Lock BSNL Landline with BSNL Dynamic Locking System

How to lock BSNL landline outgoing call with dynamic lock number system and How to activate BSNL landline call divert digitally? Is there any charges for both the provisions and can we lock BSNL landline local calls and STD calls separately and what to do if we forgot BSNL landline lock code? Is it similar to BSNL PUK lock?

Let’s come to the topic, What is BSNL Dynamic lock facility and How can it be used by the phone user? Is this locked facility will applicable for all fixed line including WLL customers and the broadband users of the country.

BSNL Dynamic Lock system is a facility to control the improper use of Landline/WLL telephone without a necessary authorization of telephone subscriber who has owned the BSNL Landline service type. It results in controlling the phone bill with simple number blocking procedure for outgoing calls. Means you can lock your telephone electronically at any time with a simple password/secret code which you have chosen.

Dynamic Lock BSNL Landline

BSNL Dynamic Locking System

BSNL number lock system is absolutely a FREE service from our telecom brand. Any customer of Individual or Enterprise and broadband services who provides with landline facility can avail this BSNL Dynamic Lock facility. Here is the simple procedure to activate BSNL landline lock.

BSNL Dynamic Lock Registration

At first, you have to create your password. It is a one-time registration for BSNL dynamic locking facility.

  • Select a four-digit secret code and Dial 123 followed by the secret code twice without any delay.
  • Example:- 123-XXXX-XXXX (where the code “X” may be any numeric no).
  • Wait for an acceptance tone (busy tone with a long duration.) acknowledging the command and after then disconnect the call.
  • The subscriber can remember this code and keep it a secret, do not share with anybody.

How to lock BSNL landline all outgoing call ?

After the registration steps of above, you can proceed with the following BSNL Landline Lock Codes for barring of local, STD, and ISD facilities individually with the following secret codes to bear various type of calls on the landline.

  • Dial 124XXXX1 and wait for the acceptance tone for barring of STD & ISD calls only.
  • If Dial 124XXXX2 and wait for acceptance tone, then you will block 95, STD, ISD calls by allowing only LOCAL calls includes mobile.
  • Dial 124XXXX4 and wait for acceptance tone to provide only Incoming calls. With this, a customer will lock all OUTGOING calls (includes all BSNL landline local calls).

How to open BSNL landline lock

At any time, you can activate or unlock BSNL landline calls as per your requirement with the following unlock codes.

  • Dial 124XXXX0 to allow all Local, STD and ISD calls.
  • If dials 12XXXX3 and wait for beep sound, you will enable to do all Local, and STD calls.
  • Dial 124XXXX5 to enable all local and 9 level calls.

How to Reset BSNL Landline Lock Password

The best method to avoid total unauthorized usage is Resetting Password. If a subscriber changes their BSNL landline lock code frequently, then there is no chance of hacking by others. Here is how to change the 4-Digit secret code on your landline.

  • Dial 123 followed by existing code and followed by the newly chosen password.
  • Example: Dial 123XXXXABCD ( XXXX-Old code, ABCD is new numeric secret code), and wait for the acceptance tone and then disconnect. Your new secret password will now be “ABCD.”

What to do if forgot BSNL landline lock code

Ensuring the security against unauthorized unlocking on BSNL Landline/WLL phone, the number system will reject the command if the BSNL landline lock code has used as incorrect. If an incorrect number code used nine times, the telephone bars permanently on the last status. It is a kind of system like PUK blocked BSNL SIM card.

At this situation, there is no need to worry if you forgot the BSNL landline lock code,  just follow about how to reset BSNL landline lock password and continue the services as usually.

Process 1

  • Approach BSNL customer service center and submit your representation for dynamic lock reset.
  • Immediately all the facilities will reset by the exchange in-charge of BSNL on getting a written request from the concerned landline customer.

Process 2

No charges for resetting the BSNL dynamic lock facility in any of the two modes. So every customer of urban and rural landline services will utilize BSNL dynamic lock code system to avoid the unauthorized usage. With all the above-detailed steps, now you may know how to lock BSNL landline simply and also how to reset if required.

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