it completed the linking process or not?

  42. I just went to BSNL customer care center in Kalpetta, Wayanad for EKYC. I hail from Karnataka (my Aadhar card was registered there) and work in Kerala. My present BSNL mobile no belongs to Kerala circle. The EKYC verification could not do, as the website said nos other than Karnataka’s could not verify. Why? What should I do now? Will I be successful if I do the same process in Karnataka – through my BSNL mobile no is from Kerala? Someone, please clarify

  43. I hold two BSNL mobile numbers, and I reside at Titwala(Kalyan). There is no retailer here to update Aadhar link, and BSNL office staff here replied me they couldn’t afford that machine for the same.

    I am heart and sugar patient, so can’t travel up to Kalyan for linking Aadhar card. Please take an immediate action in respect of Titwala BSNL office and help me as a senior citizen.

  44. I wonder when you have Mobile number verification via OTP why you are asking us to go and submit thumb impression to approve. Everything is there in the order we can accept via OTP with the Aadhar registered number.

    Why do you want to make retailer some profit by charging us for the verification? Please be practical use the technology, Why we have to pay again for the re verification simply?

  45. BSNL CTop Up numbers are not registering. The existing process is not accepting to link Aadhar Number of the retailer? How to verify them? Anyone, please help.

  46. Sir, while buying a SIM card, I had submitted all my required documents like ID proof Aadhar copy and my residence proof copy also provided, however, is necessary any verification with Aadhar in my mobile no 949607074

  47. I had purchased BSNL SIM in Maharashtra as presently I am doing the job in Maharashtra but my permanent address is Madhya Pradesh and I am having AAdhaar Card issued from MP so I am not able to Link my SIM with Aadhaar card. Kindly suggest.

  48. Here I may be allowed to do the Aadhar EKYC verification process through online as the INCOME TAX DEPT is linking the pan card with Aadhaar through SMS. It is straightforward and convenient. Even myself can handle the linking process, so BSNL should consider this.

  49. Link Aadhar with mobile is very tedious one. A senior citizen like me cannot go to BSNL CSC and wait hours to get things done. Why DOT cannot implement the procedure by online.

    I am delighted to say that I got my passport re issue within three days at Tolichowki, Hyderabad on the 4th day. They have made the procedure very simple and customer friendly. Like this DOT has to plan to ease the subscriber.
    Sridharan, Hyderabad

  50. National government service provider where one circle customer cannot verify in another circle! You should either close BSNL or call yourself a state wide institution. Kindly stop saying you provide the same service to your customers across the nation. What a shame?

  51. I very reverified my BSNL number with Aadhar number, and i received a conformation massage also. “Your request for the Re-verification of customer record for 94XXXXXXXX with Aadhar E-KYC registered. To confirm SMS “REV YES,” To cancel “REV NO” to 53734 within 3days. Unfortunately, I can’t give responses due to some another work. How can I confirm my number?

  52. We as Indian citizen always welcome any technology helping the nation to improve security system. But the Government should take the support of same technology and provide facility to their customer for e-KYC verification. Please make Indians life comfortable with technology avoid complexity.

  53. I am trying REV NAME at 53734, but I did not receive any message if my sim is linked with Aadhar number or not.

  54. I did BSNL mobile verification with Aadhar EKYC. After that I got a message about re-verification do SMS Rev Yes or rev No. I give massage REV YES. Dear madam/sir why I give verification reply again. now I feel up set, what I do?

  55. I have already linked my BSNL sim with my Adhar card number. Two days after I found a confirmation msg and SEND REV YES TO 53734. Did I think in future is there any problem?

  56. I am a resident of Bihar. I had purchased my SIM around 13 years back when I was working with Singareni Collieries Company Limited, Andhra Pradesh (Now it is Telangana). This number circulated to my several friends and connected with various services, so I want to continue this BSNL mobile number.

    Four years back I have resigned and moved to a company in Gujarat and presently working with it. As my Aadhar card belongs to my native place (Bihar) and BSNL SIM belongs to Telangana and currently operating in Gujarat.

    How to link my number with Aadhar, kindly suggest. I think it would be better to have linking facility from any circle and if such service is available?

    • You have two options to add Aadhar link from your home circle now.
      1. At present your are using Telangana circles BSNL SIM card in Gujarat, With this, you can’t enjoy the benefits of Gujarat circle also. So try to Port your mobile number with in BSNL to Gujarat circle by approaching any CSC or Franchisee by submitting Aadhar EKYC.

      With MNP, you can enjoy Gujarat circle benefits, and Aadhar link also can be made.

      2. At present BSNL allows all customers to re-verify with EKYC in any circle. So approach any CSC for mobile number Reverification.

    • Just approach any BSNL service center and ask them to verify with EKYC to link your Aadhar number. Within a month from verification date, the Aadhar details will replace against old name for your mobile number.

