A Senior Citizen Can Do BSNL Mobile Aadhaar Link Online Simply

Senior Citizens much ignored in various situations, but BSNL launched a portal to senior citizens for Aadhaar link online. This online facility introduces as per the directions of TRAI.

To complete this BSNL Aadhaar link online, a Senior citizen can register in the said portal and authorized by a trusted person.

BSNL already starts doorstep Aadhaar card link to a mobile number for the customers who do not move from their place. Even with the doorstep facility, some of the old age customers biometric fingerprints are not fetching from UIDAI for Reverification of BSNL mobile.

To facilitate with more services, Operator introduced new BSNL Aadhaar link online facility for senior citizens as an alternative to existing BSNL Aadhaar linking process. This new online linking process is straightforward, but have the working mobile number with the senior citizen.

Mobile EKYC Online For Senior Citizen

Here is the complete info on how to submit mobile EKYC online for a senior citizen through a web-based application. Also the solutions to the problems raised when linking Aadhaar online.

If an older citizen lost the SIM card can have a chance for Aadhar link online?

  • It is not available because when you entered the mobile number in the said portal, you will get an OTP through SMS. With that, you must re-enter that to authorize and to complete the Aadhaar link online process.

As per the condition of Aadhar link online, Who is a Senior citizen?

  • BSNL Mobile customers who have completed 70 years of age as on 01.01.2018 being as an Indian national treated as Senior Citizen.
  • The condition is applicable only for BSNL Aadhaar link online related to any prepaid or postpaid mobile service.

Without Aadhaar Number, Can a Senior citizen link Aadhar to mobile number?

  • At present, the facility is available for Senior citizens to Reverify the BSNL mobile number in online with/without Aadhaar number.
  • Also, the Senior citizen who has Aadhaar number but does not have any mobile number register with UIDAI and fingerprints are worn out, unable to do biometric authentication.
  • This facility is also available for three kinds, they are
    • NRI customers
    • Senior Citizens
    • Physically Challenged.

Will a trusted person is mandatory for BSNL Aadhaar link online for a Senior citizen?

  • Yes, the trusted person authorization (Aadhaar link online) is mandatory for the three kinds (NRI, Senior Citizen, Physically Challenged) of customers.

Can trusted person must have Aadhaar number?

  • Yes, any family member/relative or friends, who want to share his/her Aadhaar number is only can become a trusted person. He/she is the only authorized person to confirm your identity, but not the SIM owner.

BSNL Mobile Aadhaar Link Online For Senior Citizen

Here is illustrated steps to complete the Reverification of BSNL mobile number online for a senior citizen. The process will finish in four stages like this.

BSNL Reverification Online Steps

Sign in to BSNL portal with your username and password (If you are registered user of BSNL Portal, there is no need to register again for this online Reverification. If you are not registered user, Start with SIGN UP).

Select the second checkbox to confirm you’re a Senior Citizen of Indian National

BSNL Mobile Senior Citizen

Step 1: Mobile Number Validation

  • Enter your mobile number and alternate contact number and captcha code.
  • Click Submit

BSNL Mobile Number Verification

  • You will receive an OTP SMS on your mobile from CYMNNUM.
  • Enter that OTP and click on Submit.

BSNL Aadhaar Link Online OTP

Step 2: Personal Details Entry

  • Enter the name as per your Identity, Father name, and Gender.
  • Select the date of birth as per your identity.
  • Enter correct Email ID.
  • Fill the address details as per your latest Proof of Address(POA).
  • Click on Next.

Senior Citizen Details BSNL Mobile

Step 3: Photo ID Details

  • Select your existing Photo ID Type in the dropdown list (Driving license, Ration card, voter card, etc..)
  • Enter Photo ID number.
  • Enter the count of your mobile numbers in your name on any network.
  • Fill your existing mobile numbers (operator wise).

Step 4: Documents Upload

  • Upload your scanned documents separately (ID card issued by Government contains the date of birth named as “Id_Proof.jpg” and latest photograph indicated as “Photo.jpg.”)
  • Click on the checkbox for authorization (information provided by me in respect is correct, and the sim card of the overhead mobile is in my possession).
  • Click on Finish.
  • You will get another pop-up message there itself as “Do You Want To Submit.
  • Click on YES and get a reference number.
  • Note down that, and send it to the authorized person to complete the online Reverfication processBSNL Reverification Documents Upload

Trusted Person Aadhaar Link Online

A trusted person authorization (reference) is mandatory for online Reverification of Senior Citizen. You can do like this.

  • Click on Trusted Person Authorization link
  • Enter the transaction ID received by the mobile customer.
  • Fill the customer mobile number and click on Submit.

BSNL Trusted Person Aadhaar Link

  • You will display the Senior citizen customer details to which a trusted person can authorize.
  • Click the checkbox to give consent (confirming the user of mobile number is well known to you).
  • Enter your(trusted person) Aadhaar number and press Submit for Aadhaar link online as a reference person.
  • Immediately, the trusted person will get OTP on Aadhaar Registered Mobile Number.
  • Enter the Captcha Code followed by OTP in the fields and click on Submit.

BSNl trusted Person Aadhaar Link Online OTP

  • Upon OTP validation, a successful Reverification CAF(customer application form) number generates and will display for you on the screen.

BSNL Mobile Verification Online

What is the size of uploading documents for Reverification of BSNL Mobile number?

  • Each document (uploading scanned copy of latest Photo and Photo ID proof) should not exceed 300KB in size, and also the valid documents in JPG format only.

From where I can get OTP messages to authorize BSNL Aadhaar link online

  • During registration, you will get an SMS from BSNL Portal. After registration when enter the customer’s mobile number details will get an SMS for CYMNNUM portal.

With this above info, you can complete your father/mother or any relatives(Senior Citizen’s) BSNL mobile number Aadhaar link online. If any problems raised in the process, post a comment for suitable remedy.


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