BSNL Hungama Services Deactivation and How to Get Hungama Refund

Activate and Deactivate BSNL Hungama services is a small task. It should do by the customer himself from anywhere. You can activate these Hungama services through the web when required.

Otherwise, sometimes Hungama customer service executives call on your landline fixed for your broadband connection like an advertisement and charged as extra in addition to broadband plan charges.

If you confirm at that time, they will activate the packs immediately as per your consent. After some time, the users receive an email about the entertainment subscriptions. Offers the below-mentioned services at affordable monthly charges submitted against them.

  • Movies on Demand
  • Games on Demand
  • Music On Demand

Some customers of BSNL don’t know about Hungama, but when they observed the accusations in the bill gets shocked. Why does it happen? The only reason is when an advertiser calls to the landline of a broadband line, and the user shares their mail id and other details for a subscription and activates the same with charges.

To give some relief about your worry on deactivation, here we would like to provide you all about how to quickly deactivate services from your hands.

These are incredible about to deactivate BSNL Hungama, and you’ll ever read. Just try to register a complaint to stop or unsubscribe games, movies on demand, music on demand services. You can do it in these ways.

Methods To Deactivate BSNL Hungama Services

  1. Sending Email to for deactivation of entertainment services.
  2. Submitting a request at concerned BSNL CSC for deactivation.
  3. Dail and register a complaint at  contact number.
  4. Unsubscribe Hungama Online

Now we will discuss the first one to deactivate Hungama account. Because of it is the one which acts as the most immediate action. BSNL broadband customer requires sending an email by mentioning the following details clearly to support.

  • BSNL Landline Number with STD Code.
  • Landline Billing Account Number and Customer ID.
  • Services to unsubscribe in BSNL Hungama entertainment.

On sending the email to the above address, you will receive the reply email immediately. Sometimes respond email won’t received by you in primary inbox.

At this time, you need to worry about that. Within 2days your active Hungama subscriptions will deactivate and intimate to you through the mail.

From that date, you won’t charge for Hungama services. If you didn’t receive any email about the confirmation of your unsubscription, then just complain about the issue to concerned immediately for taking action.

Deactivate BSNL Hungama

Just Deactivate BSNL Hungama If Not Required

How to Claim BSNL Hungama Refund

Refund on a purchased item or subscribed packs is not a simple thing. Our brand made it manageable on BSNL Hungama refund after the deactivation of entertainment subscription.

Any company offers the return policy within a defined time limit, which is diminutive. But our BSNL can’t do that, PSU provides BSNL Hungama refund at any stage before the bill payment of that particular invoice.

Many suffered customers can think that, Is there any facility to avail BSNL Hungama Refund? If it is possible, how to get 100% refund from BSNL?

Almost all the companies didn’t offer the return on enjoyed/ confirmed services. Our BSNL is the only one offers the Refund on BSNL Hungama services which are activated by the broadband customer inadvertently.

In this process, BSNL adjusts the value in the broadband bill of that particular postpaid invoice. It is regarding every service activated linked to BSNL Hungama.

Now this BSNL Hungama refund method also made much simpler for all prime customers. So just relax and enjoy your BSNL broadband services. Let’s have a glimpse at the claiming process, and what are the contingencies?

  1. The first step is, please confirm whether your BSNL telephone includes Hungama charges or not.
  2. If the bill covers them, note the packs (Games, Music, Movies) which subscribed along with their costs.
  3. Prepare a written request for BSNL Hungama refund addressing the area Commercial Officer by indicating the costs with the following points.
    • Telephone Number with STD Code.
    • Billing Invoice Number of Hungama charges.
    • What are the extra costs observed (included in the bill)?
  4. After mentioning all the above points clearly in your claim letter, submit the same to concerned BSNL commercial officer.
BSNL Hungama Refund

Claim Your Refund

When a customer gets the refund on BSNL Hungama services

  • After submission of the request by the client, concerned BSNL office will raise the dockets and send to their Accounts Officer Telecom Revenue Billing of their service area.
  • Immediately AO BSNL will verify the individual invoice. After keen observation, Accounts Officer will approve the BSNL Hungama refund docket.
  • After the approval of the same, 100% Hungama charges will adjust in the same invoice of the customer by subduing the bill amount.
  • Upon closure of the month, concerned service district will send all the data to Hungama through their corporate office. It is to arrange the refund of the same amounts.
  • It means the broadband consumer will get the BSNL Hungama refund through adjustment in bill immediately. But operator claims the same after a month.

It is the fantastic customer care service offers by BSNL. Please share your unusual experience with all our readers, if any of this BSNL Hungama refund or any suggestion to claim the best.

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