      The main motto of Indian government is to keep the live customer, so you are having the chance now.

  57. How many BSNL prepaid or postpaid connections can link to one Aadhar number? We are using both in multiples. Please advise what to do.

    • As per GOI, any customer can have a maximum of Nine mobile connections in one name or Aadhar number. This count is applicable for All India regarding all mobile network operators. So you can link up to a maximum of 9 in prepaid or postpaid of any network.

  58. The EKYC verification process is done at the cost of Rs.20/- for each number by BSNL Franchisee at Dindigul. I paid Rs.20 for one number and verified. I don’t want to pay money for my remaining numbers.

    Here I may be allowed to do the Aadhar EKYC verification process through online as the INCOME TAX DEPT is linking the pan card with Aadhaar through SMS. It is straightforward and convenient. Even myself can handle the linking process, so BSNL should consider this.

    • This process is available at Free of cost to customers, and all operators are paying some incentive to their retailers for EKYC verification. BSNL pays Rs.5 to the retailer on each Reverification. So don’t pay any bribe to any of them. Demand the retailer to link your mobile number with Aadhar EKYC at free of cost.

  59. When even the Aadhar correction is done through online, connecting Aadhar with BSNL mobile number should be made possible online. BSNL should consider this. It is a mandatory thing. There are many old aged customers.

  60. By mistake, I have made a message REV YES regarding re verification of mobile number link with Aadhar card. I don’t want anything to Reverify my mobile no. 9414483381 and my Aadhar 967219075076. Thanks

  61. Now many BSNL subscribers having touch screen availability in their mobiles, why cannot finger print be obtained thereon itself. It should implement by developing an APP connecting with Aadhar (UIDAI) data on OTP. So that many would make the verification very easier, faster and complete the Aadhar link in record time.

  62. Make sure we can verify and link our Aadhar card online for BSNL mobile users, as it is challenging for working class to go and stand in the queue and get it verified. Knowing how hopeless BSNL customer service is. If this isn’t done, I will be changing to another network provider through MNP.

  63. Linking to Aadhar number with BSNL number should be online. When Income tax facilitates linking of Aadhar number with PAN, why BSNL cannot do it? BSNL may lose out if online verification with OTP is not made available. Subscribers should not suffer like this.

  64. I am using BSNL SIM of Jammu Kashmir and working in JK. But my Aadhaar address belongs to UP. How can I link my Aadhar with BSNL mobile number?

  65. BSNL should introduce online verification system. When I approach a CCS, there was a huge rush, and it is draining our time.

  66. Not only me but every citizen of India will ask the same question, why Aadhaar number linking to mobile number is not possible online like other departments, and the network system is so advanced and still asking us to visit the CSC, one more thing thinks about the senior citizens and ladies hardship also.

  67. For Super Senior Citizens, it is not necessary to verify linking of PAN with Aadhar. Likewise, the same facility may provide for linking of BSNL mobile number with Aadhaar.

  68. Like we do it for Income Tax Dept, Banks, and other departments. EKYC should be feasible online. Physically visiting CSC BSNL is time-consuming and cumbersome.

  69. I have purchased a Sim from Chattisgarh and my Aadhar card issued from Madhya Pradesh. Can I verify in MP or I have to go to Chhattisgarh?

  70. When Govt of India introduced linking of AADHAR with PAN online, why then avoiding to do the process of linking of AADHAR with mobile online? This compulsion is harassment to the people like me.

    Also, who are senior citizens compelling them to find out a BSNL office where it can perform and to stand in a queue? It is the duty of UIDAI to link Aadhar number with a mobile number of each mobile customer.

    They should chalk out a plan how to do it, otherwise it will be a failure. I am astonished that by giving Enrollment number and mobile number to get the EAadhar.

    I am getting the OTP, but while going to e-verify, the IT return it shows the mobile number not linked to Aadhar. It means anybody can get EAadhar of anybody. Government department should look into the matter.

  71. What is this digitalisation age? You have to go to your parent circle area to verify. If a person has UP sim and living in Haryana now, has he to go to UP again to re-verify his number? It’s an utterly useless process, and if PAN card can be linked with Aadhar number online, then why not BSNL mobile number.

  72. Everything is Online in these days. Why not BSNL introduces an Online AADHAR linking procedure. Who has time to stand in line at your Customer Care? Is it not User-Friendly?

  73. Sorry boss, not possible to go that place where I have purchased the BSNL Sim card. Only online solutions can make it possible. Otherwise many of us have to close the BSNL mobile numbers.
    Lagata hai BSNL ki watt lagane wali hai. Jai Hind.

  74. My sim registered with one of the family members. I don’t know whom he is. In this case, what should I do and how can I link with Aadhar number?

