BSNL Vs Airtel Combo Data Plans – Proves BSNL the Best in Price & FUP

Find here the new updated comparison chart of BSNL Vs Airtel plans with combo features for unlimited calls & mobile internet, Check the table for the available plans for both the network and choose the best pack for your unlimited Voice, Data and SMS requirements as per the conclusion given…

In the current state of COVID-19 lockdown, all the services are at high halt but services like telecom and communication industry are at high peak right now and at the same time with a disadvantage of lesser workforce, but despite these things we can see that the national companies like BSNL & Airtel are coming forward to propose and release new plans which will surely help their subscribers to get going during these times by presenting BSNL Vs Airtel comparison chart.

All the companies are naming these offers are Work from home offers which is evidently a correct name, since the majority of the Indian portion is working from home and will consistently be using their carrier service for communication purposes.

BSNL Vs Airtel Combo Data Plans Comparision Chart

BSNL Price BSNL SIM Validity in Days Data Per day Airtel Pack Price Airtel SIM Validity in Days
186 28 BSNL:2GB/day
297 28
429 81 1GB/Day
485 90 1.5GB/Day 647 84
997 180 3GB/Day
1098 84 Unlimited without Speed Restriction
1699 300 2GB/day
1999 365 3GB/Day

As per the above chart, Airtel provides only two plans with 1.5GB per day at above 50% higher cost in each plan when compared to BSNL with more data in 186 pack, so it is clearly proved that BSNL data plans are true valued best budget mobile internet combo plans.

Airtel Work from Home Data Plans – New Airtel Data Plans

Now one of the main aspects Airtel has considered is that their majority of users are the IT and the working class who along with the non-IT sector class will constantly be using the Internet which shows a high consumption of the data, So, they have released 4 different plans which come with 1.5GB, 2GB, 3GB data packs and validity of 28 days or 56 days.

The pricing is also cost effective when we look at the unlimited FUP the subscribers receive along with the data consumption per day, Airtel still has the highest number of subscribers in the whole nation and that is one of the reasons why they are making different plans with accessible prices that their subscribers do not suffer any issues during these times.

BSNL Work from Home Data Plans – New BSNL Data Plans

BSNL, has shown one of the most concern for their subscribers whose validity is going to end during the lockdown period and have released a offer where they have extended the validity for incoming calls and for outgoing calls, they will be adding Rs10 till the April 20, 2020 which surely ensures their subscribers are valued a lot, and they have also revised a couple of 2GB data plans and have decreased the price along with the validity so that the users can enjoy longer support for the two month plan.

  1. BSNL Work from Home Plan activation process?

    Please note that this is a broadband plan under DSL services, you can simply follow the postpaid subscription process from BSNL and select the correct offer while making the subscription and the offer will be activated right away. And if it does not, then wait for sometime as the response time might be high due to the lock down circumstances.

  2. Airtel work from home plan for prepaid or postpaid?

    Most of the offers are only for prepaid subscribers but it is suggested that you cross check the offer on the recharge site or the network carrier site and then proceed to recharge.

  3. How to apply for the said offers?

    The offers that are released by both BSNL and Airtel can be activated and applied the same way you make any other recharge, and It means that you can use any recharge site or service to make payment for the offer amount and the offer will be activated.