Activate BSNL Friends Family Numbers in Mobile Plan

Telecom brand, PSU introduced a new special scheme BSNL Friends Family numbers (F & F) for the mobile users to facilitate the customer to make voice calls at reduced rates to the selected fixed telephone/mobile numbers of the own and other networks which are applicable as per the plans opted in Prepaid or Postpaid GSM Services.

With this BSNL Friends Family numbers unique facility, the customer has the best way to talk with their beloved ones with a non-stop talk at reduced call charges.

BSNL Friends Family numbers

BSNL offers Friends and Family(FnF) facility only in some plans of BSNL Prepaid, and Postpaid Corporate / Circle Mobile Plans opted by the subscriber under GSM Services according to with the tariff. This facility shall be applicable for all new/existing customers of BSNL Mobile Services, and this service provides for the client at free of cost for activation.

How to Activate BSNL Friends Family Numbers

1. Activation of BSNL Friends Family in Prepaid Plans

(A) Customer of all BSNL Prepaid Plans (except Jai Jawan, Pyarijodi) can send SMS as follows

  • FFE<space>Mobile Number/Land Line with STD code<space> Mobile Number/Land Line with STD code to 123
    • Ex:- FFE XXXXXXXXXX to 123
    • Note: – Send the mobile numbers individually as applicable according to plan opted.
  • After sending SMS to 123, Immediately at first, an acknowledge-SMS will deliver as ‘Your request for F&F received and waited for confirmation. At maximum times, it will activate immediately, but in some cases only, this will delay due to some technical reasons.
  • If the format and feasibility to the plan are correct, then a confirmation SMS will come for BSNL Friends Family numbers
  • If Format is incorrect, or Invalid Numbers found in the sent SMS. You will get a rejection SMS for that addition of FNF number.


(B) Jai Jawan prepaid plan customer can activate BSNL Friends Family Numbers by sending SMS as

  • PMF<space><1st BSNL number><space><2nd BSNLnumber> to 53733 / 123


(C) PyariJodi Prepaid Plan users can activate BSNL Friends Family Numbers as follows

  • PyariJodi Prepaid Plan customers has to register One BSNL Fixed Landline/WLL number within Home Circle/LSA number in his/her name to avail 20 Minutes free calls per day by sending SMS as
    • FFL<space><Landline number with STD CODE> to 123
  • The call charge beyond twenty minutes in PyariJodi Prepaid Plan will be standard call charges as per the plan.
  • In SMS LandLine/WLL numbers to be prefixed with STD code of the Station.


2. Postpaid Plan customers can activate BSNL Friends Family numbers as

  • FFC<space><1st number><space><2nd number> to 53733 / 123

The charges for Friends and Family Numbers in postpaid services shall be as per the plans opted by the customer.


3. Modification of BSNL Friends Family Numbers in Prepaid and Postpaid Mobile Plans

1. For change of Friends and Family Numbers in Prepaid Services, Customer has to send an SMS as follows

  • FFM<space><old number><space><new number> to 53733 / 123.

2. In BSNL Postpaid Services, the customer has to submit a written request to the nearest CSC for change or modification of Friends and Family Numbers(FNF) on any working time.

Notes to consider for change of BSNL Friends Family Numbers

  • FFL number(Pyari Jodi) will be changed by submitting a written request to the nearest CSC, in case the landline number changed of PyariJodi plan customer.
  • The genuineness will be verified and recommend the same by CSC for a change of Friends and Family Number of Landline for getting free calls of 30 minutes per day.
  • customers will allow changing/modification of BSNL Friends Family numbers at any time. For that, an amount of Rs.5/- shall deduct from the main account balance.
  • Prepaid customers should maintain the balance for an amount Rs.50/- in the main account balance for activation of New/Modification numbers in BSNL Friends Family numbers.

So, BSNL mobile users, are you a prepaid or postpaid customer, don’t be panic. Send an SMS as above for activation/modification of BSNL Friends Family numbers at any time as per plan eligibility.

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