BSNL Installation Charges for Landline, BB and FTTH

Check the new BSNL installation charges for each new landline, broadband or Bharat Fiber services, and the available installation waival offers to avoid the charges in the first bill or invoice when raised and to be paid…

BSNL Installation Offer (Promotional): Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited has announced the Waiving off installation charges for Landline / DSL / Bharat Fibre / BBoWiFi / Bharat AirFibre relate to Voice and Broadband connections on PAN India basis in all the circles on promotional basis from 05.08.2021 and up to 02.11.2021

What is Installation Charges & Why it is?

The amount incurred towards installation of separate line for each customer from BSNL exchange to customer premises (BSNL exchange Indoor and Outdoor) to provide the best landline telephone / broadband / Bharat Fiber for a customer is called installation fees which includes in the first postpaid bill after the activation of new service from BSNL, and the various charges against each service are

BSNL Installation Charges

Service Installation Charges Annual/Higher Payment Subscription Installation Fee
BSNL Landline Rs.250 Nil
BSNL Broadband Only Rs. 250 Nil
BSNL Broadband (Temporary Connection) Rs. 250 Nil
Bharat Fiber (FTTH) NPC with only Broadband or Voice or Combo Plan Rs.500 Nil
Broadband over existing Voice Rs.250 Nil
Voice Service over existing Broadband service Nil Not Applicable

The above said charges shall be charged for all the customers those if ONT/Modem is taken on rent from BSNL or ONT/Modem is purchased by the customer from outside and installation by BSNL.

Clarification on Installation Charges

  • There is no installation charges shall be levied for the provisioning of Voice Service over the existing Broadband Only service.
  • No separate installation charges of Rs, 500/- for the ONT installation shall be levied over above the Service level installation charges of Rs.250/- per connection under Bharat Fiber category.

BSNL Installation Free Offer

  • NIL Installation charges shall be leived for the BBoWiFi connection provided through Broadband over WiFi Service Providers (BWSPs).
  • In order to increase Landline, DSL broadband and Bharat Fiber FTTH connection base, to utilize spare FTTH capacity and to proactively achieve the LL/ DSL/ FTTH connection, the competent authority of ISP has decided “to waive off BSNL installation charges as a regular measure from 13 October 2020 who subscribes to any service under 6 months / Annual / Higher payment option on BSNL Broadband plans over DSL and fiber network.
  • These installation free offer shall not applicable for except the plans Fibre Basic, Fibre Value, Fibre Premium and Fibre Ultra in selected SSAs/BAs/Cities) of all the circles.

As per BSNL corporate, ISP confirmed that all types of one time charges such as installation charges, applicable for BSNL FTTH connections shall also be applicable for the connections provided through BSNL channel partners from 13.10.2020.

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87 thoughts on “BSNL Installation Charges for Landline, BB and FTTH”

  1. Everyone who has been charged extra, I am sorry to say but you have been robbed. I was literally after vendors for one month but they are denying to install. Then I applied online at, and I approved it through the office. Now I am after divisional engineer and he said he will get it done.
    You don’t have to pay a single penny which is not written in bill and believe me together we can stop this scam

  2. In our area at Dindigul asking for Rs.5000/- for installation. I clarified it with BSNL Customer care on 12-08-2021 they informed me it is Modem Charges, ONT modem available at Rs.1900/- don’t trust the above notification.

  3. For Fiber BrPasand connection BSNL are asking to pay installation charges.I am using from last 9 years or more BSNL broadband,However they r asking to pay compulsary Why?

    • Hello I’m from himachal Kangra, the 3rd party contractor, he asked me for 6000 ₹ installation charges and 700 ₹ for the plan, total of 6700 ₹ and he was saying that the security will also not be REFUND, nothing will be returned.

  4. I am requesting for a new connection for BSNL Fiber in Nawanshahr (Punjab), They are also asking for 3500 installation charges.
    The whole system seems to be corrupt

  5. I want to new broadband connection at home. I want to know about connection charge and plan charge. Have you any charge pay for extra? Any time I will close the connection, how many charge are refundable?

  6. I have raised my voice for bharat fiber on Twitter handle. Come and join me to fight back to this corrupt system.

    • Kuch nahi hoga bhai.. wo sab ek hi he. The whole system is same fir kise complaint karoge aur raise voice ko kon sunega ? Even i tried a lot but nothing happened that’s how BSNL India works.

