Activate BSNL Wallet, Get Free Payback Upto Rs.1000 As Gift

You will know cash back offers available on payment, but now BSNL Payback offer is launched to offer up to Rs.1000. It is also without any payment or recharge. For that, you have just to activate BSNL Wallet app services powered by Mobikwik.

With this BSNL payback offer balance, you can enable personalized prepaid recharge plans meant only for you. Also, BSNL Mobile user can use this for landline or broadband bill payments of current and coming months.

Not only for prepaid recharge (Topups, STVs) or bill payments, but you can also use this BSNL payback offer balance for online shopping with attractive offers, and bus ticket booking, etc.

You can use this BSNL Payback offer amount for recharge and bill payment of any network. It is a conversion of payback points into rupees. The amount will directly credit into BSNL Wallet to use for any transaction.

Without anything late, so let’s start how to get your free payback balance to your new BSNL Wallet app account.

BSNL Payback Offer Redeem Process

  • Open Google Play store on your smartphone or any Android device
  • Type BSNL Wallet in search bar
  • Select on the wallet shown (BSNL Wallet – Recharges, Bill Payments, Shopping)
  • Click on Install to get activate.BSNL Wallet App At Google Play Store
  • Within few seconds/minutes (as per your data speed), it will install on your device.
  • Open the BSNL Mobile Wallet App
  • Enter your mobile number in the respective field.
  • Click on Got a referral code (Enter the Referral code if you have it).
  • Click on Send OTPBSNL Payback Mobile Number
  • A new pop up will open to allow BSNL Wallet to send and view SMS messages – Click on AllowAllow SMS From Wallet
  • You will receive an OTP through SMS and be validated automatically by BSNL mobile wallet app.BSNL Wallet OTP Validiation
  • Your PAYBACK window will open on the next screen by offering a maximum of rupees 1000 worth of points in your PAYBACK account. You can transfer it to Mobikwik account now by entering the four digit PIN.BSNL Payback PIN

What is Payback 4digit PIN?

  • For anything to view your existing point balance details or to redeem PAYBACK points, you must need to enter Personal Identification Number issued by Payback.
  • It is a four digit numeric value provide access to Payback account.

How Can I Find The Payback Offer PIN?

There are two steps to find the BSNL Payback PIN

  1. Click on Forgot Pin in the same screen (It is available only during the time of registration)
  2. Immediately after entering the details in BSNL Payback and competition of the above screen, you will receive an email from MobiKwik with 16 digit payback card number linked mobile number details and user id to registered mail address.
    • With this details, log in to Payback portal and enter your card number.

    • Click on Forgot PIN/Don’t have a PIN to regenerate the PIN.

  • Immediately you will receive a four-digit on your mobile screen via SMS.Payback PIN OTP SMS
  • A new pop up will open to allow BSNL Wallet to access your contacts – click on AllowBSNL Wallet Contact Access
  • Immediately your payback balance redemption process will start in the popup window.BSNL Payback Redemption
  • If you do this, your BSNL wallet is credit with Rs.1000 balance. It is the smart way to transfer the money to your wallet.
  • Finally, at the top left, you will show your BSNL wallet available balance. With this BSNL payback balance, you can recharge to any networks mobile number, Pay landline or broadband bills or can shop.BSNL Payback Balance

Can any mobile network users use this BSNL mobile wallet?

  • Yes, any network subscribers use this BSNL wallet app by registering.
  • If you register another’s mobile number from your device, you may not receive the BSNL payback balance in some situations.

Can anyone get BSNL Payback offer balance of Rs.1000?

  • Yes, as per the payback offer, BSNL mobile wallet users will get a maximum amount as Payback.
  • Also, BSNL payback offer will redeem at any time through redemption.
  • At a time the maximum amount to redeem in BSNL Mobile wallet is Rs.1000.

How can I get this cash back or payback points or rupees in this BSNL mobile wallet?

  • In this digital world, we are all using our debit or credit cards for shopping. When we shop in a Pantaloon store or in a Big Bazaar, the counter executive asks our mobile number and add in their database which links with Payback.
  • In every shopping of each billing at everywhere in India, some points are adding to your payback card linked with your mobile number.
  • Many of us don’t know about those points and also didn’t redeem. But now this BSNL mobile wallet offers you a place to redeem and to use for any shopping.

How this Payback calculates?

  • For each four points, you will get one rupee.

So it’s time for you to experience the power of BSNL Payback offer driven by Mobikwik. It’s all done by just downloading the BSNL wallet app.


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