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Many of us doesn’t know about BSNL Prepaid International Roaming and in which countries it is working, now here we are presenting about how to activate the SIM in abroad after reaching or before arrival, what are the charges for incoming and outgoing voice calls, SMS and data for BSNL Prepaid international roaming, let’s find all the required here…

Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited has introduced prepaid international roaming in 21 countries across the world, and it is extending day by day under BSNL Mobile services as per the technical possibility in tie up with the operators in that country, where the prepaid mobile users can check the list of BSNL prepaid international countries and the tied networks of that country along with the IR tariffs noted against each.

How to activate International Roaming in BSNL Prepaid SIM card?

As per the TRAI rule, operator does not provide International Roaming services by default, so, when the customer requires the facility in BSNL prepaid SIM card, must have to approach nearest customer service center for BSNL SIM replacement with new unpaired SIM supports international roaming called as BSNL DUAL IMSI Prepaid International roaming SIM, and then after activation of the duplicate SIM, mobile user must recharge with below mentioned pack for successful activation of the facility for the prescribed period.

BSNL Prepaid International Roaming

BSNL Prepaid International Roaming Pack

Maximum retail price of BSNL international roaming pack or special tariff voucher will vary as per technical feasibility mentioned below for each Zone / circle to activate or extend the service for every 30 days.

International Roaming STV Price with GST Validity
Rs.57 for East, West, North Zones

Rs.57 for AP / Telangana, Tamil Nadu,

Rs. 56 for Karnataka

Rs.58 for Kerala
30 Calendar days

The existing BSNL ISD special rate cutters are not allowed for international roaming, and all the existing ISD packs will work to reduce the tariff from India only, and as per the agreement, operator introduced BSNL International roaming tariff to provide the best telecom services, with new proposed in the market, but according to changes, this may revise from time to time on the Tariff agreement revisions between BSNL and International telecom operators of that country.

BSNL Prepaid International Roaming Countries List and Tariff

Name of the Country / Tariff Operator Joined with BSNL
Bangladesh Grameen Phone
Belarus Velcom
Brunei Progresif
Canada Bell Mobility
Ezypt Orange
Finland DNA
Hongkong HKT
Japan NTT Docomo
Kuwait Zain
Myanmar Ooredoo
Nepal  N Cell
Oman  Omantel
Peurto Rico Claro
Qatar Ooredoo
Russia Vimpelcom
Saudi Arabia  Zain, Etisalat (Mobility)
Sri Lanka Mobitel, Dialog Axiata
Taiwan Chunghwa
Ukraine Vodafone
United Arab Emirates (UAE) Etisalat, Aredu
United States of America (USA) TMobile

In other than the above countries, International roaming facility is not available, near soon all the countries were provided with the required facility.

Does all 2G 3G 4G Prepaid SIM cards supports International Roaming

  • No, the existing type of 2G / 3G / 4G BSIM cards does not work for Prepaid International facility, customer should replace with DUAL IMSI roaming SIM cards to work in abroad

Is there free incoming SMS in International Roaming

  • No, all incoming and outgoing text messages will be charged for every 160 characters as one SMS.

How to activate Prepaid International Roaming in SIM card after reaching Abroad

  • Before arrival to abroad or leaving from India, BSNL customer has to replace the existing SIM with Dual IMSI prepaid card to work International roaming for mobile services in any of the above said abroad countries.

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  1. Dear BSNL,
    I’m right now in QATER, my BSNL SIM was not changed to dual IMSI SIM while coming back to QATER. Now I’m having trouble to get the OTP for anything registered under this number, Please advise how to activate the international roaming for this SIM from QATER itself, Cannot come to INDIA only for changing this SIM to Dual IMSI.
    Please help asap.

    Thank you.

  2. At present I am in Bahrain, In India I activated international roaming last year that time no problem, and this time my phone missing I taken new sim here also international sim but now signal is not coming, it means not showing any indication.

  3. I am in UAE and I am not receiving sms and signal (some time) in my bsnl SIM, I visited India-Kerala on 2020 Januvary and unable to go to india due COVID19, Could you please help me to replace my old to new sim in UAE itself.

    Best Regards,
    Ramesh Nair

  4. Dear, Having said that IMSI sim card is mandatory for International roaming, is there an option to apply for that through online and receive through courier from our present location, Is that possible?

  5. Hello, I have a BSNL SIM at Saudi Arabia. But the SIM was not being used for some months, Now when I checked I can not call or message from it, but by phone shows icons of BSNL and local service provider alternatively (I assume it means SIM is working), How can I know.
    1) What’s my number ?
    2) How much credit my SIM has?
    3) How can I make calls/messages using that roaming BSNL SIM?
    4) How can I recharge the SIM when I’m abroad?
    Will you please clarify these? Thanks in advance.

  6. Right now iam in Liberia, in west Africa, I have converted my bsnl sim into international sim with recharge of 57/- but iam not getting otp and sms, iam using Samsung M30 mobile, how to get sms and otp for existing mobile please tell me if any one knows.

  7. I am in Taiwan, I got the prepaid Imsi dual sim card before leaving India one week back, I am trying to get it activated here but unable to, I Tried to connect it to international roaming, I also changed it to Chunghwa telecom manually but it still says no service, Can you please help?