  7. BSNL employee making fool
    Mr Naim chaudhary in Rural area in charge at charthawal from BSNL asking me 4thousand rupee to give me new BSNL fiber connection…. Is it correct?
    Anyone from BSNL here? Reply please

    • Hello Surbhi, I am from Jaharkhand, Same thing is happening here, They are asking 4k as minimum fixed charge.

      • For me they are saying 6k to pay for new fibernet connection and he is saying a fixed plan with high price like 749 ruppees for that plan.

    • Same bsnl fiber given to a private person and he is charging 4500 for installation. Kaladhungi, Nainital

      • Same here In Maharashtra.
        The ftth service is provided by 3rd party contractor And they are charging 3k for fiber Modem+ router combo and 1.5k for installation. I checked on website and found Bsnl is charging 500 for installation so they are charging their commission of 1k…
        So called “common man’s internet” smh

    • Hi,
      मैंने BSNL का fiber कनेक्शन लिया, पहले बोला गया कि BSNL की तरफ से भी router मिलेगा जिसका पैसा आपको बिल में आएगा, फिर किसीका (local vendor) कॉल आता है कि आप राऊटर और इंस्टालेशन का पैसा हमारे account में transfer करो 4300 rs और जो राऊटर same कंपनी का मार्केट में 1650 में मिल रहा है उसका को 3700 rs मांग रहा है…

  8. Asking me to pay 5000 for setup and 3000 for router means 8000 in total, Like seriously, Such a fraud, A person just near me has taken connection then why so high charges.

    • Hi I’m from Udalguri Assam and I’m paying for ftth 4500
      Pls give me actual cost of ftth installation Charges

  9. After reading all the various comments, it seems like I too have been charged extra, I had opted for Bharat Fiber BB plan in Guwahati, Assam, For installation and modem, they charged somewhere around Rs. 5000 and also extra money was deposited as advance whereas it is clearly written in their site the installation charge is Rs. 500, They mentioned they are charging this much amount because fibre cable has not been set up in our area yet.

    What is happening here? Why is there no clear communication from BSNL’s end about these extra charges?

    • Which are in guwahati are we talking about ? Even i am a resident in the city and was planning on getting the Bharat fibre, could you please share some information. Also, if you have installed and using the service, how is it ?

  10. Hi all,
    my BSNL fiber provider is asking me to pay 5000rs as installation charges and the plan cost as per my choice, as per the BSNL website it shows only 500 installation charges.
    BSNL being such a big and old provider in India, people so trust BSNL but by seeing the way they are looting us and making us fool they are losing their customers.

    • People are facing fraud through agents while taking broadband or fibre connection. I want to tell them all if you apply through their official site you dont have to pay a single rupees to them. They will take Only valid charges in monthly bill. No need to pay cash to anyone. Here is the proof when i booked. Message from BSNL:-
      Your request has been booked by BSNL with Pre-Lead/Reference Number: 9000537012.BSNL Sales Team will get back to you Soon.NO ADVANCE AMOUNT is required to be paid for subscription or installation charges either in cash or online for Bharat Fibre.BSNL will bill it in first bill, Thank You.

      • Hi, did you get the Bharat Fiber connection by applying online ? How much charges did they collect ? Rs.500/- or more ? Please let us know.

        • Deposits may charge as per the plan charges only, where customer has to purchase ONT as hos own if not available with BSNL.

          • Dont make fool they are charging 4500 for installation charges.. kuch time me BSNL bhi private hone wala hai ruke rho..

            .Your request has been booked by BSNL with Pre-Lead/Reference Number: 9000579660.BSNL Sales Team will get back to you Soon.NO ADVANCE AMOUNT is required to be paid for subscription or installation charges either in cash or online for Bharat Fibre.BSNL will bill it in first bill, Thank You.

  11. I have applied for a new Bharath Fiber home connection in Thiruvananthapuram district and the JTO told me the installation is done by the franchisee and I have to pay them Rs.4000/- I have enquired about it to my neighbors and they paid different amounts like 2000, 3000, 4000, and there is no fixed amount and no receipt for it and Is BSNL really know it?

  12. Pin-250103
    Asked me Rs.6000 as fiber charges + Rs.942 as security deposit + rs 500 installation charges + Rs 500 deposit + Rs 942 for the monthly plan, so in total, they wanted me to pay rs8882 as for initiation, Are you series, and these people are taking advantage of the fact that some people don’t have Jio airtel or private vendors in the area so they are extorting any amount, DONT BUY ANYTHING FROM THESE THUGS SERIOUSLY ITS ALL WASTE. An actual internet provider never asked more than 1000 for installation. Bunch of idiots.

