BSNL ISD Packs To Avail Cheapest ISD Calling Rates Prepaid

BSNL ISD Plans for prepaid mobile users are the best STVs (Special Tariff Vouchers) to recharge, available for ISD calling to reduce ISD tariff up to 80% from normal ISD (International) tariff charges for Voice calls and SMS at lowest subscription rates by allowing all BSNL ISD packs /vouchers at Online Recharge.

BSNL recently revised the ISD tariff rates for Landline services and launches new ISD Special Tariff Vouchers (Rate Cutters) for prepaid mobile users in the form of BSNL ISD Plans.

It is all to reduce ISD tariff for some countries like Canada, China, Singapore, U.S.A., Bangladesh, Malaysia, Hongkong, Thailand, France, Germany, UK, Australia, Bahrain, Indonesia and Kuwait having 30 days validity.

The operator has also introduced new BSNL ISD Plans (STVs) to our neighboring countries like Nepal and Bhutan to allow the maximum discounts for nearest countries with more reduced tariff as per Department of Telecommunications (DoT) guidelines with the new tariff.

BSNL ISD Plans or STV’s (Rate Cutters) will not be offered any free Talk Value. And normal ISD tariff will be applicable to the countries for which no reduced ISD Voice call charges/ International SMS rates have been prescribed applicable for all BSNL Prepaid Mobile Plan users.

Activate BSNL ISD Packs

How To Activate ISD With New Packs

BSNL ISD Packs for Prepaid Mobile

Countries MRP of STV in Rs. with S.Tax ISD Voice Call Rate in Rs/Min Rate per International SMS in Rs. Validity in Days
Canada, China, Singapore, U.S.A. 41 1.49 3 30
Bangladesh, Malaysia, HongKong, Thailand 27 2.99 3 30
France, Germany, UK* 38 4.49 3 30
Australia, Bahrain, Indonesia, Kuwait 23 6.49 3 30
Nepal 18 8.5 30
Bhutan 16 10Ps/Sec 18

*This New BSNL ISD STV shall not apply for ISD code 004470 of UK (United Kingdom).

The MRP of the above-mentioned BSNL ISD Plans shall differ up to Rs.3 (+/-) from circle to circle of above price considering the local market condition and technical feasibility.

How to Activate BSNL ISD on your mobile?

After receiving many complaints from customers to TRAI on missed calls from International numbers, when called they charge heavily as they are premium numbers.

TRAI instructed all operators to provide ISD facility on a mobile number only after a request from the subscriber. Prepaid mobile customers can have a chance to activate or deactivate the ISD facility just by sending the following SMS keywords.

When coming to postpaid customers, BSNL ISD facility will provide to customers on submission of a written request to concerned area BSNL CSC.

Particulars BSNL ISD Activation / Deactivation Codes SMS Sent to
Activation ACT ISD 53733
De-Activation DEACT ISD

The BSNL ISD Plans with the lowest tariff shall apply for all 2G 3G Prepaid users under GSM Mobile services. This reduced ISD (International Subscriber Dialing) STVs rates available with BSNL ISD Packs (STVs/Ratecutters) in the form of recharges allows within India.

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You can activate BSNL ISD on mobile with new packs to enjoy great rates for all ISD calls and also know about how to complain about International Missed call scam.

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