How to Activate BSNL Call Forwarding ‘Free to Home’?

BSNL Call Forwarding Free to Home Services launched for all its prepaid and postpaid mobile customers. Now you can receive all mobile calls without any miss on your BSNL landline phones at free of cost. From now, if you are at home or in office, as per convenience, activate BSNL call forwarding on your mobile.

As of now, BSNL call forwarding for voice calls will charge as subscribed tariff for all regular calls. But now this is made as Free with the new launch of BSNL Free to Home Services. It is to forward any incoming call to receive ‘Crystal Clear Voice Calls’ on any BSNL landlines without worrying the quality and strength of Mobile Signals inside buildings.

The announcement to this BSNL Call Forwarding Free to Home Services activate/deactivate by Shri Ravi Shankar Prasad, Hon’ble Minister of Communications and Information Technology at a press conference on 30-05-2016.

BSNL call forwarding free to home

Many times, one tends to get irritated by the day-long use of shortcut phones. With this new ideal solution for forwarding the mobile call to their BSNL landline numbers at free of cost. BSNL Mobile customers cannot miss any single call in their day to day activities in their office or at home with easily enabled options to activate/deactivate BSNL call forwarding services.

BSNL call forwarding free to home services provides Call diversion facility to BSNL Mobile plan (2G /3G) users on any BSNL Landline (Fixed line) within LSA (License Service Area), and also outside LSA. The applicable call charges in the case of Call Forwarded from mobile to BSNL Landline will be Free within Single LSA only.

Telecom brand offers these BSNL Call Forwarding Free to Home Service with many options, which are available for all mobile customers for diverting the voice calls from mobile to BSNL landline at any time as follows with simple Shortcut keys mentioned in the table.

  • Always Divert the calls from mobile.
  • Call diversion When Busy.
  • Diversion in case the BSNL Mobile handset is turned off or has not in coverage area.
  • Voice call diversion for not responding/answering.

How to Activate BSNL Call Forwarding Free to Home on Mobile

BSNL Call Forwarding – Particulars Dial for Activation To Check Status Dial for Deactivation
Forward All incoming calls (Any Situation) *21*number# *#21#
  • #21# (Deactivate)
  • ##21# (Erase only)
Forward all voice calls, when you are speaking to others Enter **67* number # ##67#
Forward the calls, if Not responding/answered the incoming calls **61*number #
(without time)**61*number**x#
  • ##61# (Erase Only)
  • #61# (Deactivate)
BSNL call forwarding, if your CellOne Mobile is SwitchedOff or Out of Reach / Out of coverage area **62*number # *#62#
  • #62# (Deactivate)
  • ##62# (Erase)
To cancel all the above conditions ##002#

In Erased cases, call diversion will revert to previous activation status.

After the new launch of BSNL free night calling to any mobile/landline in India at the same time last year. BSNL is moving aggressively, reaching new milestones in every step by launching special offers from time to time as per the user requirement.

At any time BSNL is committed to providing the best services to their customers. So be a BSNL customer and enjoy the Indian Telecom Services at any stage without any interruption. So BSNL Mobile customers, its time to have a chance to activate BSNL Call Forwarding Free to Home Services. Check the options mentioned above, and you can enable BSNL call forwarding free to home services as per need.

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