Get Back BSNL Recharge Amount, If Done Wrong or Twice

What to do for BSNL wrong recharge reversal, what happens if i done twice and how to get back, which recharged amounts of mobile number allows to reverse, and is there any charges for reversal and what are the ways to get back my wrong prepaid recharge if done through Phonepe, Google Pay, Pay TM etc…

In consideration to the requirement of customers on BSNL prepaid recharges done, the operator allows the reversal of wrong recharge or twice done to your mobile number in home zone done through CTOP UP transaction within 6 hours of time with simple SMS procedure.

Procedure for BSNL reversal through CTOPUP SMS

Follow the revised guidelines for reversal of BSNL wrong recharge done through CTOPUP (Channel TopUp) available with PoS (Retailer)

  1. Note down the BSNL CTopup recharge transaction id along with customer mobile number to place reversal request

  2. Send an SMS REV <Mobile Number> <Amount> <Transaction ID> to 58081 for initiating reversal.

    Ex: REV 94XXXXXXXX 220 41xxxxxxxxxx

  3. Immediately with in minutes, your reversal amount will be credited to BSNL retailers CTOPUP mobile number

FAQs on BSNL Wrong Recharge Reversal

  1. Which BSNL recharges are not allowed for reversal if done wrong or twice?

    Due to technical limitations of the company, BSNL Validity, Migration, Special Tariff Vouchers and validity granted through recharge transactions cannot be reversed.

  2. What are recharge amounts of BSNL allowed to get back or reverse?

    All the BSNL top up or talk value amounts recharged in multiples of 10 are allowed to get back within specified time for reversal .

  3. What are the charges for BSNL recharge reversal?

    Reversal charges are NIL, but retailer(POS) CTOP Up mobile number will be charged with INR 2 for each SMS to the short code 58081.

  4. In How much time we have a place a wrong recharge request?

    The reversal request will be sent by the POS through SMS within 6hours of time from the wrong transaction time but on the same calender date (i.e before 24 hours).

  5. How many times we will place reversal request?

    In a month, BSNL POS (Retailer) will place a maximum of 5 reversal requests in a calendar month for wrong mobile number recharge.

  6. What to reverse if done BSNL wrong recharge through Pay TM, Phonepe, Google Pay etc..?

    At this cases, there is no responsibility for BSNL, you have to contact the concerned online POS only through mail or contact forms.

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53 thoughts on “Get Back BSNL Recharge Amount, If Done Wrong or Twice”

  1. I with Mobile number 9902883914,have by mistake done recharge today ,of Data Rs 1498 for 365 days, while wanted to do talk time plan for one year. I have tried sending SMS request for reverse payment ….REV of payment following instructions to 58081, but I get a reply -request not found. Kindly help with the reverse process, so I can do the correct recharge.

  2. I have recharged of data pack of rs 98 but it was not working and then recharge the validity 75 rs I want to know that 98 rs is wasted or aded in current plan will I get the services of 98 rs who’s is 2 gb per day

  3. I want to cancel my recharge because I have chosen the wrong plan, I have tried many times but its not working.
    9425574579 these is my need only talktime but by mistake I have chosen the data pack. But Bsnl is not accepting my cancellation request.
    Please don’t do that!

  4. Dear sir/Madam,
    Pls be informed that I have recharged Rs.106.00 (One Hundred & Six) twice on today i.e.18.07.21 with the prepaid mobile bearing No. 9433725901. Accordingly, it is requested to refund one stv of Rs 106.00 to my A/C from where it was paid to as it has done by mistake inadvertently
    Thanks & Regards
    Yours Sincerely,
    Dated 18.07.21 paromita das

  5. Sir mistakely I did recharge mistakely 511 from the aap recharge king sir please refund my money my contact no 9474523749 refered id 2829161186. Please refund my money sir

  6. Dated 08-04-2021, at 8.18 AM, I wrongly recharged to my mother No.9487777643 with Rs.485/- with bank UPI transaction ID – 109808951375 through GPAY which already has plans, And Immediately I send SMS to 58081, but it will came invalid SMS, so please either reverse my amount or recharge with BSNL mobile number 9443215644. Thanking you

  7. Respected sir,
    I have recharged my phone yesterday with 57 through pay tm and my father done another recharge 189 on the same day unaware of this, But today my fault my family friend recharged my phone with 365 by mistake. What can we do to get back those amounts? Will u please give me your suggestion.

  8. 183 STV plan of bsnl is confusing, I recharged my no using 183 plan. And received msg on mobile, But when I try to make call it still says ‘no balance’, Tariff plan: Mithram is shown as carrier info. What should I do? Please explain why can’t I use 183 plan.

  9. I have done the recharge two times but neither my validity increased nor I got my money back.
    Phone no. 9419045676 (Pre-post)
    Amount : 153
    Reference id: PGSM101220789957

  10. Recharge is successful in another bsnl wrong number 9999999999 by mistake with rupees 540 please reverse my payment and order ID 3334332613. My real mobile number 9691910947


    • Hi!
      Me and father recharged the same pack twice. Please reverse one of them. Mob no- 8401682070
      PayTM mode of transaction, Amount – 198, Ref no- 6015022079.

  11. Hello
    My Mobile No is 9874344697 wrongly recharge through PayTAM by Rs.98 as i already taken 365. Reff NO: 3295102685. Request you kindly convert the same to talk time balance.

