BSNL Talktime Transfer Registration & Deactivation Process

PAN India 3G Mobile Service Operator BSNL provides “Mobile Balance Talk Value Transfer Service”, a facility to prepaid mobile customers for Transfer of Talk Value as gift or Balance Transfer to another(Fiends/Relatives) 2G and 3G BSNL Mobile Prepaid subscriber in a simple way on Registration under GSM Services within the same BSNL circle.

The detail process for how to transfer the BSNL gift talk time of main account balance to another(Friends /Relatives) BSNL Prepaid Mobile under GSM Services is as follows as step by step guide.

Registration and De-activation Procedure for BSNL Mobile Balance TalkTime Transfer

Customer who is willing to transfer talk time(Mobile Balance Talk Value Transfer ) from his phone will have to register as follows

    • To Register, send SMS with keyword “REGISTER PTOP” to toll free short code 54455.The SMS should be forwarded by the BSNL SMSC to the home zone C-TOPUP Platform.
    • The said platform will look into the content of SMS and process the request for registration, if not registered already. After registering, following SMS will be sent by BSNL C-TOPUP Platform to the subscriber from short code 54455. “Dear subscriber, registration for ptop is successful” Password is “ABCDEF”.
    • To De-register, subscriber is required to send SMS with keyword “DEREGISTER PTOP” to toll free short code 54455
    • The SMS will be processed in the same manner as stated in second point above, for de-registration and following confirmation SMS will be sent by the home zone C-TOPUP platform to the subscriber after deregistration. “Dear subscriber, deregistration for ptop is successful”.
    • In case, a subscriber wishes to change the password, he/she can send SMS keyword, “CHANGE PTOP ABCDEF GHIJKL” to short code 54455 (where ABCDEF is the existing password and GHIJKL is the new password).
    • In case, a subscriber has forgotten the password, he/she will have to send request for registration again. BSNL C-TOPUP system will check up the existing database and will send existing password in the form of following message:-
      • “Dear subscriber, your existing password is ABCDEF”
    • After successful completion of ONETIME registration, the customer proceeds to “BSNL MOBILE TALKTIME TRANSFER” to another mobile.

GSM Mobile Users can do their balance talktime transfer at any time with any Prepaid Plan, and this process will be common for all the BSNL Mobile customers of all the BSNL circles across India


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