BSNL Kannur (Cannanore) Broadband & Mobile plans with 41 CSC details

Latest CSC List in BSNL Kannur business area along with new fiber broadband and 4G data mobile plans are updated here, Check the working days list and contact details of each BSNL customer service center in Kannur SSA…

BSNL Kannur Business Area New Broadband Plans and 4G Mobile  Plans
ParticularsBusiness Area Details
Business AreaBSNL Kannur Telecom District
Head QuartersKannur (Cannanore)
Available ServicesLandline, Virtual Landline
DSL / FTTH Broadband
3G / 4G Mobile, WINGS

BSNL Kannur Telecom District Mobile Plans

The highest growth rate prepaid and postpaid 4G mobile plans available in Kannur business area are presented as below

BSNL Broadband Plans for Kannur Business Area

BSNL Kannur Telecom District Customer Service Centers & Contact Address / Telephone Numbers

You may contact any of the below mentioned CSC near to you for further inquiries and offline services during the working hours in all the days except BSNL Holidays mentioned

Station/Area Address of BSNL CSC Contact Telephone Number
KannurTelephone Bhavan, Kannur – 6700020497 – 2704000
KanhangadTelephone Exchange Building BSNL, Kanhangad – 6413150467 – 2205999
UppalaTelephone Exchange, PO, Uppala – 671 32204998 – 243200
BSNL Bhavan,KannurO/o GMTD, BSNL Bhavan, South Bazar, Kannur – 6700020497 – 2767080
ThalasseryO/o DEP , Telephone Bhavan, Thalassery – 6701010490 – 2344700
KasaragodTelephone Bhavan, Kasaragod – 67112104994 – 222222
TaliparambaTelephone Exchange Building, Taliparamba – 6701410460 – 2206700
PayyannurTelephone Bhavan, Payyannur – 670 30704985 – 206300
KuthuparambaCustomer Service Center, BSNL, Telephone Exchange, Kuthuparamba0490 – 2366350
PilatharaC.S.C, BSNL, Telephone Exchange, Pilathara0497 – 2801100
PayangadiCSC BSNL, Telephone Exchange, Payangadi0497 – 2871300
IrikkurC.S.C Telephone Exchange, Irikkur – 6705930490 – 225780
KuttikkolCSC, Telephone Exchange, Kuttikkol, Kasargod District04994 – 207000
PayyavoorCSC, BSNL, Telephone Exchange, Payyavoor0460 – 2210400
CheemeniCustomer Service Center, Telephone Exchange, Cheemeni0467 – 2250000
ChengalaBSNL, Telephone Exchange, Chengala – 67154104994 – 28260
CherupuzhaBSNL, Telephone Exchange, Cherupuzha04985 – 240200
Mahe Customer Service Center, Civil Station Building, Mahe0490 – 2337900
IrrittyBSNL, Customer Service Center Telephone Exchange, Iritty0490 – 2492000
MathamangalamBSNL, Telephone Exchange, Mathamangalam04985 – 278000
TrikkaripurBSNL, Telephone Exchange, Trikkaripur0467 – 2213000
BeemanadiBSNL, Telephone Exchange, Beemanadi0467 – 2341000
RajapuramBSNL, Telephone Exchange, Rajapuram0467 – 2224400
UdumaBSNL, Telephone Exchange, Uduma0467 – 2238800
MulleriaBSNL, Telephone Exchange, Mulleria04994 – 261000
ManjeswarTelephone Exchange, Manjeswar04998 – 274700
CherukunnuTelephone Exge Building, Cherukunnu – 6703010497 – 2860110
NileswaramTelephone Exge Building, Nileswaram – 6713140467 – 2283499
MattannurTelephone Exge Building, Mattannur – 6707020490 – 2471409
CheruvathurO/o DET, Telephone Exchange Building, Cheruvathur – 6713130467 – 2260500
SreekandapuramTelephone Exchange, Sreekandapuram – 6706310460 – 2232500
KarivellurBSNL, Telephone Exge, Karivellur04985 – 261000
MangattaparambaTelephone Exchange Building, Annex0497 – 2780600
MambaramBSNL, Telephone Exchange, Mambaram0490 – 2305600
Anjarakandy Telephone Exchange, Anjarakady0490 – 285100
KumbalaBSNL,  Telephone Exchange, Kumbala04998 – 213000
PeravoorBSNL, Telephone Exchange, Peravoor0490 – 2447000
PerdalaTelephone Exchange, Perdala04998 – 286500
PanoorBSNL,  Telephone Exchange, Panoor0490 – 2313600
Kelakam Customer Service Center, Telephone Exchange, Kelakam0490 – 2416000
AlacodeBSNL,  Telephone Exchange, Alacode0460 – 2255100

Telecom customers of Kannur Business area of Kerala state may contact the following PAN India customer care also for various services

Netizens or users of BSNL residing in villages / towns under the following Taluks & Municipalities in Kannur telecom district or business area may approach the CSC (office) directly, near you as mentioned above on 4G Mobile Plans, Landline, Broadband Plans and Enterprise services.

Taluks in Kannur District are

  • Thalassery, Kannur, Payyanur, Iritty and Thaliparamba

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