BSNL Hungama is an entertainment service from BSNL on joining the hands with Hungama. It activates only for BSNL broadband users. Activate and Deactivate BSNL Hungama services is a small task.

It should do by the customer himself from anywhere. You can activate these Hungama services through the web when required. Otherwise, sometimes Hungama customer service executives call on your landline fixed for your broadband connection like an advertisement.

If you confirm at that time, they will activate the packs immediately as per your consent. After some time, the users receive an email about the entertainment subscriptions. BSNL Hungama offers the below-mentioned services at affordable monthly charges submitted against them.

Some customers of BSNL don’t know about Hungama, but when they observed the accusations in the bill gets shocked. Why does it happen? The only reason is when an advertiser calls to the landline of a broadband line, and the user shares their mail id and other details for a subscription.

Also, the other is any other child/family members activates the subscription online without concerning the owner of the broadband user.

In that situation, when the faithful customer can know the BSNL Hungama details like one time charges. The answer is, It is only after the receipt of next postpaid bill. From then many of the Hungama users who do activate their subscriptions unknowingly are suffering about for deactivation.

At that time all of them can search for BSNL Hungama cancellation letter or customer care number. It is all to delete BSNL Hungama account. To give some relief about your worry on deactivation, here we would like to provide you all about how to quickly deactivate BSNL Hungama services from your hands.

These are incredible about to deactivate BSNL Hungama, and you’ll ever read. Just try to register a complaint to stop or unsubscribe BSNL Hungama games, movies on demand, music on demand services. You can do it in these ways.

Methods To Deactivate BSNL Hungama Services

  1. Sending Email to for deactivation of entertainment services.
  2. Submitting a request at concerned BSNL CSC for deactivation.
  3. Dail and register a complaint at BSNL Hungama contact number.
  4. Unsubscribe BSNL Hungama Online

Now we will discuss the first one about to deactivate BSNL Hungama account. Because of, it is the one which acts as the most immediate action. BSNL broadband customer requires sending an email by mentioning the following details clearly to BSNL Hungama support.

  • BSNL Landline Number with STD Code.
  • Landline Billing Account Number and Customer ID.
  • Services to unsubscribe in BSNL Hungama entertainment.

On sending the email to the above address, you will receive the reply email immediately. Sometimes respond email won’t received by you in primary inbox. At this time, you need to worry about that. Within 2days your active BSNL Hungama subscriptions will deactivate and intimate to you through the mail.

Deactivate BSNL Hungama

From that date, you won’t charge for Hungama services. If you didn’t receive any email about the confirmation of your BSNL Hungama unsubscription, then just complain the issue to concern BSNL immediately for taking action.

With all the above, now you can know what are the ways and how to deactivate BSNL Hungama? If you have any suggestions about the deletion of BSNL Hungama account, let us know in the below comment section.


  1. Precisely the same thing happened to me also. Under the pretext of solving all the internet problems, they subscribed me without informing me about the charges. The “Hungama” fellows are fraudsters, and BSNL must immediately dissociate themselves from them to preserve their brand value.

  2. The Fraudulent Means adopted by BSNL Hungama Employees to get their Hungama Subscriptions and Arm-twisting Methods used by them to Recover Charges is as follows

    On 04-Oct-2017 somebody from Hungama posing as BSNL Official asked me if I had Internet problems. Since I had to change my BSNL broadband plan online, I requested him to help. He advised me to send an SMS ‘BVAS” to 56677.

    In the evening of 4th October 2017, I had informed through email and SMS that my Hungama Plans activation and I was advised to log in using my user Id and password. Since I did not opt for Hungama subscription anytime, I protested against this. I was also not in need of Hungama Service. I filed my protest at the Hungama portal as even through email on 04-Oct itself.

    On 05-Oct-2017 I was informed through email and SMS that all my three Hungama Plans deactivated, but pro rata charges (for two days) would recover from me through my phone bill.

    I protested against this as BSNL Hungama service was not subscribed by me willfully but fraudulently got accept and activated in my name by somebody from Hungama. I never logged on to Hungama Account and never enjoyed songs, videos, etc.

    I rejected the Hungama connection on the same day when that said connection activates. Therefore, the question of charging me even for a day did not arise. I, therefore, advised Hungama not to levy any charge regarding BSNL Hungama service and add any costs to my phone bill.

    I had not availed of any service from Hungama, and there was no contract between Hungama and me. I was misled by the Hungama employee to send the SMS ‘BVAS’ on the pretext that this SMS would solve my BSNL Broadband issues.

    I knew that once billing for Hungama Service starts, it does not stop for months even if the account deactivates and it would be challenging for me to get back the charges billed illegally. In this connection, I had already sent a detailed email to Hungama with copies endorsed to BSNL Authorities and BSNL Complaint Cell.

    I also took up the matter regarding illegal and unethical practices resorted by Hungama to earn revenue from the gullible customers of BSNL with Consumer Complaint Board on the Internet.

    I also warned that if Hungama would levy charges on me and if it is added to my telephone bill in spite of my repeated requests not to do that, I would take the matter to the TRAI and Consumer Courts and notified that Hungama would be liable to pay damages for mental agony.

    To my luck, BSNL officials of my circle supported my cause and asked Hungama to stop billing for the Hungama Service. But I have not received any written reply. I appeal to the BSNL Higher Authorities not to allow Hungama employees to use fraudulent means and arm-twisting methods to generate income.

    K.C. Mohapatra


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