BSNL GSPS (Global Satellite Phone Service) Remote Area Tariff Plans

New tariff plans has been introduced for BSNL GSPS (Global Satellite Phone Service) named as Remote Area Plan (RAP) in two variants (monthly as RAP1 & yearly as RAP2) under prepaid services of BSNL, where these RAP1/2 are to be offered to Governmental or Government Appointed representatives in remote area.

Upon introduction of BSNL GSPS RAP plans, the registration charges has been completely waived off, and at present these plans may be offered initially for replacement of DSPT services of Government Agencies, Let’s have a look at BSNL GSPS tariff.

ParticularsPrepaid Plan RAP1 (Monthly Tariff) Prepaid Plan RAP2 (Annual Tariff)
Initial One Time Payment / Startup Kit with GSPS Handset
GSPS Handset CostRs. 70,000Rs. 70,000
Activation Charges including SIM500500
Mandatory Minimum Annual Recharge (365 days)NARs. 18000
Free Calls / SMS/Usage /National) in Mins50 Mins600 Mins
Top Up ValueAs per requirement of customers (Minimum value Rs. 200)
Call Charges NationalRs. / Minute Rs. / Minute
Pulse Rate for National Call60Seconds60 Seconds
GSPS originating to PSTN/PLMN (outgoing call charges to GSPS user)Rs. 12Rs. 12
GSPS Terminating from PSTN/PLMN (incoming call charges to GSPS user) Rs. 12 Rs. 12
GSPS originating to GSPS Terminating (both GSPS users will be charged separately) Rs. 12 Rs. 12
Per SMS Charge to GSPS Originating Rs. 12 Rs. 12

Cost of GSPS Handset for customers

Cost of GSPS Handset Rs. 700000
WPC Charges for 2 Years (2*14250) Rs. 28500
Activation charges including SIM Rs. 500
Sub Total Rs. 99000
GST @ 18% on Handset charges Rs. 12600
Grand Total Charges to be paid by the customer for BSNL GSPS Handset Rs. 111600

Notes on BSNL GSPS Plans

  • All applicable taxes including GST will be extra as applicable from time to time
  • Cost of BSNL GSPS Handset is exclusive of applicable taxes, also spectrum charges and licence fee (if any) as applicable.
  • The ISD facility, Roaming Facility and call to other Inmarsat services and other Mobile Satellite Phones will be not be provided to customers under this plan.
  • At present, WPC charges are Rs. 14250 per handset per year which includes Spectrum charges Rs.14000, and Licence fee Rs.250, WPC charges are to be paid in advance and annual basis, where these charges will be deposited by the user to BSNL and BSNL will deposit the same to WPC.
  • WPC charges for 2 years Rs. 28500 are to be charged in advance for replacement of DSPTs
  • The above tariff may be reviewed by BSNL from time to time.
  • BSNL Remote Area GSPS Prepaid Plans RAP1 and RAP 2 are only for replace of DSPTS
  • The Prepaid Plans RAP1 and RAP2 may be offered to other Government agency subject to approval of competent authority and on case to case base.
  • Existing customer of operator will not be migrated to these plan.

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  1. NHIDCL is working in remote areas and it was observed that mobile phones do not work in the remote area, Four satellite phone need to be procure at HQ for use by Managing Director, Technical Director and Executive Director, NHIDCL.

    With Regards,
    GM(IT) – 7577007999


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