Now Download BSNL Duplicate Bill In 2 Minutes

How to download BSNL bill for landline or broadband service? It is a task for many users, but this is the simple thing to complete within 2minutes.

It is for any cause like to view or download and print the present or BSNL old bills. But it is restricted only to 12months usage or six issued telephone bills.

Nowadays many customers are paying their bills online on getting SMS to their mobiles. Sometimes the customer wants to download BSNL landline bill which also paid.

At that time they are not having due to some common reasons. It is like, misplaced the BSNL landline bill or didn’t get the invoice through post or courier.

To overcome this situation, BSNL comes up with customer required facility i.e. Download BSNL bill online. It is now available for a user in two ways also allows downloading at any time.

BSNL Duplicate Bill

  • Through BSNL Bill Payment Portal (Restricts to view or download BSNL bill which is latest only)
  • BSNL Selfcare Portal to download old and new invoices.

As we already discussed how to download BSNL duplicate bill at payment portal and why displays only present invoices. Now it’s the time to consider download BSNL duplicate bill through the Selfcare portal.

Aforementioned is the only one portal allows the customer to save, download BSNL old bills. Before going to the topic, first, you must know when BSNL Landline bill or broadband bill or postpaid mobile invoice is going to release? What are the periods calculating for BSNL Landline telephone bill?

At present all the bills related to the landline are issued to the customers for once in two months (bimonthly). In one financial year or a calendar year, a client can have to pay a maximum of six bills. The usage will calculate every calendar month but issues the bill to a customer in the bimonthly period.

All the free calls offered and usage of the customer calculates after the competition of calendar month. It means BSNL generates six bills to their client for their 12months BSNL landline usage.

Millions of landline subscribers in Metro cities, urban and rural areas across India are considered BSNL landline services. Sometimes the user requires the bill for their reference or to submit for cash back in their organizations.

In that situation, many of them can’t be aware of how to download BSNL duplicate bill online instantly. Now here we will elaborate the easiest way to view the latest or to download BSNL old bills.

How To Download BSNL Bill Online

  • Login to your registered BSNL Selfcare account.
  • My Accounts Page will open for you.
  • Click on BSNL Landline billing account number to see the usage. It is to view the present bill or download BSNL old bills and other billing details.BSNL Selfcare Landline Account
  • Immediately your next page will open by having Options in the left side panel.BSNL Selfcare Landline Account Options
  • Click on View Bills in Bills & Payments choices in the left bar.
  • Your final page opens with all the customer and billing account details along with usage. Also, the page indicates Invoice No, Bill Date, Start and End dates, Amount, Due Date, Download bill headers.
  • You will get Download Option on the right side of each invoice.
  • Click on Download BSNL bill for which bill you require.
  • Immediately your PDF invoice document will download BSNL bill to your default folder or ask you to save.Download BSNL Bill Online

Now you can download BSNL duplicate bill online for old transactions without approaching any customer service centers. With the above simple steps, you can just download BSNL duplicate bill for landline or broadband within 2 minutes on login to BSNL Selfcare portal.

So just submit your feedback in this topic(download BSNL bill) or queries regarding any issues faced when trying this.


  1. I have an account on the self-care portal, but of late it is giving messages having issues in logging in. How can I resolve it?

  2. In our account individual bills not generated only showing the due amount and due date. Please suggest us how to download the different telephone bills to our my mail Id.


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