How to Activate BSNL Data on Prepaid or Postpaid Mobile?

BSNL 3G Data Activation and Deactivation on BSNL Prepaid Mobile is the simple process issued by BSNL and to be followed by every customer to get 3G services on any iPhone, Android, Windows phones etc.. Many of the BSNL customers can think about, How can I get activate 3G service in our new BSNL Prepaid Mobile SIM ? is this a big process to activate BSNL 3G data on our Android / iPhone / Windows Smartphones.

For this BSNL comes up with simple solution according with TRAI rules. If any mobile user gets new prepaid mobile connection, BSNL 3G Services will not active as default due to the new guidelines of TRAI, so that user has to send a request from their mobile for activation of 3G data services.

BSNL Data Activation

If you are going to take a new mobile phone connection, on the first hand you should know what is the best plan you requirement will fit to. Otherwise before realizing the plan you have to consume data services from the existing balance, this is somewhat a pinching factor for any one.

BSNL 3G Service Activation on New Prepaid Mobile

To make customer to realize, that he is going to use 3G data service, BSNL came with an option where the subscriber will knowingly enable 3G service. This will make the user to think about BSNL 3G Net Plans to avoid excess billing charges. So that, BSNL subscriber will activate BSNL 3G service to his connection with lowest tariff.

BSNL is having a smart menu of 3G data plans, from where you can readily pick your required plan. BSNL 3G Plans are designed like that you can make out your plan with in no time. There is a 3G plan selector from BSNL from where it will suggest your monthly approximate usage as per the details you have provided.

After the activation of new BSNL Prepaid Mobile Connection, customer has to send a simple activation code through an SMS as follows to enable BSNL 3G data service on BSNL new prepaid mobile connection.

  • Send an SMS as START to 1925

then immediately, you can a receive first return message as acknowledgment for activation request. After with in short time, you will receive a final confirmation message reply as follows from our PSU for BSNL 3G Activation to use Data Services in your new / old prepaid mobile.

BSNL Data Activation SMS

After BSNL 3G Activation in their prepaid mobile, BSNL mobile customers can install their 3G Settings i.e BSNL APNs (Access Point Names) in their mobiles by just downloading the settings(APNs) online as follows, if your BSNL 3G data settings hasn’t downloaded automatically.

BSNL 3G Settings Download

The customers, who do not wish to use BSNL 3G Data can stop BSNL 3G data services at any time on deactivating 3G from their prepaid mobile at any time by sending a simple SMS code as follows.

  • Send an SMS as STOP to 1925

Get your new BSNL 3G Prepaid Mobile Connection, rejoice with your beloved once and activate relevant BSNL 3G Data Plans on subscribing and enjoy BSNL 3G data service at any time on activation, it is just that much simple, rather than unknowingly consuming data charges from the base price.

BSNL Mobile Data Deactivation SMS

Apart from BSNL prepaid mobile connections, Postpaid Mobile users, who requires to activate BSNL 3G data services has to submit a request to concerned BSNL to utilize free 3G data usage offered if any in base plan or along with required 3G data plan.

To activate and deactivate BSNL 3G Data Services on your prepaid mobile connection, follow the above simple and illustrated process to get BSNL 3G by just sending the simple activation codes through SMS, on any 2G 3G BSNL SIM from any iPhone, Android, Windows phones and enjoy the Roaming Free BSNL 3G Data Services.

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