Generate AIRCEL Porting Code Online to PORTIn to BSNL Mobile

All the companies are concentrating on getting more PortIn customers into their network by allowing the customers to get Aircel porting code with Intra circle roaming. And also with the various channels to generate UPC for Aircel with more exciting offers.

In present hyper-competitive telecom market, new marketing strategies are very much required to increase subscriber base. The opportunity to grab more Port-In’s on account of news of shut down of M/S AIRCEL needs to bag for each operator by generating Aircel porting code.

Recently RCOM and Tata Indicom closed their services, At the time BSNL grabbed more PORT In’s when compared to other operators. Continuing the same, operator attracts the customers with many newly launched best plans in the market under the unlimited category for voice calls and data usage.

Aircel closed their mobile services in many areas, the only alternative for Aircel customers is PORT OUT to other networks. For this Port Out, the customer requires Unique Porting Code (UPC), i.e., Aircel porting code. The familiar doubt raised from customer side is, How can we get Aircel UPC Code after the closure of mobile services?

After the announcement of shut downing the services, mobile operators including BSNL arranged Intra Circle Roaming (ICR) arrangement for 2G 3G mobile services. This ICR arrangement may make available for customers only for few days. Within the period, existing Aircel customers may PORT OUT to a valuable network by having original Aircel UPC Code.

How to generate Aircel porting code without network

For this, we provide you the suitable and straightforward solutions to obtain the Aircel porting code (UPC) for migration to other mobile operators. Let’s follow the below process to continue the services for some days and get UPC for PORT OUT.


Approach BSNL customer service center and ask them to place a request to obtain Airtel Porting Code (UPC) for your closed Aircel number. They will enter the data (your Aircel number and Contact number) and intimates you the Aircel UPC Code.


It is one of the simple procedures to get Aircel porting code.

  • Open your mobile settings page Mobile Connection Settings
  • Select Mobile networksMobile Networks
  • Click on network operatorsMobile Network Operators
  • Click Search Networks
  • You will show the available mobile networks in your area to enable the channels and to generate Aircel porting code.
  • Select BSNL, and then you will get Roaming signal of that selected BSNL network.Aircel Porting Code Number To BSNL Mobile Network
  • Send a message PORT <AIRCEL NUMBER> to 1900
  • Immediately you will get Aircel porting code to your Aircel number with expiry date.
  • Approach nearest BSNL retailer or Franchisee or Customer Service Center along with your Aadhaar number.
  • Submit EKYC with your Aircel porting code to migrate to BSNL services. It is all to continue the same mobile number and to enjoy lowest and trusted billing from BSNL. You can now have a chance to subscribe to unlimited voice and data at the time of Porting only.


Aircel Porting Code Through IVRS

Getting Aircel UPC Code from any other number is one type advantage when the original Aircel SIM card is not available in subscriber’s hands.

Remove Aircel SIM Card from your mobile.

  • Dial 9841012345, 9700012345 or 9842012345 from any operator mobile other than Aircel.
  • Select Language
  • Select Aircel Customer
  • Enter Your Aircel Mobile Number
  • Select Get UPC Code
  • Enter the last five digit of the Aircel SIM Number (Leaving the Last dummy digit)
  • Note down the Aircel Unique Porting Code.
  • Visit nearest BSNL Outlet/Exchange
  • Submit your UPC and Aadhaar number to process Aadhaar EKYC.
  • Migrate to BSNL Mobile services within 3-7 days.

Process 4:

    • Login to Aircel eKYC portal ( to generate UPC
  • Enter your mobile number and Last 5digit on your SIM number to create UPC. (If SIM card has 20 digit number, just enter 5digit by ignoring last one digit).

If any attempts to deliver Aircel UPC Code through alternate IVR and manual network selection process does not succeed, this online web-based access at will generate Aircel porting code accurately. Aircel subscribers who could not Generate UPC’s earlier can fetch their UPC by entering Mobile No, Last5 digit SIM and select circle with this new Aircel online UPC generator.

Aircel Porting Code Online

Aircel Porting Code Issue

If you find any issues to generate Aircel porting code, please approach BSNL customer service center. Ask them to create dummy porting code for processing the case. Soon after producing the original Aircel porting code in any of above portal after clearing the issues, submit the same to that CSC for updating of original UPC.

Aircel Porting Status

Majority of the customers is doubting how to know Aircel porting status after submitting the original Aircel porting number. There is no need to worry, just approach any BSNL CSC and ask the front end staff to check the Aircel porting status into BSNL mobile. Within seconds they will intimate you about the position of MNP request.

In what cases Aircel Porting fails

At present, the only reason for rejection of Aircel porting is the submission of original UPC. After one week of presentation of porting request, inquire about Aircel porting status by approaching nearest CSC.

If the porting request rejected, just generate Aircel porting code again at online portal and submit the same to BSNL for the second time processing.

With the process as mentioned above, you can get Aircel porting code easily to migrate to BSNL. You can also know what are the issues occur and how to know the Aircel Porting status. Now you are very clear about how to migrate your Aircel number to BSNL mobile services without any loss. So, generate Aircel porting code simply and migrate to BSNL easily


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