BSNL Press Note on Revival of Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited

Attention of Government has been drawn to certain reports in a section of the media convey the impression about ISP closure down, However BSNL press note has been given about the shutdown news.

At present there is no proposal under consideration with the Government for closure of BSNL,  On the contrary, Department  of Telecommunications, Government of India (DoT) recognises and values the inherent strengths of BSNL as a telecom services provider providing best Broadband, Mobile and Enterprise business services with huge infrastructure and reach, especially in rural areas.

Dot Committed for Revival of BSNL

Further, the press note of BSNL clearly indicates that DoT is in the process of finalising a proposal  for  revival  of BSNL to  be considered by the Digital Communications Commission (DCC) very soon, It appears that the news reports in question have unnecessarily tried to focus on closure as one of the options for revival of any PSU which is not in consonance with the current thinking of DoT.

It is clarified and reiterated that Department of Telecommunications would like to see a robust telecom operator Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited, duly strengthened and financially viable, dedicated to servicing the nation and playing an important role in the telecom sector.

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7 thoughts on “BSNL Press Note on Revival of Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited”

  1. BSNL is the best telecom service provider and customer friendly and having transparent billing and communication backbone of India. Due to Govt, wrong policies now BSNL is struggling to make profit as it is giving wide rural service all over India without expecting revenue, But Govt is least bothering about BSNL and indirectly it is supporting to private operators by denying the allotment of 4G spectrum in time.

  2. If BSNL does not exists, private operators can’t be controlled by the Govt, from increasing their prices for their services including for incoming calls also, That’s what some private operators are influencing the DOT through Govt to destabilise and weaken or to close the BSNL for their selfishness and to loot the public money.

    Government is not seriously thinking for survival and strengthening of BSNL due to the influence of private operators, Due to non cooperation of DOT, BSNL is not able to stand up against private operators and also DOT is reluctant to give 4G spectrum to BSNL at the earliest as it don’t want the growth and revival of BSNL, Public don’t know the inner truth and hidden agenda of the Govt about the BSNL, Therefore BSNL is a must for the country and doing prompt services in rural areas and during natural calamities and also emergency situation, No other private operators are doing such a service except BSNL, Becoz their motto is to get the profit by looting the public and cheating the Govt by not paying the taxes for their service, If Indian Government really supports BSNL for it’s growth now also BSNL is able to stand in a no 1 place with in no time against private operators.

  3. Competitors of BSNL are not bound by providing PAN India services including rural remote location as such ventures are not economically viable, In addition, they can resort to policies suiting their corporate policies that does not include services to backward sector, On the other hand BSNL is truly national resource and We have seen much improvements in BSNL services and the tariff rates also has become competitive, As a national resource, we should support BSNL and stand by them else we are likely to be fleeced by the private operators once they have the monopoly.

  4. Central Government received huge amounts (thousands of crores) every year from Telephone Department only, No other departments given such amounts.

  5. BSNL is only the true regulator of telecom sector not the TRAI, and TRAI Is always been the partial agency in the telecom sector, all other service providers failed to fulfill the social obligations except BSNL, where Rural India is served by BSNL only on loss making business without zero compensation from Government side, Survival of BSNL is must for the security and safety of country.


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