BSNL Aadhaar Link IVRS, An Easy Way To Complete Mobile EKYC

It looks like there will be no option like BSNL Aadhaar link IVRS to complete the verification of EKYC in a relaxed manner. BSNL open the doors with its IVRS toll-free number for all their mobile customers to link Aadhaar without biometrics.

This new BSNL Aadhaar link IVRS process is the most significant relaxation for all the mobile users in India. Many of the users are not having time to approach retailers or CSC’s to link Aadhaar number to mobile due to their busy professional works.

With this new introduction of BSNL Aadhar link number, the mobile user can complete the Verification of EKYC from where he stands. For this BSNL Aadhaar link IVRS, there are two available options to achieve the EKYC without any biometrics. The two steps are

BSNL Aadhaar LINK IVRS Mobile

New Way To Link Aadhaar

  1. Dial to toll-free IVRS code from Aadhaar linked mobile number.
  2. Dial to IVRS number from other than Aadhaar related mobile number.

If your Aadhaar data is enabled with your mobile number, then it is straightforward. If not also, there is no problem, just follow the below-mentioned procedure for linking Aadhaar with BSNL Mobile number.

BSNL Aadhar Link Number

A toll free BSNL Aadhaar link IVRS number 14546 has been created at all Mobile Switching centers, and now that toll free BSNL Aadhar link number is active. By dialing to this number, you can now link your Aadhaar easily.

BSNL Aadhaar Link IVRS Process

Let’s have a look at the procedure of connecting the mobile number with Aadha is furnished hereunder.

Case1: If Aadhaar Linked Mobile Number and dialing number (Re-verification BSNL Number) is same, then follow the procedure given below.

1. Dial BSNL Aadhar link number (IVRS) 14546 from your mobile number.
2. You will ask to choose a language (ENGLISH, HINDI, TAMIL OR ANY REGIONAL LANGUAGE).
3. If you’re an Indian press 1 or NRI, then press 2.
4. You will hear a consent message (I here give my consent to verify my mobile number, and this should consider as my consent for demographic authentication through UIDAI under Aadhaar @ 2016. If you agree press 1 and if you are not accepted. Press2
5. Then Please Enter 12 digit Aadhaar UID carefully and Confirm the same by dialing 1.
7. UIDAI will send an OTP message to your Aadhaar linked Mobile Number.
8. Enter the received OTP to complete the verification.
9. You will receive a text message with Customer Application Form Serial Number with the name from BSNL.
10. Congratulations. Now you have completed your BSNL Aadhaar link IVRS process without any biometrics.

What will happen if I didn’t Link Aadhaar with BSNL mobile before the date?

  • The announced last date for Aadhaar link as per Hon’ble Supreme Court of India is 31st March 2018. Now its extended indefinitely until further instructions. If not linked before that due date after the announcement, your mobile connections lead to disconnection. You can complete EKYC with biometric EKYC, Online EKYC or through BSNL Aadhaar link IVRS.

Case2: If Aadhaar linked Mobile Number and dialing number (Re-verification BSNL Number) is different, then follow this procedure.

1. Dial BSNL Aadhaar Link IVRS number 14546 from your mobile.
2. Choose a language (English, Hindi, Tamil or any Regional language).
3. Enter 12 digit Aadhaar UID carefully.
4. Confirm the 12 digit Aadhaar no (Dial 1 for confirm).
5. UIDAI will send an OTP message to Aadhaar linked Mobile Number. Note that OTP.
6. Enter the OTP manually to verify the Aadhaar UID.
7. Enter the ten-digit BSNL Mobile which you want a check.
8. BSNL will send an OTP to that ten digits Mobile number.
9. Enter the OTP to complete the verification BSNL Aadhaar link through IVRS.
10. You will receive a message with CAF Serial Number with the name from BSNL.
11. Congratulations. Now you have completed your BSNL Aadhaar link IVRS process.

Is there any SMS process other than BSNL Aadhaar link through IVRS?

  • At present, the service is not available, and also there may be no chances to launch the required service by the operator in future.

BSNL Aadhaar link IVRS is chargeable or not?

  • This service is absolutely free. There are no charges before and after the BSNL Aadhaar linking through IVRS.

Whether a prepaid or postpaid customer can link Aadhaar with this type?

  • Yes, you can do BSNL Aadhaar link IVRS to any of your prepaid or postpaid connections of any circle in India. In all networks, you must connect with only nine numbers.

BSNL Aadhar link number is same for all the states

  • There is only one number created for all the circles in India. This BSNL Aadhar link number 14546 is applicable for only BSNL mobile users. Other operators will have other IVRS numbers.

If you are a subscriber of BSNL mobile and not completed EKYC, Just aware of this new BSNL Aadhaar link IVRS number for re-verification of EKYC without biometrics. Meet the deadline for the verification set by Hon’ble Supreme court of India and also to avoid the disconnection.


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