How to Get Activate BSNL Disconnected Mobile Number

There are several ways to activate the expired / disconnected BSNL mobile SIM card number, first you must know how your SIM card is expired, when it is permanently blocked and how to get back the disconnected number.

The following are the reasons for a BSNL mobile number leads to disconnection

  1. Not recharged within time and even after expiry
  2. SIM Lost and not recharged
  3. Request placed by customer for disconnection
  4. Disconnected by BSNL due to incorrect CAF

For the above first two cases, you can have a look at the following for reactivation of the same BSNL mobile number

How to activate BSNL SIM after expiry?

  • In most of the BSNL prepaid recharge plans, the maximum validity is 600 days from expiry date, BSNL SIM card will be under GP1 (Grace period) for 7 days and 165 days in GP2, After the completion of GP2, BSNL SIM number will goes to cooling state and move to online for further release to other subscriber.
  • At present there is no BSNL lifetime validity recharge for any plan, and the customers will get frequent SMS before one week upto the expiry date.

If the customer wants to activate his BSNL mobile number at any time before 172days of expiry, he / she can activate BSNL SIM by just recharging with validity recharge plan.

For the above 3 and 4 cases, you may follow the guidelines as mentioned below

How to get BSNL disconnected mobile number

  • Approach CSC incharge and submit your written request to provide the required mobile number.
  • The concerned executive will check the details and if the number is not allotted to anybody, then they submit a request to their IN Billing incharge through internal portal to release their number.
  • After verification and technical feasibility, the same number will be released to concerned CSC user or request rejected with reply comments.

So if your number disconnected already and require the same again means, just check by approaching concerned CSC and submit your request for release if available as vacant.

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20 thoughts on “How to Get Activate BSNL Disconnected Mobile Number”

  1. Is my BSNL number 8480213595 it is showing no service so any one help me to recover my sim card because this number is registered in my all documents

  2. My bsnl sim is deactivated i don’t have recharged from 1 year now i gave done my recharge of rs:49
    But still my sim can’t activated please activate my sim Number:9419644436

  3. 8480011479 is my BSNL number from few days it is showing no service. So any one help me to recover my sim card because this number is registered in my all documents.

  4. Hi, my bsnl number is 9439170422, this is my relative name. I am out of my base location, I can’t use this Sim, Now I am in Odisha will want to Use Sim, But it expired parmanently & lost, Go to Banl office, officer tell me that Sim go to retail, but still now its inactive, can u help me to get this number.

  5. My BSNL no is 9435321862. I recharged it with Rs.118 on 4th April for 26days. In meantime my phone battery became useless & in lockdown period I could not collect it. On 26th July I collect it & recharged. I am surprised to watch that I have no incoming_ outgoing facility. Personalities from customer care have solved it, but while I am dialling “Not registered on network” comes on the screen. I am not able to find out how it becomes. Plz help me.

  6. Im working in my kerala bsnl number is expired long back. At present situation I am not able to go to kerala also. so what I can do for that.? How can I activate that sim..

  7. My bsnl mobile number is expired I have no learn my sim card mobile number i recharge this sim continue please help me

  8. Do you know how to set right broadband service which is totally out of order for more than a month, Answer is NO. This is only stupid publicity.

    • I had a very old BSNL prepaid sim which i stoped using after i took a new sim of jio in 2018 and so i didn’t gave any importance to grace period 1 and 2 of my BSNL sim, Later it got deactivated on 3rd Dec 2018, After that several times i tried to recharge it but it got failed everytime and money was refunded in paytm, google pay, phone pe, etc, I never took any other sim afterwards so it remained in my phone’ssim slot showing connection towers on screen and receiving messages, But outgoing & i coming was blocked, I called customer care several times and they said go to BSNL office for activating it by giving your documents xerox, So finally i reached BSNL CSC in NOV 2020 and told the guy in office that tower is coming but services are not working, He told me recharge it with 153 and it will be working. I did it and it worked, I told him that customer care on call used to tell me that your sim is dead and there is no other way other than going to BSNL CSC, He laughed and i left.


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