BSNL New Prepaid Plans 4G Connects You Unlimited Voice & Data

BSNL has in the phase of rebranding with its new prepaid plans for phones. Comes with a whole gamut of special VAS, under the umbrella of BSNL new prepaid plans. Many of the features offered are unique.

Provides all India roaming facility by allowing prepaid cell phone plans with unlimited data and calls, free SMS, even in roaming. To attract more customers into their web, BSNL introduced Welcome offer on all prepaid cell phone plans for all new customers with a complimentary 3G mobile data on each new activation.

The entry of Jio 4G has made all the existing telecommunication entities to revise their prepaid cell phone plans. This created a huge buzz among the telecom organizations and only BSNL is making a growth. It is due to the attractive launching of different viable BSNL prepaid recharge plans offered to its customers.

Positive earning in prepaid cards is the biggest boost for the next phase of the BSNL with excellent customer loyalty, as the market players are minimizing due to consolidation and acquisition prepaid best plans in the Indian market.

Operator employed more manpower to improve its service to customers and introduced the best lucrative BSNL prepaid recharge plans from time to time withnew prepaid cards for free. In all of them, the successful BSNL new prepaid plans are Freedom Plan, BSNL 429 (Digital India), BSNL Sixer Plan and latest 999 (Maximum).

BSNL Prepaid Plans

BSNL Prepaid Best Plans

After a difficult couple of years, BSNL started the expansion of 3G networks and launching various type of 4G services (BSNL 4G Plus) in the market with BSNL new prepaid plans. In coming months BSNL 4G plans are ready to begin in entire India(Already started in Kerala).

BSNL New Prepaid Plans

BSNL has also come up with some newer prepaid plans for phones in response to the marketing strategy of JIO 4G and Airtel’s offers. The recent addition is, the launch of the new BSNL prepaid plans unlimited to any network (STVs) at Rs 99 and Rs 319. Actually every user not to go for unlimited or want to keep a hole in their pocket for just mobile recharges.

There are some set of users who are seeking budget-friendly tariff plans for limited use with the lowest tariff. For those users, BSNL has introduced different special tariff vouchers (like Add-On packs). These will help in further reducing the prepaid account tariff rates applicable to your base plan.

With these BSNL STVs, users across India (except Delhi and Mumbai) can benefit high-speed internet data, unlimited calling and free SMS as per STV. Have a look with the following prepaid plans mobile tariff.

STV Amount and Validity BSNL Prepaid Plans Mobile Tariff
Rs.7 for 30 days and Rs.19 for 90 days All BSNL network calls at 15paise per minute and all other Network calls at 35 paise per minute. It is for all Local and STD calls within India
Rs. 39 for 10days 100 Free SMS any network + Free caller tune (Premium Ring Back Tune) + Unlimited voice calls in home LSA and BSNL roaming area only (Excluding Mumbai & Delhi)
Rs.99 for 26 days Unlimited voice calls from anywhere in all India (excluding Mumbai and Delhi)
Rs. 319 for 90 days

BSNL Prepaid Plans 2018

For the users seeking prepaid plans unlimited everything even on roaming, these BSNL prepaid plans introduced with a worth from Rs 186 to Rs 999 having free mobile data and unlimited calling and free SMS facility. The below is the wide range portfolio of BSNL prepaid plans available for all the users throughout India.

BSNL Prepaid Plan Name FRC Amount in Rs. Free Usage Offered Validity of Tariff in days
Per Second 106
  • Free Talktime of Rs.100.
  • Local Calls at Rs.1 per minute and STD calls at 1.3/Minute
Per Minute 107
  • Free Talktime of Rs.100.
  • Local Calls at 2ps/sec and STD calls at 2.4ps/sec
Plan186 186
  • Unlimited Local/STD calls any network.
  • Every day 3GB* + 100SMS.
Digital India 429
  • Unlimited calls any network.
  • 3GB data* and 100 SMS per day.
Plan485 485
  • Free calls on any network.
  • 3.5GB* + 100SMS per day.
BSNL Sixer 666
  • Any network Free voice calls.
  • 3.5GB* per day.
  • 100SMS per day
Plan Maximum 999
  • Unlimited calling.
  • 100SMS per day.
  • Unlimited data (Speed reduced to 40Kbps after 3GB* per day).

*Extra data every day 2GB will available from 18.06.2018 to 16.08.2018 as Monsoon promotional offer.

The validity of the BSNL prepaid plans will differ in Jammu Kashmir and North East India.

