BSNL IDA Rates October 2018 Pay Scales Records Outmost Increase

New BSNL IDA Rates of employees valid from the third quarter starts from October of the new financial year 2018 2019 records an “outmost increase”.

It is the first outmost increase in this fiscal year for all executive and non-executive BSNL employees from 01.10.2018 after PSU formation. As we said earlier, but remains again this. The Industrial Dearness Allowance (IDA) Rates calculates on All India Consumer Price Index (IW) with the below said points.

(1) It is based on the weighted average of prices for consumer goods and services. (2) For October 2018 IDA calculation, the mean of specified months (June, July and August 2018) taken into consideration. (3) It decides as per the price index numbers issued by the Department of Labour Bureau of India. It is also after taking price changes for each item in the predetermined basket of goods of above months.BSNL IDA Rates

Now, as per All India Consumer Price Index Numbers for Industrial Workers – CPI(IW) issued by Department of Labour Bureau. CPI records only two points increase in the first month(June 2018). But in July, CPI records an utmost increase by 10 points (never happened) and remains as transparent for August 2018 also by standing at 301. So, BSNL IDA rates mark records a new utmost rise.

IDA From October 2018

Based on this average of Consumer Price Index Numbers for Industrial Workers CPI(IW). BSNL IDA rates of employees and pensioners records an outmost increase at a rate of 7.6 % in IDA from October 2018.

Even if the drop happens by 3 points for August CPI numbers, the BSNL IDA rates will record as outmost increase in IDA at 7%. If the CPI index for August 2018 increases by another 3point will mark a new increase up to 8.4% in IDA. If you want to know the complete list of up to the date employees BSNL IDA rates, have a look at this IDA calculation.

Department of Public Enterprises will issue the orders for the increase in dearness allowance from 01.10.2018. Accordingly PSU will release the new instructions for new outmost increase (7.6%) BSNL IDA rates of October 2018.


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