    • dear unni i also agree to that b ut we maintain bsnl to cut the competetion from others airtel ceo announced last month that they need to get atleast 6times extra charge for the talk time or data value, India will endup the highest paid country for data if bsnl is not there, from the least in the world, please support bsnl if you can.

      • I have recharged of data pack of rs 98 but it was not working and then recharge the validity 75 rs I want to know that 98 rs is wasted or aded in current plan will I get the services of 98 rs who’s is 2 gb per day

  12. Hello sir, I have done recharge my Phone Pe wrong no.9425619537 recharge balance is 1098 translation id is N2009191333523940334443 please recharge to this no.9524619537 this is my correct no.

  13. Does one of the two different recharge amount is possible for reversal???
    One is 365 and 1999
    I have to reverse 365
    Is it possible???

  14. On 31/08/2020 I recharged Rs349/-+Rs349/- (Twice) in my mobile no 9433449905, But it was not activated in my mobile no both the amount since those amount were wrong. On 04/09/2020 one Rs349/- ref no-024410376739 has been reversed. The another Rs349/- under ref-024410379423 is still pending. Please solve.

  15. iam yasin
    iam recharged through amazon pay 220 talktime to my number 9495882137
    unfortunateley its rechaged to wrong number the wrong number is 9495882167
    any solution for this

  16. Instead of charging on my number 9407406241, I have wrongly charged on number 9407403241 for 599/ STV.

    Kindly reverse immediately.

  17. Dated 20-08-2020, at 8.50 PM, I wrongly recharged 9441913686 with Rs.365/- with bank Ref.Number:IGAJFNVRJ6 through SBI Net banking, Immediately I send SMS to 58081 with three times but it will came invalid SMS, so please either reverse my amount or recharge with BSNL mobile number 9441993686. Thanking you

  18. On 13/08/2020 I have done recharge for Rs.399 to the wrong mobile number of 9445630007. Operator Ref No.5693819405.
    I want to reverse the transaction and refund, BSNL Customer care number 1503 and 18001801503 are not working, Automated message of please wait for some time repeated full day, Need to cancel the transaction and refund as soon as possible.

    • Hello sir, I have accidentally recharged a wrong number (8956121240 ) instead of ( 8657121240 ) on 29th of Aug 2020 from Google Pay recharge service .

      I am looking forward to receive a help regarding reversal of the same . Reference no. 2474686411 Rs.997/- have attached the screenshot of the recharge details and provided the reference number as given by your operator.

  19. I have recharge my bsnl no.twice online amt, debited 107+107 from my a/c but recharge had not done, so what i can do for reversal of amount, But there is something that its that its credit is expired on 04062020.

  20. बीएसएनएल प्री पेइड मोबाइल मे 365 रुपये का रिचार्ज गलत नंबर पर हो गया है, तो इसे वापस करने के लिए क्या करना चाहिए

  21. Top up Recharge for Rs 30 was requested through axis bank UTR no 748216428 dated 10.06.2020, yet to be credited to my Mob 9416000262

  22. Please the person who had done wrong recharge of amount 10000 net pack I need amount back for this number +91 72041 05525 it’s very urgent reply fast.

  23. I have recharged my mobile in internet banking when it was inactive my amount has been cut off but my mobile was not recharged, Where is my amount.

  24. On 21 apr 2020. I have done recharge of Rs 118, But still my account is not started yet what will I do, my amount is not also refunded.

  25. I have been recharged couple of times on my mobile with roaming service, without receiving a call all the amount has been automatically deducted and a complaint registered through customer service and e-mail no response till now.

  26. I have done recharge of 399 for two times as the server of online was slow it happened like that and my father recharged as he was unaware of this and now it was recharged for total three times with 399 plan. What should we do.? Can we get that refund or will the plan continues after completing the date.

    • BSNL avoid our message and didn’t reply as soon as possible and BSNL should improve their facilities and term condition, they not return money if you recharge two same plan at a same time then only one plan is active and another is deactive our money, time, data lost because of BSNL service.

  27. I recharged my BSNL number through an app and transaction was successful but no amount was credited on my phone, Please tell what I have to do.

  28. March 30 2020 i will recharge in phonepay app but recharges is not working in my sim so please kindly refund by recharges amount rs 247.

  29. Sir! i have recharge wrongly Rs.187/- so I want to reverse please help me, My CTOP No. 9402917059 and wrong No. 9420705337, Transection ID,3050749976

  30. Rather recharging with 429, i recharged 400 through paytm online,
    BSNL customer care said they cannot reverse it or upgrade.
    Paytm could not reverse it too.
    This is a basic issue which most of them. BSNL should have a solution for these basic problems.
    For 429, you get unlimited calls for 81 days, 100 sms/day, 1 gb data/ day whereas 400 recharge only gives 440 talk time:( disgusting!!!
    Not sure why they still have 400 recharge active!!
    The transaction should have been canceled. Not happy BSNL! You need to support customers!

  31. The STV and the plan voucher or validity recharge done by BSNL employees are reverted then why not for the retailers it is possible to revert one should have a positive approach towards the retail and the channel partner.

    • Any BSNL employee/retailer those who manage CTOPUP mobile service of BSNL can do the reversal of wrong recharge against prepaid mobile number.


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