The overwhelming response has always come with BSNL new prepaid plans from time to time both as proactive measure to add new customers to its portfolio and retain the old customer base.

According to local competition, BSNL has also launched various prepaid mobile plans in some areas in addition to above all India BSNL prepaid plans as a reactive approach to the ever-growing competition of that area.

BSNL Prepaid Recharge Plans AP Telangana (Circle Specific)

Prepaid Plan Name FRC Amount in Rs. Free Usage Available Validity of Tariff in days
Ananth * 105 Unlimited Local/STD calls any network

100 Free SMS to all networks

Nestham 109
  • Talk value Rs.90.
  • 60SMS every month.
  • 250 MB data for 3months.
  • All BSNL calls at 1.3Ps/sec and other n/w calls at 1.6 Ps/sec.
Amulya 119
  • Rs.100 Talk value.
  • 1GB data for 30days.
  • All voice calls at Rs.1.3 ps/sec.
Pratibha Plus # 49
  • 1GB data and 200 SMS for 10days
  • Unlimited voice calls any network in Roaming also except Mumbai and Delhi.
  • Local/STD calls any network at 1ps/sec.
  • Migration from other plans to this Pratibha Plus is now allowed, but vice versa is accepted.
  • Auto validity extension and Selfcare subscription is not allowed.
  • Promotional offer available from 01.10.2018 to 29.12.2018
Ananth Plus 328 Local/STD unlimited free calls on any network.

100 Free SMS to all networks

Jeevitha 79 Unlimited free calls on any network + 10GB data + 500 SMS.

Promotional offer from 17.10.2018 to 13.01.2019

Plan 171 171
  • Any network unlimited free calls (even from Mumbai & Delhi)
  • 2GB per day
  • 100SMS per day
  • Promotional offer from 18.10.2018 to 14.01.2019.

In view to offer best service to BSNL prepaid customers of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana circles, Competent authority of BSNL has launched new special voucher 381 for disconnected customers.

Benefit & Applicability of BSNL 381 special voucher?

  • As per the instructions, BSNL 381 is a special recharge voucher applicable for all the customers in GP2 (Grace Period II) and Deactive state only.
  • On Loading Special Voucher 381, number will be migrated to Plan 429 along with respective freebies of Plan 429.
  •  The said BSNL Special Voucher 381 is applicable with effect from 16.10.2018 to 12.01.2019 only in AP and Telangana states.

BSNL Karnataka Prepaid Plans

The following are the newly introduced prepaid plans in karnataka to offer the best and cheapest mobile fares for prepaid users. The below are the plans available in addition to above All India BSNL Prepaid Plans. Have a look at BSNL Karnataka prepaid plans for consideration.

BSNL Prepaid Plan Name Validity of Plan Free Usage Offered Validity Of Free Usage in days
PLAN 47 180
  • 3000 Seconds Local/STD calls to any network, 500MB data and reduced call rates at 10/ps per min to own n/w and 30ps/min to other
  • Migration and Validity Extension allowed without freebies and always full talk time for Rs.40, 60, 130 and 170
  • 1Ps/second Call charges after free usage.
  • Cheapest call charges at 10Ps/min to own and 20Ps/Min to other n/w and 100SMS per month on any network for first 60days. Then 40Ps/min to BSNL and 50ps/min to others
  • 1GB data can use for first 30 days.
  • 30Minutes, Local/STD any network + 200 SMS per month for first 30days.
  • All Local and STD call at 0.8 Ps/sec to any network after first 30days of activation.
  • 351MB for first 30 days only for new connection

Here we present all info about BSNL prepaid recharge plans in the form of most frequently asked questions and answers. Have a look at all of them to avail BSNL new prepaid plans and procedure involved in availing mobile services. It is for before and after the activation of any type of BSNL prepaid cell phone plans.

Tamilnadu Prepaid Plans (Circle Specific)

Prepaid Plan Name Validity Free Usage Offered Extension / Migration
Nesam Gold Recharge Rs.49 240 days
  • 1.2 ps/min for own network and 1.5 ps for other network
  • F & F Any network 5no’s

For Migration:  Send SMS to 123 as



New Vasantham 180
  • 1.2 ps/min for own network and 1.5 ps for other network
For Migration:  Send sms to 123 as


What is FRC in BSNL?

  • First Recharge Coupon is FRC and also termed as Plan Voucher. It should use the first time for activation of new mobile number.
  • Also, utilized for the extension of plan validity and migration from one plan to another.

Can all these prepaid BSNL recharge plans allow free calling in Roaming?

