BSNL 99 Landline on Fiber in Gujarat with Free Centrex

Presenting BSNL 99 Landline plan (LL 99 CUL) new tariff introduced on Bharat Fiber technology provided with free centrex facility in Gujarat circle applicable for building complexes, and societies who are bulk customers. After examined by tariff committee, competent authority of Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited has introduced this new LL 99 CUL on promotional basis

BSNL Single Number Service (SNS) New Rate Card for All India

BSNL introduced new tariff for Single Number Service with new rate card on recommendation with tariff committee CFA approval, check the new table and also find how and where can apply BSNL New SNS connection if required… What is BSNL Single Number Service (SNS)? An allotment of “One Single Unique Telephone Indicator (Landline Telephone Number)”

BSNL Safe Custody for Landline Broadband, Bharat Fiber & BBoWiFi

Check the details of BSNL Safe Custody scheme and activate the plan if required to kept your existing BSNL line on your name and reduce the rental charges for your Landline Broadband or BSNL Bharat Fiber (FTTH) and BBoWiFi services for a specified period of time. What is BSNL Safe Custody A safekeeping of BSNL

BSNL Installation Charges for Landline, BB and FTTH

Check the new BSNL installation charges for each new landline, broadband or Bharat Fiber services, and the available installation waival offers to avoid the charges in the first bill or invoice when raised and to be paid… BSNL Installation Offer (Promotional): Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited has announced the Waiving off installation charges for Landline /

BSNL Special Sulabh Plan in Chennai Telecom District

PAN India BSNL introduced Special Sulabh Plan in Chennai Telecom District, allowing only incoming calls at just Rs.100 with minimal initial advance payment by allowing the bill payment defaulters to settle the dues after reconnection. To bring back all the disconnected landline customers (due to Non Payment of dues and Voluntarily closed) into working in

BSNL Security Deposit for Bharat Fiber, DSL Broadband, Mobile & LL

What is Security Deposit, Why we have to pay to BSNL, Will all the services collected with deposit, Is the collected amount refundable or not, Can we pay the deposit in online, Why BSNL collects security charges separately for Landline, Bharat Fiber, DSL Broadband and Postpaid Mobile. BSNL Landline Plans (Monthly / Yearly) BSNL Broadband