How To Link Aadhaar With BSNL Mobile Number Online Easily?

The wait is over. Finally, Government of India allowed doing BSNL Aadhaar link online. This new facility is applicable for all the mobile operators across India.

It also not ends with the online provision, may extend with IVRS to link Aadhaar with BSNL mobile number online. With this new facilities, some BSNL mobile subscriber’s need not approach any retailer or CSC for Aadhar card link.

This service is a great relief to mobile subscribers to link Aadhaar with BSNL mobile number online from anywhere through the web. But this BSNL Aadhaar link online facility is restricted with a One Time Password (OTP) for security measures.

BSNL Aadhaar Link Online

BSNL Aadhar link online process

The customers who think about online linking is a risky process can now change their view after reading this and finds how to link Aadhaar with BSNL mobile number online.

There are two ways for BSNL Aadhar link online, they are

  1. Connecting through Web Portal.
  2. Dial and Link through IVRS.

How to link Aadhaar with BSNL mobile number online

Step by step process is presented here to know exactly how it processes online without biometric fingerprints for BSNL mobile Aadhaar link.

  • First thing is the mobile subscribers need to enter their mobile number (the one they want to verify) on telecom service provider website.
  • The TSP BSNL will then send an OTP (one-time password) on the mobile number entered on the website.
  • The original subscriber of that mobile number then needs to submit the same OTP on the same web portal.
  • A message will appears on the mobile screen, and then you will need to enter your Aadhaar number after adequately checking in the ‘consent box.’
  • The telecom service provider will then send an OTP request to UIDAI. If there is any other mobile number registered with that Aadhaar number, you will receive OTP on it.
  • After that, you will also receive a ‘consent message’ about your e-KYC details from UIDAI. He/she needs to enter the OTP after accepting the required terms and conditions.
  • Once accepted, the authentication and confirmation sent to your mobile by saying that the number has been re-verified with related Aadhaar number.

Who are eligible for BSNL Aadhaar Link Online?

The following are the acceptable category to link Aadhaar online for BSNL mobile number before the announced last date.

  1. Senior Citizens of India.
  2. Physically challenged with Aadhaar number.
  3. NRI Customers Mobile number Reverification without Aadhaar.

BSNL Aadhaar link through IVRS

The second method for BSNL Aadhaar link online is providing Voice based IVR (Interactive Voice Response) helpline.

  • The mobile service provider will allow one number to dial for activation of BSNL Aadhar link online.
  • When a customer dials that number from that mobile number, the IVR system will play the ‘consent message’ by asking you to provide the BSNL mobile number which you want to link with Aadhar.
  • An OTP request will then sent to UIDAI to verify the Aadhaar number linked to that account.
  • An OTP number will appear on the mobile number as SMS linked to the respective Aadhaar card.
  • A consent message’ will again play on IVR System.
  • The mobile subscriber will have to share the OTP received on IVR. If correct, the subscriber’s e-KYC details will fetch from UIDAI to process BSNL Aadhar link online.
  • If the said e-KYC details fetched are correct, successful ‘mobile re-verification’ message will appear on IVR system.
  • An SMS notification too will receive on the subscriber’s mobile number for successful BSNL Aadhar link online.

What we do if BSNL Aadhaar link online is failed

If the mobile customer’s authentication is unsuccessful in any of the above two modes, the telecom operator shall inform the case of BSNL Aadhaar link online verification on the registered mobile number.

He/she not allowed to do BSNL Aadhaar link online and the OTP verification process will be done using through biometric authentication process available with BSNL CSC or any Retailer.

This new initiative step taken by GOI helps millions of BSNL mobile customers, especially for old age.

Also, the retailers who allow doing BSNL Aadhar verification through BSNL swift app need not download BSNL Swift app to process Aaadhar link.

As per the guidelines, this new BSNL Aadhaar link online started as per the instructions of GOI. So check the official website for availability of online link for verification. We once again remind you, the last date for BSNL Aadhaar link online is 31.03.2018.

If you do not link your number to EKYC, then there is no need to go anywhere. Just link BSNL SIM to Aadhaar online before the said date from somewhere on the web or IVRS (yet to launch).


  1. Useless information by BSNL Team.
    BSNL IVRS is not at all helpful in linking the Aadhaar number.
    No online facility by BSNL
    Shameful service by BSNL team!

  2. It is real trouble for me by wasting time and asking me to do every day with new procedures. Now, what will happen if a person like me who has given the landline for getting Aadhaar registration which was done years before? So, how I will get OTP on the landline then.So there is no botheration about hardships of common man. Some orders are passed thinking all are having free time to spare for all these.I am having my father aged 75 years and sister who is mentally retarded.How can i move about for all these works.

  3. First BSNL is third class telecommunication company. Even 4g is not there. Work like as rabbit walk. I tried IVR number but ask so many questions then autoplay “Press 1 for confirming and press 2 for not agree”. Finally, i get the message.

    “Reverification CAF submitted Successfully For GSMNO:xxxxxxxxx CAF_SERIAL_NO:REXXXXXXX Customer Name: XXX XXX XXX”.

  4. BSNL IVRS is ridiculously programmed. It does not wait for the OTP to be keyed in and even if keyed in, it rejects. Learn from private operators how to implement IVRS. Shame!

  5. The best idea is to leave BSNL Services. If India’s such large Telecommunication Service Provider is not giving online Aadhar Link facility, then we must say Alvida to BSNL.

  6. IVRS number for SIM Re-verification is 14546. Call from the same mobile number and from the Telephone circle from which the SIM is procured(home network).

  7. My sim belongs to Uttarakhand, and I am in abroad. Is it possible to link my number to Aadhaar, with the help of my brother’s name (BSNL), but that number belongs to UP (East) circle.

  8. The whole thing is very misleading as of now. Just it does not work.
    BSNL should take lessons from Mutual Funds or LIC where Aadhaar Linking with Mutual Fund folios and Insurance policies can do with considerable ease.
    Similarly, Aadhaar Linking with Bank Accounts are also very easy to do.

  9. Still not enabled the online linking process. The process allowed is only for sr.citizens who are above 70, for NRI’s and physically challenged people.

  10. When I log in I find that BSNL Portal has no provision to enter Aadhaar Number. All three options given are for people who do not have Aadhaar card.

  11. I have approached the customer care center at Tirunagar Madurai more than four times. I am 80 years old. My finger impressions do not match, and so my Aadhaar cannot be accessed.

    I have tried all my fingers but in vain. In the e-center at Tirunagar, the person in charge was able to get a copy of my Aadhar using my left thumb impression. But the customer care center was unable to gain access to my Aadhaar. Kindly advice me to my email id how I get my cell linked to Aadhaar.

      • It’s a dream. The BSNL Aadhaar linking web site does not at all work, You cannot proceed beyond step one. BSNL is sadist existing only to create a problem for the law-abiding citizen!

  12. How to link Aadhaar with bsnl mobile online. When logging to bsnl website, there is no provision to enter the mobile number. Then how to proceed?


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