BSNL M2M / IoT Tariff Plans for Bulk Customers in India

Presenting the new tariff for BSNL M2M / IoT plans available for PAN India to meet out the specific requirements of M2M / IoT business and to enable field units to quickly serve the potential customers, Check the terms, conditions and additional charges applicable…

Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited introduced special tariff plans applicable for M2M / IoT SIM cards as follows under prepaid and postpaid services which are applicable for PAN India customers, Let’s check the tariff.

BSNL M2M / IoT Plans

Plan Name Free Mobile Data per Month Free SMS Own Network
10 – 10000 SIMs #
10001 – 50000 SIMs # More than 50000 SIMs #
IOT1 10MB 50 20 18 16
IOT2 50MB 100 22 20 18
IOT3 100 MB 200 24 22 20
IOT4 300 MB 500 31 28 25
IOT5 500 MB 1000 35 32 30
IOT6 1GB 1000 62 56 50
IOT7 5 GB 1000 100 90 80
IOT8 10 GB 2000 150 135 120
IOT9 25GB 2000 200 180 160
IOT10 60GB 2500 250 225 200
BSNL M2M / IoT Plans & Tariff Chart

# Plan Charges (Charges in Rs. per SIM per month) and GST is applicable as extra as per the applicable rates.

Additional Charges (in BSNL Area)

Item Particulars Local STD
Own Network Calls (ON-Net) 30 Ps /Sec 30 Ps /Sec
Other Network Calls (OFF-Net) 40Ps /Sec 40Ps /Sec
Incoming Free Free
SMS (Own / Other Network) 15 Paise per SMS 15 Ps /SMS
Data Charges after Free Usage 1 Ps/10KB 1Ps/10KB

Other Terms & Conditions

  • Roaming Charges Not applicable for BSNL service area and chargeable for outside BSNL service area
  • Allows pooling of Data / SMS benefits available with IoT / M2M SIMs, where the choice is optional and for allowing pooled data SMS benefit, 10% surcharge on plan charges of above to be levied.
  • The pooling of benefits amount different plans (Plan IOT1 & IOT2) is now allowed.
  • Minimum Hire Period is One Year

M2M / IoT SIM International Roaming (For Out-Roamers)

  • For Postpaid: Rs. 89 without GST per SIM for activation/extension of international roaming facility.
  • For Prepaid:
  • Rs.57 for East, West, North Zones and AP / Tamilnadu
  • Rs.56 for Karnataka
  • Rs.58 for Kerala
  • All the International Roaming usage charges for prepaid & postpaid are applicable.
  • Surcharge on Inter Operator Tariff (IOT) rates agreed with various foreign operators shall be applicable in the case of IoT / M2M SIMs.
  • If BSNL provides a physical M2M / IoT SIM, an amount of Rs.10 per SIM will be taken from the customer.

All the above terms, conditions and service tariff related to BSNL M2M IoT tariff shall be available from 26.03.2019 only and is common for all circles in India.

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  1. Hi, our company is working on IoT based vending machines, We require IoT Sim cards for the same. Can you send me more details on the services that you provide for IoT based network connection via IoT sim.


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