    • This kind of loot should be stopped immediately.
      BSNL stop is also involved in this racket.
      It is responsibility of the contractor or service provider to lay the cable up to your door Which cost only 500 rupees.

    • Is it possible to gather all consumer and file case against them, For me also they charged 3000 for Modem and 1000 for installation which is obviously illegal, Please contract me on suresh_tha@ if we want to combine all cases and going to consumer court.

  13. I have taken bsnl ftth connection and the private party who were in charge of this job took Rs5000/-( modem plus installation charges).For this no receipt was given.Everything is unofficial.BSNL personnels seems to be part of this nexus.

  14. i want to get a new connection and i have Computer does it comes with lan port or do we really need a modem/router or we can simply plug broadband in Computer.

  15. When I enquired for the new Bharat fiber connection in Karnataka BSNL people told me that, modem charges Rs.5000, installation charges Rs.500 and Rs.7/ Mtr. for cable charges and plan charges, and there is no warranty for modem, In the website there is no information about the modem charges and cable charges.

    • you can get own modem and you can also get cable in cheap like 5rs/mtr or more cheaper if u want and modems are not that expensive order one online and u will get warranty too

  16. I have tàken BSNL fibre connection recently, I visited BSNL office asked for the Broadband connection. they charges 4500 just for installation and told me it covers router only and 849 for security deposit.
    Total charges I paid: 4500+849 =5350. Yesterday, my 1st month bill came of 902 (849plan) which clearly says you have deposited 849…and 902 need to be paid by 21st of this month.

    1. why they are charging that much amount 4500 for what? Just for 300 mbps router which comes in nearly 1000rs.
    2. They are saying they will compete with Airtel and Jio, How ? There are so many frauds in BSNL.
    3. Their Fibre speed fluctuations àre too much.

    Note:- I would never suggest you to choose BSNL fibre service if your area have JIO and Airtel Fibre services

  17. Hi,
    To all who wants a new connection.
    I got the BSNL FTTH connection last month. They asked me to pay 3450 (3200 for Router + 250 Installation Charges). In 3200 rs, we will get the 1600 rs only after releasing the router in future. (means loss of 1600 rs when you return it.)

    BSNL also charges the deposit (same amount as per your plan) in your first bill apart from your monthly bill.
    [means 849/- monthly plan + 849/- deposit + GST = your total bill of your first month.] Now your deposit amount is 1600 + 849.

    Not happy with their policies.

  18. Dear Sir,
    This is here to notify you that we were using BSNL fiber FTTH connection Number 0141-2982225 for M/S. Alfa Advertising & Marketing ( Surendra Pancholi (Propreitor) at 11 Rishi Residency Mission Compound C-Scheme Jaipur before.
    Further I would like to request you that now we don`t required this connection anymore and not using this connection since lockdown. And also due to sudden & untimely death of Proprietor Mr. Surendra Pancholi Ji due to Corona on 29th April.
    So we have vacated the office and not required this FTTH as already I have requested to customer care and sent the application to CSC Jaipur. Also surrendered our other broadband connection a month later 0141-2451908.
    Therefore requesting again to disconnect the services and wave the charges as we are not using it since lockdown start.

    Thanks & Regards.
    Sweta Pancholi

    • Hi Sweta Ji,
      This is a public portal and not related to BSNL authority, so we request you to submit the grievance/requests at the official self care portal or by direct approach at the concerned CSC/commercial office.

      • Why the installation charges are 6500 and without receipt can you please clarify .Why you make fool of common people. Why?

      • Hello my name is vishal talekar so I wanted get bsnl ftth since lockdown but can’t because your partner doesn’t gives connection I visited the district bsnl office and also taluka many times but no they said they could only take the forms and I also complained on your customer care and many times requested online for bsnl connection.

  19. BSNL should declare their proper installation cost as like another company they declare clearly the installation charges are free but in case of BSNL they are fooling in case of installation charges some person says 4500 and another says 3000 but on BSNL website they are saying Rs. 500 only, and there is no clarity and transparency, BSNL is government but still if they want to compete from Jio and Airtel customer service should be transparent.

  20. Hi Sir,
    I have applied for fiber connection from selfcare for home (pin 442907). But sales team didnt call me.
    When i reached to BSNL office they told me they have 3rd party people who are managing.
    They have shared some contacts, I called them but they are charging 5k to 6k (one guy told me router charges 3K lol) .BSNL officer said they don’t have control on those provider.they can charge any amount.
    And i got Message from BSNL when i applied from selfcare
    “No Advance AMOUNT is required to be paid for subscription and installation charges either in cash or online for bharat fibre.bsnl will bill it in first bill”
    So Let me know how much it cost for me including bill + 3rd party charges?