    • If you want to retrieve the same BSNL MOBILE number go to the nearest customer service center(CSC) surrender your BSNL old SIM, and your number will put on hold. See that no currency is left over, after issuing new sim the balance will be zero. They will release a new BSNL sim under your name with the same mobile number provided you should give local address and identity proof. Then automatically BSNL sim will be under your name.

      • There is no requirement to surrender the number also. Just approach any retailer, franchisee or BSNL customer service center with your Aadhar number and ask them to link your Aadhar to a mobile number. After linking the same and after three weeks, the connection will transfer to your name automatically.

        The purpose of Aadhar link introduced by Govt of India is to get the live customer into the picture. So need to surrender, just link your Aadhar to a mobile number and keep the number alive.

  75. If my address in Aadhar card belongs to another state belongs to UP, and I am working in the other state AP using the sim card of BSNL AP. How to get EKYC verified for my mobile number with my Aadhar number.

    • Don’t worry, you can verify with the same Aadhar card number by providing the existing address details in your employee identity card because you are using AP BSNL SIM and checking with Aadhar EKYC in Andhra Pradesh only.

      BSNL have two options in their EKYC module i.e. in BSNL Swift App to enter the address details
      1. Same as Aadhar Address
      2. Present correspondence.

      So just approach any retailer or BSNL customer service center and ask them to re-verify your mobile number with your UP Aadhar card number by providing existing communication details.

  76. Sir my device Mantra MFS 100 fingerprint scanner does not support for BSNL Swift App. If allowed all the biometric devices, then there will be a gain of more customers to BSNL from me like all retailers.

  77. I have used BSNL number since 6 to 8 year, but this mobile number not registered with my name, it activates in my friend’s name. Now can I link this with my Aadhaar number?

  78. I had gone to Madipakkam BSNL customer center. For linking Aadhar They say the do not have the facility as of date (12/07/17).

  79. I went to BSNL office to submit my Aadhar number. The staff replied me that my number is not supporting for EKyc Aadhar linking, what I have to do to avoid disconnection.

  80. My name is Nilay from Vyara, District Tapi. I did BSNL mobile verification with Aadhar eKYC. After that I got a message about re-verification do SMS Rev yes and rev no. I give massage Rev no. Dear madam/sir why I give verification reply again. now I feel up set, what I do?

    • You must have to reverify your mobile number again with BSNL EKYC process because you have rejected as per your info. If you didn’t reply to that message, it will take as acceptance and updates your Aadhar link. So try to reverify again with any retailer or nearest BSNL customer care center.

  81. Arrangement for Aadhar Online verification by OTP is the need of the day. Why is BSNL avoiding online check? They should follow a system of Income Tax and Dept of India to link the two. The way BSNL is suggesting is not suitable for old citizens.

  82. I want to add my Aadhar number to my mobile no.9469175470 and Landline no.01912451880. please do the needful.

  83. BSNL EKYC App Reverification is valid only circle wise. If any mobile customer has Aadhar with an address of another circle not allowed verifying such that CISF, Jai Jawan customer customers.
    If BSNL allows this Aadhar verification for mobile through online or in any circle, it would be a great help to the customers. Please arrange to resolve this problem.

    • You are right, BSNL EKYC service should be available in any circle. It is the general case some body has purchased a SIM while working in any state way back. But after that, he might have moved to another circle far away from the earlier point of sale of SIM card. This number is intimated and connected to many services, so might be continuing to carry it.

      To just EKYC he has to move the original place of purchase. It may be that circle of acquisition of BSNL SIM may not fall his address registered with the mobile service provider. So BSNL should give this opportunity to all the customer to link his number to EKYC from any circle.

  84. BSNL should try to keep online verification system. Banks, IT departments are verifying Aadhar card details online. Why go physically in the digital system? Put the submitted Aadhar number, if not matched then call to BSNL customer care, why every customer should go to office or counters?

  85. Kindly ask for BSNL to provide an Aadhar link to verify online. Going to retailers or BSNL customer care offices is not an easy task because BSNL is not providing all places in India. And also in order to the re-verification, the customer must have to travel to places from where sim was taken.

  86. Kindly provide the accessible facility on the web to link Aadhar with BSNL mobile number verification online.

  87. Kindly provide online Aadhar link verification for all BSNL mobile customers, so that many of the users can link with Aadhar.

  88. How will an immobile senior citizen or physically challenged person get his/her Aadhar verified? My mother is a senior citizen and holds a BSNL prepaid card.
    Kindly help. TIA

    • You can link your mother’s mobile number with your Aadhaar card. One Aadhaar card can connect with nine mobile numbers. Then the mobile connection will change into your name also.

  89. BSNL should consider putting in an online system in place to verify Mobile number. It is just like applying Aadhar based e-Sign for online PAN card which is paperless.


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