BSNL Recharge Not allowed from Main Balance, What to do?

Find the solution for the subscribers who are not allowed to recharge from BSNL main balance for the required plan, Check what are the possible reasons for not accepting the request and beware of misleading information and get activated for the required prepaid plan at any time…

PAN India Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited has introduced many options for their subscribers to get activated instead of BSNL online recharge or offline recharge, with UPI or with SMS plan activation, but some times we may get some errors on possible extent, for those we have to find the solution, so we are presenting the suitable solution for the cases who are not allowed to recharge from main balance, Check the below

Why iam not allowed to migrate to other plan from BSNL main balance?

Actually there is a system error because of which if you have PV153 tariff plan (the old one) then you won’t be able to see PV1999 and PV1699 in your bundles list because there is some problem in linking, that’s why you need to change tariff plan first and recharge with other applicable plans.

What to do if not allowed to recharge PV1999 or PV1699 from main balance?

Change your current tariff plan to PV75 or 153 or any other tariff plan as required
This step is to be done as assuming your current tariff plan is PV153,
Now just dial *124# and select Tariff Plan Change.
You will be able to see PV1999 as first option and PV1699 towards the end.
Select the given option for the plan and confirm to confirm the recharge.

If recharge done online and activated again with selfcare process, what happens?

All the freebies will be credited for both the vouchers as per the first /second recharge validity, but the main plan validity will be allowed as per the latest recharge.

Do i recharge in online if not allowed to activate from main balance?

At any time, you get activate any BSNL prepaid plan in online recharge portal, but be cautious and please confirm the activation before online recharge.

3 thoughts on “BSNL Recharge Not allowed from Main Balance, What to do?”

  1. My bsnl recharge is done in the morning .now it is evening and outgoing calls are not possible. It is heard that your available balance is not sufficient to make the call. What to do.l need urgent help

  2. I need to recharge my Bsnl number as it says ” Main account has been expired. So please recharge before Feb 2021 to retain the number”. I tried recharging with Netbanking, GooglePay , PhonePe and even tried My Bsnl App. The payment is not getting done.
    (Please note that :My Bsnl App is not actually working), I am not able to find traditional scratch and recharge cards nearby moreover it’s Covid-19 situation. Please help if anyone know any solutions for this query.

    PS: The Bsnl Customer Care lady has been really really rude. She cut off the call when I started explaining my problem, This has been really upsetting considering the fact that I had to wait a lot of time to even connect a call with them.


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