  • The frequent travelers in national roaming area can avail any required from the list of BSNL prepaid plans. Many programs will provide unlimited calls to any network and data from anyplace in India. Choose your prepaid best plans from the list of above.

Will I get a new prepaid connection from anywhere in India?

  • You can book a mobile number online of a particular circle which you requires.
  • Land at that circle’s retailer or CSC for activation of that prepaid mobile number through Aadhar EKYC (Biometric).
  • After activation of that prepaid number through BSNL EKYC, you can activate BSNL prepaid plans through online from anywhere.

Can anyone use this prepaid subscriptions?

  • Yes, any prepaid mobile user can subscribe to these BSNL prepaid plans according to their usage. It is in online or any other mode.

BSNL prepaid recharge offers today applies to all plans?

  • All the existing BSNL mobile recharge offers will activate your number at any time.

How to check the today’s offers for my prepaid mobile?

  • Login to BSNL recharge portal and enter your number, then automatically, your all applicable BSNL prepaid recharge offers today is displayed.

How can I extend my BSNL prepaid plans validity?

  • There are no separate BSNL SIM validity recharge packs. You have to recharge with same BSNL 6 month validity recharge amount through SMS, Online, BSNL App, BSNL Selfcare portal or direct recharge from a retailer to extend the validity of BSNL mobile plan.

Can I select new mobile number as per my choice for the above subscription?

  • Yes, you can choose BSNL SIM numbers online as per your choice and activate them by approaching CSC or Retailer by subscribing to any above BSNL prepaid plans. So that, you can enjoy BSNL unlimited call plans to any network and data.

Is there any BSNL lifetime validity recharge plan?

  • All the BSNL prepaid plans available with lifetime validity but designed with minimum recharge condition.
  • Except for Freedom plan, all the tariffs must have to recharge with the plan voucher for every six months.

If not renewed before expiry, what will happen?

  • The customer who subscribes to BSNL prepaid recharge plans will offer a validity period of certain days. After the expiry of that period must renew with same plan voucher amount, if not Renewed then the outgoing and incoming facilities blocked.

How many days after a BSNL mobile number will block?

  • From expiry date, the prepaid card number will be in GP1 (Grace Period I) for 15 days.
  • After that, the prepaid number will be in GP2 for another 165 days. It means the total number of days is 180 for a BSNL mobile number to preserve after expiry. After that, it will again release online in the open market.

Can I recharge from abroad if my number expired?

  • You can extend the expiry date of all BSNL prepaid recharge plans from the United States of America also, even if your number belongs to BSNL Chennai.
  • Just do prepaid BSNL recharge online by entering the details of your mobile number.
  • There is no need to insert the SIM card in mobile at the time or online recharge.
  • BSNL has also come up with the online plan checking facility. The mobile user can simply log in to BSNL recharge portal and enter his mobile number. After logging the user can check the best suitable BSNL prepaid plans for his number available as of today.

BSNL Data facility will provide automatically for a new number?

  • No, as per the TRAI, BSNL data service doesn’t provide by default. You can send an SMS for BSNL mobile net activation from any GSM device with code “START” to 1925.

BSNL Data Charges in roaming and from home circle

  • The volume-based GPRS charges per 10KB from Home and National Roaming in all BSNL prepaid recharge plans is Rs.0.02.
  • Recommended: Use BSNL data recharge plans 4G of combo category or individual BSNL data offers to get More data at less price and also to avoid additional internet data charges.

Can BSNL prepaid plan customer convert to postpaid services?

  • BSNL provides the facility for prepaid account users to switch to postpaid plans at any time without paying any additional charges for the conversion. The conversion facility will not include the inclusion of the unutilized balance available in the postpaid scheme. Security deposits have to pay as per tariff at the time of migration from BSNL prepaid plans to postpaid.

Will these BSNL prepaid recharge plans allow free recharge?

  • This BSNL prepaid plans didn’t give any free recharge on subscription but allow some free talk time.

The MRP of above FRC in all BSNL prepaid plans varies from circle to circle. It is according to the technically possible condition. For North East, Assam and Jammu Kashmir, freebies will differ in this BSNL prepaid mobile plans

So, subscribe to any BSNL prepaid recharge plans unlimited or limited for voice and data usage with 4G speeds. If you have any queries on this BSNL mobile prepaid plans offering unlimited calls and data, feel free to contact us through the comments section.

The advent of Jio 4G is helping BSNL in its rebirth and launch varied services and BSNL prepaid plans for the customers. So join together and enjoy the new offers with latest BSNL prepaid cell phone plans.

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