Know All Before Submit Application To Disconnect BSNL Services

I don’t know how to disconnect BSNL broadband temporarily for the period of 4months I am moving to the USA? Like this many questions about how to Disconnect BSNL Broadband connection online? Is there any separate application for disconnection of BSNL landline etc..

There are few rumors and reports about what to expect BSNL refund of a closed landline, broadband or postpaid mobile. Here you may find the total amount of information getting thrown for your idea about how to proceed to disconnect BSNL service leads to refund fastly?

The process is never going to change. The way of approach for provision and disconnect BSNL services modified as per the user convenience. Many websites have a different explanation for the disconnection process and the refund issues.

Here we explain the updated process accompanied to disconnect BSNL services you required and also for a refund. Nothing has to follow apart from this info. So check all the inquiries here with each solution which updates in every manner.

Can I disconnect only broadband or only landline?

  • Yes, you can surrender only BSNL broadband. For this, just submit your requisition for deactivation of broadband by allowing only landline facility.

Can I disconnect outgoing facility in landline?

  • Yes, you can disconnect only outgoing call facility also on activation of Sulabh plan (only incoming calls). Apart from that, landline yearly rental facility also launched with just 50% rent less than incoming charges. You can even have a chance to opt for that.

Where we have to submit the BSNL form for disconnection?

  • You have to present the letter of disconnection to the concerned area commercial officer by approach directly or through post/courier.

How do I deactivate my Postpaid mobile connection?

  • The same process which follows to disconnect broadband and landline is also applicable to surrender the postpaid connection of BSNL Mobile services.

In what situations, ISP rejects BSNL disconnection request?

  • The customer’s signature in disconnect request if not tallied leads to rejection.
  • Without the consent of the customer, any other family/friends submitted the BSNL disconnection application leads to rejection.

Any prescribed BSNL broadband disconnection form is available or not?

In previous days, it is available. Now there are no separate BSNL broadband disconnection forms. In some business areas, circles provide some ways for BSNL disconnection of landline and broadband separately.

ISP accepts the disconnection request, If you submit own BSNL broadband disconnection letter format in own handwriting or a typed letter. Also, you can write a separate application for disconnection of BSNL landline and broadband or only one message for both the services it requires to close.

The subscribers who are in hunt of where we find disconnect BSNL broadband connection application in online cannot see any prescribe format online. So submit your handwriting letter or a typed letter to disconnect BSNL services if you are not required.

Can we submit any feedback online leads to closure?

  • Just fill the BSNL broadband feedback form online by selecting the reasons leads to closure of services. It will reach the top level and make an inquiry into inefficient services if any occurred.

BSNL Refund Process

How much time does it will take to get the refund from BSNL after surrendering a BB/LL connection?

The process is minimized now by the operator and issuing the refund at a minimum of one month and a maximum 90days. Previously, in some of the cases, it will take nearly 6months to one year. It is all due to the lack of information on customer refund details.

You just have to submit the following details at the time of closure for fast BSNL refund with the changed process.

  • Photocopy of Bank account passbook/statement contains the Customer Name, Bank account Number, Name of the Bank, IFSC Code.

After submission of a request to disconnect BSNL broadband / Landline or any postpaid mobile, the commercial section will issue the orders for the same. Within one week of completion of BSNL disconnection process, Refund initiation will start and credit the deposit amount to the customer directly to bank account submitted.

If didn’t receive BSNL refund, To whom we can contact?

In every business area / SSA, appointed Accounts Officer / Junior Accounts Officer(JAO) is available for persuasion of refunds. You can directly approach or call them and inquire about the delay in refunds.

Even if you contact your concerned commercial section in your town/city, then they will contact concerned JAO or AO to know the status of delay for a refund.

Can we get full deposit amount as a refund on disconnecting BSNL broadband?

The answer is NO, if you paid the bills clearly and submitted the request to disconnect BSNL broadband connection, then the final bill may raise after adjusting the bill amount for proportionate days up to the closure.

  • Example:- ISP releases the post-paid broadband bill in every month of the first week. It is by calculating up to the end of the day in the previous month. It means you paid the bill before submitting the BSNL disconnection request for the usage of the last month only. But the unbilled amount up to the closing date may adjust the deposit amount before issuing the refund.

In what cases BSNL refund been delayed?

The following are some of the reasons for the delay in BSNL refund.

  • At the time of closure, the subscriber submits the wrong bank details like IFSC code, name and other.
  • If you submit any other family member details (Bank account details), then there is a delay. So provide the bank details of the customer who have the name in telephone records.
  • Also, there is a chance, if there is a wrong entry of the bank account details of the customer in BSNL refund entry.

How to disconnect BSNL broadband connection online?

At present, BSNL disconnection is not available through online. ISP is in a process to integrate the database with online requests for disconnection.

Shortly, it may be available online. Broadband and BSNL Landline disconnection online will start at the same time through BSNL Selfcare portal login.

If the customer died, who are authorized to close the connection?

After the death of original allottee, the following are the documents required for name transfer or permanent disconnection.

  • Death Certificate.
  • Family members certificate.
  • No objection from other family members specified in a certified document, if the legal heir in that certificate is not required to transfer in his name or not available for closure.

When will BSNL alone disconnect the landline/broadband services?

  • If bill payment against the landline or broadband is pending leads to disconnection from ISP side.
  • Also, if any misuse occurs with BSNL landline/broadband connection, ISP will have a right to disconnect BSNL services.

How to disconnect BSNL broadband connection temporarily?

  • If you are going to abroad and requires to disconnect the service temporarily, Just apply safe custody.
  • Upon receipt of the requisition for BSNL Safe custody, ISP  had to disconnect the broadband connection and held the landline under Safe Custody for the specified period.
  • After arrival, just apply for activation of broadband by releasing from the safe custody.

With all the above info, now you will know how to write a perfect letter to disconnect BSNL broadband connection and what is the process? Don’t be afraid of your security deposit refund. Follow the above procedure without searching for any other on the web.

Just follow the above for all your services anywhere in India to disconnect BSNL broadband /landline/postpaid connection which not required and get your refund within time.

Before disconnecting broadband or landline services, just compare with other operators and their billing. If you compare that, you will surely decide about the cancellation of surrender request. If you have any more queries to clarify on this BSNL disconnection, ask us through comments.

This post was last modified on December 21, 2017, 7:17 am