BSNL Himachal Pradesh Broadband Plans Unlimited on Fiber Optic & DSL

Presenting the newly referred BSNL Himachal Pradesh broadband plans for residential and business connections offered through fiber optic and DSL services as a fastest form of BSNL broadband service technology.

Check the list of customized unlimited broadband plans mentioned as below with monthly, half yearly, 1year and 2 year rental charges, and download speed noted against each DSL and Fibronet plans, find the speeds and apply in online or offline at concerned BSNL office in Himachal Pradesh circle with required plan.

Check each wired plan thoroughly provides with unlimited voice calling for local and STD calls of any network at affordable price to have high speed access to broadband internet.

BSNL Himachal Pradesh Broadband Plans

Nomenclature Speed Monthly Rent in Rs 6 Months Rent 1 Year Rent
FIBRE EXPERIENCEUpto 30 Mbps till 1000 GB39900
FIBRE BASIC (Only for New Customers for 6months from activation) 30 Mbps till 3300 GB then 2 Mbps 449 0 5388
100GB CULUpto 50Mbps till 100GB449
FIBRE BASIC PLUS 60 Mbps till 3300 GB then 2 Mbps 599 0 7188
SUPER STAR PREMIUM 1 100 Mbps till 1000 GB then 5 Mbps 749 0 8569
FIBRE TB PLANUpto 100Mbps till 1000GB777
SUPER STAR 1Upto 100Mpbs till 1000GB779
FIBRE VALUE** 100 Mbps till 3300 GB then 2 Mbps 799 0 9588
FIBRE VALUE PLUSUpto 100Mbps till 1500GB849
SUPER STAR 2Upto 150Mbps till 2000GB949
SUPER STAR PREMIUM 2 150 Mbps till 2000 GB after 10 Mbps 949 0 0
FIBRE PREMIUM** 200 Mbps till 3300 GB after 2 Mbps 999 0 11988
FIBRE PREMIUM PLUS 200 Mbps till 3300 GB after 15 Mbps1277 7024 13409
FIBRE ULTRA** 300 Mbps till 4000 GB after 4 Mbps 1499 0 17988
FIBRE SILVER Upto 300Mbps till 4500GB1999
FIBRE SILVER PLUSUpto 300Mbps till 5000GB2499
FIBRE RUBYUpto 300Mbps till 6500GB4499
FIBRE GOLDENUpto 300Mbps till 8000GB5999
FIBRE PLATINUMUpto 300Mbps 21000GB16999
100GB CUL (Copper) 10Mbps till 100GB, above 2Mbps 299 0 0
200GB CUL (DSL) 10Mbps till 200GB,upto 2Mbps
399 2195 4190
500GB CUL (Copper) 10Mbps till 500GB, then 2Mbps 555 3053 5828
Super Star 1 (DSL) 10Mbps till 779GB, after 2Mbps 779 0 8569
Super Star 2(Copper) 10Mbps till 1100GB then 5Mbps 949 0 0
1600GB CUL (DSL) 10Mbps till 1600Gb, then 5Mbps 1299 0 13640

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45 thoughts on “BSNL Himachal Pradesh Broadband Plans Unlimited on Fiber Optic & DSL”

  1. Hi I am from Darang Tehsil Palampur hp. I have taken BSNL fiber basic plan Id no. 1894293646 for work from home purpose but there is lot of signal problem due to which company officials are scolding me as I m unable to meet company requirement. When I reporting the signal problem to the bsnl official s they are giving silli reply. Please tell them to expedite the problem of poor signal. Otherwise I have to look into other means.

  2. Is service applicable for Village plasla, po – Kapahra ,Tehsil- Ghumarwin, Distt-Bilaspur (H.P)
    Pin Code-174029

  3. i want high speed internet fiber connection in Chanour( Indora) Himachal Pradesh 176401, is AirFiber available in this area?

  4. I need BSNL broadband connection, Village Khubbar, Post office Bhapoo, Tehsil Indora, District Kangra HP -176401
    Contact no:8284830788.

  5. I want optic fibre connection in Panthaghati, Shimla. Several of my neighbours already have this connection. A company known as ATS is doing this work on BSNL’s behalf, I am in touch with them for the last 5 days, Everyday the company inform that their technical man will visit and give the connection, After entire day’s wait one feels cheated as nobody visits, BSNL must try to assign this work to some efficient company other that ATS. No wonder that other private operator like Jio or Airtel will continue to beat BSNL till such time the BSNL associates with inefficient and unprofessional companies like ATS.

    • Lol same here for me its more than 10 days i have applied and just i get is we will visit tomorrow and no one have visited yet i went to bsnl office but they sit relaxed in their seats and say “kal lag jayega”…..this attitude will loose customers not gain them

    • BSNL service was erratic (working 15 nimutes then down for an Hour). So I got it discontinued and Applied for Jio Postpaid Wi Fi, landline and Cable TV. (Hoping it would be better than BSNL). I paid them Rs. 8200 in first week of September.

      They have not Installed connection even after a month and they are not refunding my money. So I have been without Internet and Cable for over a month,

      They are all the same Jio, Airtel, BSNL.

