Know The Best For BSNL SIM Card Validity Extension

What is BSNL SIM Card Validity and Why every prepaid user has to extend this after a specified time? Every mobile operator in India issues their SIM cards to customers after submitting POI and POA as verified documents.

The issued SIM cards are also with some prescribed time limit to work. It is just because to keep their active subscribers. Closing of inactive numbers results to offer new activations for good customers

BSNL SIM Card Validity

BSNL also offers their SIM cards with prepaid validity from a minimum of one month and a maximum of two years at present. After that, every prepaid user has to extend that, and it is mandatory. In general, some of the BSNL mobile users are having the queries like this.

1. I am trying to recharge my mobile number online, but it always shows that BSNL Recharge Failed. I have only one day left, or else my prepaid number validity will expire. How to extend my BSNL SIM card validity without approaching office?”

2. Is there any other way to Extend BSNL SIM card validity other than online. If available what are they?

For this, we submit all the available options to extend BSNL SIM card validity of your prepaid plan. With this, you can now extend and reduce the call and data tariff also at any time.

At first, turn on to BSNL SIM validity check and current plan, then only you will know, what is the expiry date and how much balance is available in your account? After that according to your possibility and requirement, you can activate the plan from the eligible list of options as below.

The possibilities to continue BSNL SIM card validity are Five types. Every user can follow any one of them to get uninterrupted prepaid mobile services. It is related to voice or data. Coming to the point, have a look at all of them for an extension.

Ways to extend the BSNL SIM card validity

  1. Extension through SMS
    By sending corresponding plan SMS to BSNL. The validity will continue as per the subscribed plan voucher.
    Ex: – If a Tamilnadu user wants to extend BSNL Nesam Gold Plan, he/she has to send PLAN CONTINUE to 123, then the plan validity will extend automatically.
  2. Automatic Extension
    It happens on the next day of Grace Period 1 (GP1). It means, BSNL SIM Card validity will renew automatically on the 2nd day after the expiry of the validity period, on the availability of sufficient balance in the customer’s account. Customer will intimate through SMS.
  3. Coupon Recharge or Electronic recharge (Easy recharge)
    Approach your nearest BSNL Retailer shop/franchisee / BSNL customer service center and ask them to renew for the extension of the BSNL SIM Card Validity of your plan.
  4. BSNL Portal
    One of the most straightforward methods for BSNL SIM card validity extension online is using the fastest BSNL online recharge portal. Login to this and submit your mobile number and extend your applicable plan validity.
  5. BSNL App
    The simplest way is My BSNL App. If the application installed on your mobile, just log in and proceed to extend BSNL SIM Card Validity. If not installed just go to play store and install My BSNL App.

Nowadays all operators rereleasing their recycled mobile numbers after 3 to 6 months of inactive recharge. The one and only operator BSNL keeps a minimum of 6months(180days) after the expiry date. It is also by allowing incoming call facility. In some areas, it extends by One year even according to with possible condition.

With all the above steps, now you can know how to activate BSNL SIM after expiry also. There is no need to worry about the lapsed validity of the prepaid card. Just follow any of the above and continue your BSNL SIM card validity from anywhere in the world.

So let us know your feedback about in what way do you extend your BSNL SIM Card Validity? If any problems raised, how they solved and what BSNL SIM validity recharge plans you have used for the extension?

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