BSNL Discount on Advance Rental Payment for 1/2/3 Year

Avail your huge discount on payment of BSNL Advance rental charges for 1/2/3 year subscriptions for PAN India or circle specific broadband plans under DSL / Bharat Fiber / BBoWiFi services without any delay.

This higher advance payment option for Annual, Biennial, Triennial is applicable for all the existing / new customers under DSL/FTTH/BBoWiFi services for those who subscribed broadband tariff plan above Rs 499 monthly rental charges as per the following discount option.

BSNL Discount on Advance Payment

Regular Offer

Monthly Charges to be paid in Advance for Broadband / FTTH / BBoWiFi Duration of Service to be Provided
One Year (12 Months) 13 Months
Two Years (24 Months) 27 Months
Three Years (36 Months) 40 Months
Monthly Charges to be Paid for Postpaid Mobile as Advance payment Duration of Mobile Postpaid Service Provided
11 Month FMC 12 Months
21Month FMC 24 Months
BSNL Advance Rental Payment Discount Offer

Promotional offer Upto 31.03.2021

Fixed Monthly Charges to be paid in AdvanceDuration of Service Period
5.5 Months FMC 6 Months
10.5 Months FMC 12 Months
20.5 Months Rental 24 Months
30.5 Months Rental 36 Months

BSNL Advance Higher Payment Offer for Selected Areas

The following is the special offer for Selected SSA / Business Areas on PAN India basis for advance higher payment and service allowed on all the plans across DSL / Bharat Fibre services as a regular measure.

Fixed Monthly Charges (FMC) to be Paid Duration of Service Allowed
5.5 Months Rental Charges 6 Months
10.5 Months Rental Charges 12 Months
20.5 Months Rental Charges 24 Months
30.5 Months Rental Charges 36 Months

How to avail and whom to approach

New and existing customers can approach concerned commercial officer and submit your written request mentioning the duration of required service, the the concerned with change the billing plan as per your request and the necessary discounted charges on BSNL advance payment will be issued to you on coming telephone bill, and after successful payment, the subscription will come into effective as per the agreement of ISP.

BSNL has also been decided to withdraw the compulsion of opting annual plans by institutional buyers (Central/ State/ Private organization) in all Telecom Circles/Districts from 27.06.2020.

Other Information

  • At present (From above date) Annual/Bi-annual/Tri-annual advance rental payment options are only available.
  • Customers who are already BSNL cashback scheme can continue until the expiry of their cashback scheme.
  • After the expiry of cashback scheme, higher payment (BSNL advance rental) option shall be restored and charges will be collected as per prevailing scenario mentioned.

24 thoughts on “BSNL Discount on Advance Rental Payment for 1/2/3 Year”

  1. I Used BSNL Landline (079) 26929033 For More Than 25 Years Now I Have Not Require Landlaine Phone
    So I Surrender My Phone Instrument To Vastrapur Exchange On 01/09/2020 They Have Told That
    Refund Of Deposit Rs. 1265/- Will Be Credited In Your Account But Till Date 15/02/2021 I Have Not Received Me Deposit Amount
    You Are Requested To Help Me And Clear My Deposit Amount
    Ghanshyam Kotak
    (M) 9825733300

  2. It would be convenient, if the above payment options are made available through ONLINE payment mode, Many a times, we find that the staff in BSNL office are not well informed and when we go there with such publications, they are unable to extend the above facility.

  3. Launching of various or a number of schemes/plans made the selection more complicated, BSNL should think to introduce a simplified lesser number of plans to enable the consumers understand better and select the plan easily without confusion.

  4. I want low rental home plan for Bharat fiber connection at KOLHAPUR , Maharashtra (416001) If I subscrbe for one year and like to upgrade then what is a procedure ? What happen to my existing plan remaining days OR it get adjested ? Instalation charges include a modem also or I have to use my own modem ?

  5. My Ph. no. 0265 2340268 is covered under 2GB BSNL CUL BB plan (annual Rs. 4188), The validity is expiring shortly). Please advise similar plans for renewal along with details of similar Bharat combo plans, Also advise details of online payment for renewal.

  6. Dear sir,
    i am avil this offrer from this wapsite online including Google next mini and
    My account :1025091477
    Phone No :01722972756
    But still no info recived from bsnl and other party.
    BSNL Google Bundle Offer

  7. Dear Sir,
    Looking for a new WIFI broadband connection, at Patrapada Bhubaneswar. kindly guide me for installation process.


  8. Sir,
    I have taken BSNL Fiber FTTH connectivity on 29th January 2020 by paying RS 9140/ for 1 year (Tariff plan 400GB plan CS-95-Bharat Fiber ) for my connection Telephone 040-29560383 account no 9039209258. Hyderabad city circle.
    I did not get Amazon Prime facility so far. Now my request is

    (a) when will I get Amazon Prime facility? and (b) am I eligible for 12 months payment and 13 months free scheme?

    Please reply.
    Dr Prakasarao BVNS
    12th July 2020

  9. Hi sir, how to pay online including Google next mini and my account 9039330466 bill generated for one year, I have tried to online portal for Google next mini subscription but still order is open.

  10. Need Bsnl fibre broadband 849 plan, I’m trying to call the helpline number but there is no response since past 2 days.

  11. How much charges for Bharat fiber installation and all equipment like modem, wire all chargers odisha circle, and starting plans?

  12. I have to pay 12 months rent in one payment and like to avail one month discount % how to pay for one year on line? whether I have to apply to the commercial officer, Can I do it on line?

    • You have to submit the request to commerical officer for yearly plan, the you may pay the same in next coming bill or you can change in online through selfcare portal or Just clear all the cache & history of your browser and reload your browser, if add appears, then just click on the add which you are get in first time browser login to complete plan change.

  13. Sir,

    I am having 040-27421525 under Aseem Plan. In March2019 I paid for one year subscription. I want to know how much amount I have to pay for one year to renewe my connectivity.

  14. Sir,
    I am having FTTH connection with phone No.040-29550145 (Nizampet, Hyderabad) and I paid one year advance rent in March 2019, Now I received a demand for Rs.7,198b. My account No 9038840533, Invoice Number SDCTS0010126740,
    I would like to know the amount payable Rs.7,198/ is it rent for one year Or for the previous bills, I am not able to reach your customer service, Kindly inform me the correct position, On hearing from you I shall make the payment

    M V Ramana Rao

    • Yes, it is your yearly subscription from 16.03.2020 to 15.04.2021, so you may pay the BSNL outstanding bill amount with any mode in online or offline.

      • Thank you Sir for your immediate response regarding annual payment of my bill for 040-29550145, I am retired from Andhra Bank as Senior Manager, Earlier I was getting a discount of 20% being Retd Government employee, Am I eligible now and if so what amount I have to pay now.

        • Actually, at present Govt employee discount is 5% only.
          Also it is to intimate that, if you are getting Advance Rental Discount (on Yearly plan), then you are not eligible to avail second discount (employee discount). BSNL allows one type of discount only at a time.

  15. Where is unlimited calls to India in ir.bsnl failed fulfill the req of bsnl wings or customers, why the other private operators not entering into same ship business.


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