    I am expecting reply!!

  21. I need fiber connection in 444005 area, TIP ask Rs 6500 / connection charges including cost of modem which seems to be unresonable, We have modem but he insists to buy from him, Conc, BSNL officer should clarify whether installation charges are reasonable and can we use our modem. Plz reply.

  22. I have requested for finer net connection and they were charging 3500 Rs as installation charges along with router . + security deposit as per the plan chosen. If we have optical modem they were charging 1000 Rs as installation charges, Why there wasn’t any clear guidelines to be followed in our area. 625006.

    Please clarify the cost of the router and the installation charges in our area 625006

  23. Here in Karaikudi KALANIVASAL area the cable operators asking 5000 per connection, This is too much cost, Can BSNL fix a particular cost for installation.

  24. I live in Kerala, Kottayam District, specifically Thalayolaparambu Town.

    BSNL, only just started FTTH services and I want to subscribe. If anyone knows, please advice what are the Installation charges, refundable and non-refundable before the actual FTTH service begins.

    Is it a fixed charge or does it vary depending on remote location, distance from main junction box, amount of Fiber-Optic cable used, etc.

  25. I want to get BSNL Broadband installed at Mohit Nagar Dehradun, Please let me know the name of the person and mobile number to contact and the charges for installation and other if any.

  26. In My Area these guys are telling that: 2500, 3500, and 5000 costs for Installation, Why we need to pay that much amount for installation? BSNL officers and others what they are doing not even monitoring what really happening.
    These guys are encashing our needs. Need to give police complaint o these guys. Area: RTPP, KALAMALLA, Kadapa Dist. 516312

    • Bro they r the cable operator not BSNL PPL and also cable operator charge more because BSNL don’t have proper fibre optical cable line right now.

  27. I am looking for BSNL FTTH connection in Bharthana ( Pin Code- 206242), could you please help me with the charges, how much should I need to pay? Please help.

  28. Agent in my area asking for 4.5k as installation charge thus I am not able to buy the connection yet because of brokerage amount as on website it’s listed as free but from website it’s letting me buy due to non availability in my area. Please suggest on reality of installation charges
    Ph no 8725932408

    • I think it’s waste of time to reply you, Pls Reply to your All Customers as soon, I payed 2700 for modem price + 200 meter Distance + Labour Charge =1800, Is It Good Charges ?

  29. hello sir i want to install Bharat FIBER but the charges for that is 4000 +extra for fiber cable, Is it true of they are taking extra charges?

  30. Hi Team,
    I am looking for BSNL FTTH connection in Uttarakhand ( Pin Code- 262401), could you please help me with the charges, how much should I need to pay?

  31. “As per BSNL corporate, ISP confirmed that all types of one time charges such as installation charges, applicable for BSNL FTTH connections shall also be applicable for the connections provided through BSNL channel partners from 27.11.2019” I had taken a FTTH connection on 24th June 2020. Installation charge of Rs. 3500/- (this includes the modem cost) was paid to the third party / channel partner of BSNL. In the first bill given by BSNL an installation charge of Rs. 250/- was charged for Bharat Fiber Voice connection which is free with my FTTH connection.

    • If I have the modem and router, how much do I need to pay for new fibre connection of BSNL?

      I have the ONU and Router.

  32. I have been paid around Rs. 3500 for Installation fee+ Rs. 1000 for Internet plan for FTTH while actual installation rate is not more than 2000 (including router). Actually 3rd party Service providers are hiking installation fees as much as they want.

    And another interesting thing is you can’t complain them because every Bsnl employees are getting benefits to them.
    So please be careful!!


  33. I need to buy new broadband connection I was living in Chennai what cost will recharge for my location.

  34. I want to get bsnl fiber net home connection so I contact the person and he said 1 metre wire cost Rs 10 and since my house is far from highway more than 600 mtrs, if I install it will cost me more than Rs 8000, And its huge amount for me. please suggest me.

    MOBILE NUMBER : 7276332999

    • Non refundable charge 2500, Refundable deposit 500, Installation charge 250, Total 3750 Plus, One month plan charge whatever you choose.

  36. I need FTTH at dharam colony Palam Vihar Extension Gurgaon.

    what is the installation cost pls share.



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