  6. I don’t know but our BSNL wifi always gets cut off like periodically, It comes after a while and then again gets cuts off after a while.

    • happens with me too in una distt. sometimes it doesn’t come back for hours. I contacted my local authorities they said its from server. Wire breaks very rarely even it is not underground. But local technicians work fast and fix wire fast. But i dont understand why BSNL server goes offline? it happens at least once or twice a week

  7. Hi,
    I have applied for BSNL FTTH in Kangra, 176001. The private vendors are placing routers and fixing fiber optic wire but it’s been 10days to my application and they have still not completed the fixation. This is something where BSNL lacks, any private company’s like airtel, jio put their customers on priority and do installation within 24hrs.

  8. I have tried every possible way to get fibernet in my area! But people are not very professional here in nagrota bagwan. It has been 3 months that I have been asking to get a fibernet in tanda massal 176047 himachal pradesh. But bsnl doesn’t want to provide the services in my area. PLEASE LET ME KNOW WHO CAN I GET IN TOUCH WITH TO GET bsnl in my area.

  9. can i get fibernet connection in village of rohru, pin code 171207, the address is Village koti po jaghoti tehsil rohru, dist Shimla.

  10. I need bsnl broadband connection

    Village Belikhol post office Manpura, Tehsil Nalagarh District Solan Hp -174101
    Contact no:9816894350

  11. I registered for BSNL broadband and said it will be installed with 4 days, Now it’s been more than a week and still I haven’t received any calls and even the incharge is not answering (Manish), I have paid 800 rs already, please do something, location Shimla.

  12. I want urgent fiber connection, Bcs new Shimla, I also call to BSNL office BCS Shimla but I not getting any l satisfied reply.
    Thanks & regards

  13. I want a new connection Anyone here who will guide me to all the process, Kindly touch with me on my email.

  14. Is BSNL Fiber net available in Pin code 173024 in Himachal Pradesh? I am looking for good consistent speed.

  15. Worst possible network, I wish I can write my frustration, I’m using this FTTP BSNL Broadband, Forget about speed ,80% time internet don’t work, And if you call the operator for help everytime they have new excuse, Latest Excuse ,Some burned the fiber cable in the BSNL Exchange, Its every day situation.And I don’t know when their 15 mins will finish, I would suggest if your job highly reliable on internet don’t use this.

  16. BSNL is a fraud company, i used to have a 10 Mbps plan till 4GB but the speed i used to get was only 700-800bps, they wont mention u about the MBps and Mbps these are two different things, even if they supposed to give me 10MBps speed in that case also i must get 1280 kbps i.e 1.280 Mbps, which is also far less from the announced value. and the snr (signal to noise ratio) is also very poor too, the modem starts blinking red light of internet exactly after 10 mins and took 2 min to reset. this is very frustrating for avid gamer like me and talking about games i have never in my life got ping less than 120ms lmao, the jio sim on the other hand gives atleast 60ms.and i am talking abou urban shimla, I dont know about rural himachal the service must be far worse there, talking about BSNL service their staff dont even know what they meant to do, If u complaint about them they will attend u after 3-4 days and they just know one thing resetting modem, and even after that u wont see any difference.being an engineer they cant make me fool like other himachal employee.

    • Dear about the problem u r facing, can you give me the exact location of u so that I can contact the concern person to rectify ur problem. Rajesh, SDE OFC RT-II, JAKHOO.

      • dear sorry about the problem are facing, can you give me the exact location of ur so that I can contact the concern person to rectify ur problem. Rajesh, SDE OFC RT-II, JAKHOO.

  17. I want to know that is it possible to have high speed broadband for work home at pincode 174002, if possible so what is the procedure for installation.

  18. I stayed at Bharwana, Palampur, himachal pradesh. Want to know if broadband service is available at Bharwana or not?
    Please contact at 9811420558.

  19. Is BSNL a reliable connection for rural areas, I’m planning to move to my hometown in PIN area 176036 but I do my IT job from home which requires conference calls and good internet speed, Should i go for BSNL?

  20. If the net speed through mobile is fluctuating in between 0.00 KB/s to 40 KB/s, What is the cause, why the speed is not stable.

    • you have to call on BSNL customer care number and they will guide you about that. or you can go to this link and fill the form they will call you within 2 to 4 days and guide you, i have followed both of these method worked for me, and i will suggest you to go the given link and fill the form, you will get the call from the exchange near you, and if u feel uncomfortable going to this link you can also type BSNL FTTH on Google, click on the first link BSNL overview, once it opens scroll a little bit and there is a circle with some animation click on that and fill the form.

    • keep in mind if more than 300meter wire is used Bsnl vendor cahrges 10rs/meter for wire might be diffresnt for your area. i had to take connection from main highway which was 1500 meter away and it costs me RS 15200 with Router which was single band. I bought dual band router myself and have 60mbps plan which give me 70mbps speed all time. Except when wire breaks which is fixed fast in an hour. But sometimes BSNL server goes offline and it doesnt come online for hours and it happens once or twice a week.

    • Varun BSNL FTTH is very much available in far far interior of Jawali sub division, you can contact your BSNL office, I think it should be there.


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