BSNL BUZZ – Live Screen Commerce Activation / Deactivation

BSNL BUZZ, the new feature which is going to buzz your mobile with location based content. BSNL has partnered with Celltick, a global leader in mobile marketing to offer ‘BSNL BUZZ’ a new live screen mobile commerce service feature with which you can have information regarding Contests, News, Subscription Packs, Coupons and also Advertisements.

This BSNL BUZZ – Live Screen Service content will be location based mobile broadcast system, means, if you are in a location which is near to a mall or a shop, you will get the deals going on near to you, with out any inconvenience caused by displaying the content on the live screen of your mobile.

BSNL Buzz Flash Messages

This is really a good option for all, Customers can custom their content which they want to see. If you want to see news you can have it, like the same information regarding quizzes, polls, trivia, tips, news etc., (Information regarding Technology, Sports – Soccer, Cricket, Gossip, Live Results, General Coverage etc.. Entertainment – Movies, TV, Music, Gossip etc.. News – General News coverage for Local and International Business – Economy, Stocks, etc. Variety – Celebrities, Gossip, etc. Exclusive/Advertising shoppers as on date). Where all this information can also be available in your local language.

How Mobile Customer get benefited with BSNL BUZZ Live Screen Flash Message Service

  • You are not going to be disturbed with BSNL BUZZ Content, you can find this service under SIM services of BSNL which can be available in all Feature and Smartphones or even in SIM based Tablets for local content and services discovery, location based available merchant coupons, new services in that area, mobile advertisements and many more where the mobile user having interest.
  • This is not of SMS or MMS kind of thing, Information is available on the screen if you want to know more about it just click ok and it will direct to the screen where you will find all the details.
  • There is no Special BSNL Mobile Plan and STVs to be activated, and also it is not a Data based service. All the new / existing customers of mobile services do not require any kind of 2G / 3G BSNL Mobile Data Plan connection and also your existing mobile data is not consumed.
  • Further more, if you want to deactivate it, you can do that, even it is only going to push messages during 9AM to 9PM. Being location based general information may also can be pushed, your municipal offices can also utilize this.
  • BSNL can push messages regarding it offers and even in time of necessity you can have information regarding the weather any message in social interest also can be pushed like this.

Being a DND compliant, if you want you can stop information passed on through BSNL BUZZ. By default for all BSNL subscribers will have BSNL BUZZ as a service under BSNL SIM services

  • BSNL SIM Services > BSNL BUZZ

You can activate or deactivate the live screen mobile commerce service at user level itself (Watch the Video for Activation / Deactivation Procedure) as follows. This service is very useful, when you are shopping to know the deals near to your location and updates according to the user interests. This will be going to be one of the best service offered by BSNL and there will be a free content, also paid content with minimal fee which can be availed according to the interests.

Cellticks ‘BSNL Buzz – Live Screen’ builds brand BSNL in a new way, even in every remote area of rural segment too, and this new BSNL Buzz Service can converts rural market into virtual urban discounted/coupon based market.

BSNL BUZZ Live Screen Mobile Commerce, the new service, in part of Digital India is a new way adopting your interest and demographics, So Being a BSNL customer, you will definitely feels to be Proud as BSNL Customer with all its new innovative technology services with simple activation and deactivation process in every BSNL Service.

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