You Should Do BSNL Online Verification For NRI Mobile, Like This

Are you an NRI owning BSNL mobile number, then you have a happy news, i.e., Introduction of BSNL online verification for NRI. Now there is no hurry to BSNL Aadhaar link centers. Also, you need not search for what are the available options for BSNL Aadhaar link near you.

Operator introduced BSNL Aadhaar linking software in online for NRI’s to process Reverification. This BSNL online verification will process eKYC for NRI’s mobile number without Aadhaar number which completes with a web-based application from home.

This new BSNL online verification facility is beneficial to complete the eKYC for BSNL mobile number who does not have Aadhaar Number or Aadhaar Registered Mobile Number (ARMN). There is one condition involves in this online verification to process BSNL eKYC, i.e., the NRI mobile verification process will complete upon ‘authorization of a Trusted Person’.

BSNL Online Verification NRI Mobile Number

BSNL online verification is one of the significant step taken to submit eKYC online exclusively for an NRI mobile verification to “process eKYC on behalf of BSNL Aadhaar link.”

BSNL Reverification Online EKYC

Let’s have a look at all the queries for NRI mobile verification with suitable solutions. Also, we present the entire BSNL online verification process involved in the web-based application to complete the simplified Reverification.

Whether this NRI Aadhar linking process is applicable for all BSNL services?

  • This BSNL online verification service is available only for prepaid and postpaid mobile services using NRI customer

In how many days BSNL online verification completes for NRI connection?

  • After uploading the complete documents, it will take a minimum of one day for successful completion of verification of NRI BSNL mobile number.

BSNL Aadhaar link online App available on the market or not?

  • At present only web-based application is introduced for BSNL Aadhaar link online.

Whether an NRI requires submitting eKYC again when reaches to India?

  • It does not require if NRI’s mobile number completes BSNL online verification through a web-based application. With any cause, if it leads to rejection, you must try to complete the Reverification through eKYC at customer care centers of BSNL in India with Aadhaar number.

BSNL Online Verification For NRI Mobile Number

Here is the step by step procedure involved in BSNL online verification for NRI mobile number through a web-based application. Have a look at registration and process to complete Reverification.

Can an NRI’s BSNL online verification complete without registration in the said portal?

  • No, for login and to process the BSNL Aadhaar link online of an NRI customer’s mobile number, must have to complete the registration process.

Open BSNL Online verification portal for new registration and login

  • Click on Sign Up available in left side pane

BSNL online verification sign up

  •  A new window will open to enter the registration details. Fill all the required fields (Name, Email ID, Mobile number).
  • Click on GET OTP for validation.
  • Enter the received OTP on the mentioned mobile number.
  • Select Circle and enter your desired password followed by captcha code.
  • Click on Create An Account.

Online Verification Portal Registration

  • Select SIGN IN on left side panel.
  • Enter your created username and password.
  • Click on SIGN IN

Online Verification Login

BSNL online verification four steps to complete the Reverification

  1. Mobile Number Validation.
  2. Personal Details.
  3. Visa Details.
  4. Documents upload.

If you do all the four steps, then 80% of Reverification process will complete. So let’s start the process.

  • Step1: After entering into the panel. Select the first option, I am an Indian National, however currently NRI.

NRI Verification Link Selection

  • Enter your mobile number, and alternate contact number followed by captcha code and then Submit.
  • You will receive an OTP immediately on your mobile number. Enter OTP and click Submit.

BSNL Online Verification OTP

  • Step2: Fill all the required with Name, Father’s name, Email, Date of birth and Address details available in Passport.
  • You can also have to fill the local residence address details in a foreign country.
  • Click on Finish.

NRI Name Address Details

  • Step3/4: Upload your scanned documents (Passport pages, Visa pages, and your latest photograph).
  • After uploading all the documents, click on Finish.
  • You will ask for confirmation.
  • Click on Yes.

Upload Documentsconfirm documents

Verification Files Uploaded Successfully

  • A transaction Id will be generated and displayed on the screen.
  • Note down the transaction number and share it with a trusted person. The displayed transaction Id will be valid for 48 hours to complete the verification process.

After completion of the above process, send the transaction ID and mobile number to your beloved once known as Trusted Person (Reference) who want to share their Aadhaar details and registered with ARMN (Aadhaar Registered Mobile Number).

BSNL Mobile NRI Customer EKYC Authorization By Trusted Person

The trusted person will open the verification link directly or the link received through SMS sent by NRI customer.

  • Enter the transaction ID, mobile number and click Submit.

Trusted Person Verification

  • Immediately NRI customer details will be displayed to the trusted person.
  • Click in the checkbox about the consent for authentication to verify the NRI mobile number.
  • Enter your Aadhaar number in the field and click Submit.

Enter Aadhaar Number Trusted Person

  • You will receive an OTP for validation on your Aadhaar Registered Mobile Number(ARMN) immediately.
  • Enter the displayed Captcha code, and OTP received on Aadhaar Registered Mobile Number(ARMN) and Submit.

Confirm Aadhaar OTP

  • On Succesful OTP validation, Reverification application number will generate to you(Trusted Person) on the screen.
  • Note down the CAF number for future reference.

BSNL Online Verification NRI Complete

The successful completion of verification details will send to NRI customer and Trusted person mobile numbers via SMS.

All the NRI and Trusted person details will send to that own BSNL circle for Reverification. After confirmation of BSNL online verification process, an SMS will send to NRI customer for successful BSNL Mobile number Reverification.

If a trusted person is having Aadhaar but not linked to a mobile number, will get SMS OTP or not?

  • When a trusted person enters his/her Aadhaar number in the respective field, immediately they will get an SMS to Aadhaar Registered Mobile Number (ARMN) only. So, it is mandatory to get OTP.

If mobile is available with NRI, can receive the OTP SMS?

  • At present international roaming works for postpaid services across the world, but for prepaid it is limited to some countries. If an NRI customer activates International roaming on submitting a request to BSNL authorities, then he/she receives OTP at that time. Otherwise can complete BSNL online verification from your home or any place in India.
Who is a trusted person to link Aadhaar for BSNL mobile number?
  • Any friend or relative or family members who can give the willingness to share their Aadhar number for the verification of NRI customer’s mobile number.

In which name the mobile number completes the verification If a trusted person submits their Aadhaar?

  • The trusted person submits their Aadhaar number only for reference. The mobile number completes BSNL online verification on NRI name just.

Is there any chance for rejection of BSNL online verification for NRI customer?

There is a chance for rejection with some of the following reasons.

  • Finding any discrepancy in Passport / Visa expiry dates.
  • Any confusion/incorrect data finds in uploaded documents.
  • If the photo and address details in uploaded scanned documents are not precise, leads to rejection.

With all the above step by step details and solved questions, now you may know the process involved to complete BSNL online verification for NRI mobile number. So if you an NRI having BSNL mobile number, complete the Reverification before the last date (31.03.2017) to avoid disconnection.

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