  8. I am in the USA, I got the prepaid Imsi dual sim card before leaving India one week back, I am trying to get it activated here but unable to, I Tried to connect it to international roaming.i also changed it to t-mobile manually but it still says no service. Can you please help?

  9. I am presently in UAE, I have recharged my existing SIM (Taken from Kerala), not international SIM, I have recharged for 58, Can I use this SIM for international roaming to get OTP? If no, is there is any way to get a new international SIM from Abu Dhabi, UAE? I think my Rs. 58 Govinda…

    • International or Dual IMSI SIM card is mandatory to work on International Roaming, and also this can activate by your home circle only.

    • I am present in UK. I can’t activate bsnl sim. Can i use this aim to get OTP or how can i used this number in uk

  10. Dear Sir,

    At present I am in Oman. My BSNL number I have charged Rs-58 for roaming facility, But it has not been activated. How many days will it take to do activate, What is the procedure to do activate if the sim is in abroad.

  11. I’m right now in uae, my bsnl sim was not changed to dual IMSI SIM while coming back to uae. Now I’m having trouble to get the Opt for anything registered under this number, Please advise how to activate the international roaming for this SIM from uae itself, Cannot come to india only for changing this SIM to Dual IMSI.
    Please help asap.

    Thank you.

  12. I have a BSNL prepaid card, I am in Kuwait and I had roaming in my number before, I need to activate international roaming again.

  13. Hello BSNL
    Actually my sim is Kerala roaming sim for UAE and also works it on UAE, But my problem is actually im activated roaming for incoming and outgoing messages but there is only incoming no outgoing, What is the next step to activate outgoing messages also, Give me a comfortable Feedback

  14. I am in hofuf, saudi arabia, I want to activate my karnataka bsnl sim, Is it possible? How? My fees monthly for receiving sms or otp?

    • Sir,
      Am in saudi arabia, my adhaar card is linked to my BSNL prepaid sim(karnataka), I urgently need to activate the service, How can i activate the sim from saudi arabia, whats the procedure, Pls inform me.

  15. I am able to make a call from my BSNL International Roaming (IR Activated SIM) – Outgoing working
    BUT I am not getting any SMS & Call (Incoming not working).

  16. Is there any chance to convert my sim to ‘Dual IMSI seamless roaming SIM’ from here, UAE ?
    Will I have to go back to India for that?

    • YES, You need to get a new SIM from BSNL for supporting International Roaming and then you need to activate the pack Rs. 57 for Singapore.

  17. I not able to register to any network in UAE, I have BSNL International SIM and have activated International roaming pack. Error Message ‘Unable to connect’.

  18. I am in UAE now, I have replaced my old sim with bsnl international prepaid sim, I can see network signal with ‘R’ symbol (Roaming sign), still am unable to receive messages or otp’s, Kindly suggest how can I proceed.

  19. I Shyam Kumar Sharma, I have BSNL international roaming Sim but it’s not working not showing any network to select, It was working when I am in India after reaching USA trying to select international roaming but no signal no network showing please reply what to do next it’s require for my regular work.

    • If your have not recharged with International roaming activation pack, just recharge with that immediately in online for activation of the facility, and in USA, BSNL ties with TMobile network, if your area covers with TMobile, you BSNL number will surely works.

  20. Hello
    Am at Saudi Arabia,
    I need to get activate international roaming, Am not receiving any messages or calls or as well as not showing network also, and My BSNL number is registered for banking purpose and not able to use any banking services due to this.Kindly revert me

    • Any customer required to replace the existing SIM with Dual IMSI seamless roaming (International roaming) sim card to activate IR services before leaving India along with IR activation pack, if not there is no chance to activate the required facility.

  21. how to recharge BSNL international roaming activation charges of Rs 57 online after expiry of every 30 days

    • Please recharge your BSNL prepaid mobile number through online mode / My BSNL APP or from retailer.

  22. What is the international roaming pack(qatar )for kerala circle, I am in qatar now and how can active the international roaming pack, I need only sms services for otp, Please rplay.

    • There is no separate roaming pack for Qatar,
      At first, you have to activate BSNL International Roaming on your prepaid SIM by replacing the normal SIM with DUAL IMSI SIM card and have to recharge with 58/168 for activation of the facility.

    • Approach customer service center and ask for replacement with BSNL DUAL IMSI International Roaming SIM.

  23. I have purchased BSNL international prepaid SIM card, I do not receive or cannot make voice calls nor do I receive any messages, I have activated the international network I receive the BSNL partner t mobile icon in U S But I do not get calls or messages Only through WiFi I am making calls by what’s app How to rectify this problem

    • Please recharge with applicable International Roaming STV of your circle as mentioned in the article to activate BSNL International Roaming facility on your new SIM card.

  24. I request you to do the needful
    1. to extend the validity and recharge from my balance in the mobile account, Suggest a way to recharge without OTP as I can not receive the OTP as I am abroad, Suggest any other way to recharge.

    What are the festive offers now or being announced in the near future for April 6 festival in Andhra Pradesh and any other information.

    Thank you
    Putchala Lakshmana Rao


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