Lock your BSNL Landline with Dynamic Locking Facility

India’s Largest Landline and Broadband Subscriber base telecom service provider has allowed BSNL Dynamic Locking facility for BSNL Landline / WLL customers to control the improper use of Landline/WLL telephone with out necessary authorization of telephone subscriber who has owned the Landline/WLL connection, which results do not control the telephone bill with simple blocking procedure for outgoing calls.

BSNL Dynamic Lock

BSNL has issued the Dynamic (Number) Locking Facility which will locks the telephone electronically by dialing a password/secret code from that telephone to be chosen by the customer of Individual/Enterprise and Broadband Services, which is absolutely a FREE service from BSNL.

Procedure to follow for BSNL Dynamic Lock & Release Facility of Landline

First One Time Registration:

  • Select a 4 digit secret code and Dial 123 followed by the secret code twice with out any delay.
  • Example:- 123-XXXX-XXXX (where the code “X” may be any numeric no), and wait for an acceptance tone (busy tone with a long duration.) acknowledging the command and after then disconnect the call. Subscriber can remember this code and keep it a secret, do not share with anybody.

Barring of types of calls:

  • By dialing “1”,”2”,”3”,”4” after the secret code the subscriber can bar various types of calls on his telephone given below.
  • Dial 124-XXXX-1 wait for the acceptance tone and disconnect to bar STD & ISD calls only.
  • Dial 124-XXXX-2 and wait for acceptance tone and disconnect to bar 95, STD, ISD calls and this only local calls.
  • Dial 124-XXXX-3 and wait for acceptance tone and disconnect to allow Local calls, STD calls & Special Services calls and ISD calls should be barred.
  • Dial 124-XXXX-4 and wait for acceptance tone and disconnect to allow only Incoming calls and all types of out going calls should be barred.

Reintroduction of Barred facility:

  • Dial 124-XXXX-0 wait for acceptance tone and disconnect to allow all calls including STD & ISD calls. Dial 124-XXXX-5 wait for acceptance tone and disconnect to allow local and 9 level calls.
  • If Subscriber wants to change the 4-Digit secret code, the procedure is as follows:
  • Dial 123 followed with present code followed by the newly chosen code.
  • Example: Dial 123XXXXABCD ( XXXX-Old code, ABCD is new numeric secret code), and wait for the acceptance tone and then disconnect. Your code will now be “ABCD”.

In order to ensure the security against unauthorized usage of BSNL Landline/WLL, the system will reject the command if the code has used as incorrect. If incorrect code is used 9 times, the telephone is permanently locked on the last status and the facilities will be resetted only by the exchange in-charge of BSNL by getting a written request from concerned Landline Customer. So every customer of Urban & Rural Landline Services will utilize these dynamic lock services and avoid the unauthorized usage.

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