As of now, we can watch the data usage only through the online Selfcare portal website, but now it extends to My BSNL App. With this BSNL broadband usage check App, you can track your data usage at any time on the go.

There is no need to click or follow the links. Just install the application and get your BSNL broadband usage. At present above 60% of the internet users are not enthusiastic in using their desktops or laptops.

All of them are accessing anything through their Android, Windows, iOS or Blackberry based mobiles. With this BSNL App based data usage checking, a broadband user can decide when you require broadband top ups. Also to control the usage to avoid speed restriction due to data cap on each of your broadband connection.

If you have multiple broadband connections in various areas or your home, there is no need to login to separate accounts to view BSNL broadband usage of multiple numbers. Just add them all in your BSNL App account and see the usage of each connection at any time.

The only drawback in this My BSNL App is, it does not show each login/session usage. The application will display only consolidated or summary of the present month data usage. The review consists of total downloads and uploads of that broadband service.

Each detailed session record is the resource intensive activity, and BSNL would like to display this apparently on request. But on mobile App, it is not possible due to various reasons, like retrieving of extensive data on the mobile screen. The individual session wise BSNL broadband usage of each login will display at authorized Selfcare Portal available through web browser login.

It is the only simplest way to check BSNL broadband usage on your Android, Windows or iPhone based mobile handsets. It is also a lightweight app which consumes lowest data on the go to monitor the BSNL broadband usage pattern quickly.

Let’s come to the topic. This BSNL App needs the broadband user to register their landline numbers at first to provide the data usage. Here are no pages to open, just click on your account and get your BSNL broadband usage of the current month with consumed bytes.

How to View BSNL Broadband Usage Using My BSNL App

Have a look at the detailed steps with screen shots to get the broadband usage on your mobile.

  • Install My BSNL App on your Android, Windows or iPhone.
  • Complete the Registration steps (Not required if already installed and registered).
  • Log in to My BSNL App Account.
  • Click on Usage.BSNL Broadband Usage Check App
  • Your next screen will open.
  • Select Broadband.Select BSNL Broadband in App
  • Then you will be displayed with a list of accounts which you already added. If not available try to add that using + button.BSNL App Account
  • Select Service as Landline/FTTH.
  • Enter your STD Code and Phone Number.
  • Click on Submit.Add BSNL Landline Number
  • Immediately you number will successfully add to App account.
  • Select Left side Top arrow button.
  • Click on Usage.Select Broadband Usage
  • Click on Broadband.
  • Select your number.broadband account
  • Type your broadband user id.Submit Broadband User ID
  • Now your user will get you the following subscription and usage details.
  • Under Unbilled Usage Details
    • Total data used up to the last session (unbilled).
  • Under Plan Details
    • Voice Plan Details (Consists of Monthly Rent and Free Units Applicable)
    • Data Plan Details (Displays with subscribed broadband plan name)Get BSNL Broadband Usage

If you once logged into the BSNL account, there is no need to log in again in your smartphone. Just enter into My BSNL App and click on your number which required to view the data usage. Immediately, you will get the above details from the beginning of the month.

Your BSNL broadband usage details will become to zero at the starting hours of the month. From any mobile number other than BSNL also, you can track BSNL broadband usage without a password by installing My BSNL App.

With the above process after installing BSNL App, if you’re facing any issues, please post your query on this BSNL broadband usage check in the comments section.



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