How to participate in BSNL eAuction to get Premium Mobile Numbers?

Telecom Major launched BSNL Auction for Fancy / Vanity / Premium Mobile numbers though web platform has simple web process. This portal makes to spend ample of time browsing the site with many Premium numbers available for the customers who are more fascinated towards specific Fancy mobile numbers with particular sequence.

BSNL simplified the web auction process as follows conducted on this website and allowed the customers to participate in large extent to grab BSNL Premium / Fancy Mobile Numbers in auction scheduled time intimated. This BSNL e-Auction web portal sets a transparent medium as a way to explore BSNL valuable services to Indian Mobile users at any time.

BSNL Auction Web Portal

e-Auction participants shall be Residents of their own circle and shall possess the Address Proof. All the existing BSNL Mobile Plan customers intended to change their current Mobile Number to Vanity/Premium Numbers can participate in the auction.

Any new customers who possess resident address proof in the state can bid through their family/friends BSNL Mobile number. New customers can also take a new BSNL Mobile connection on usual procedure through any of the BSNL Outlets and bid through the same Mobile Number.

The initial registration for BSNL web portal is free, and the process for registration and participation through Web Portal to grab BSNL Mobile Number from Premium Vanity Number category is as follows.

BSNL E-Auction Web Process for Premium Mobile Numbers

  • The customer can register through “Login/Register’, like in menu bar.
  • A customer has to log in with Mobile no & e-mail id. After the successful registration, customer informs a password through SMS and e-mail.
  • After successful login, the customer will be directed to welcome page. The customer can change the password using “Change Password” option available in the menu bar.
  • Fill the details in “Profile form.” Select the vanity numbers by clicking “Available numbers.”
  • To bid for a vanity mobile number, the customer has to register with registration fee (Non-Refundable) as fixed and can pay online only. For vanity numbers with base value in the price range of Rs.l000 to 25,000, the registration fee is Rs.100/-.
  • After paying the necessary registration charges, the customer can bid for that particular number available in “My Bid Status” menu. The client can start offering of numbers for which registration is successful.
  • Selecting number on the left-hand side (blue background), the customer can see the number of bids and its current bid value. Incremental value for bidding has been fixed as l0% for numbers of base value Rs.10,000 & above & 5% for numbers of base value below Rs.10,000/-.
  • If the customer wants to bid higher than the present maximum bid value, he can click “Click to bid.” His/Her request will be present with “current bid value+one more incremental value.” His/her application will appear along with the amount bid by him/her in RED color.

After the end of the bidding successful H1 bidder will receive a PIN on his registered mobile number customer can take this PIN to any CSC with his CAF(Customer Application Form) and on payment of bidded amount + S. Tax (12.36%) he will be allotted the BSNL Mobile Premium number through E – Auction Process.

The successful e-auction bidder can approach the nearby BSNL Customer Service Center (CSC) by showing the SMS intimation for vanity / premium number, then BSNL authorities can generate the invoice for payment of bidding amount with required deposits if any for the Premium number booked.

After payment of bidding amount for Premium Mobile Number booked at BSNL e-Auction Web Portal by submitting the Customer Application Form (CAF) along with valid Proof of Identity and Address, then after BSNL premium mobile number will be activated immediately with required Prepaid / Postpaid mobile plans to enjoy the voice and BSNL Mobile Data Services at lowest rates on Premium Number availed.


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